Our Toronto Wedding – Part One

Our six month anniversary is coming up in about a week so I figure it’s about time I recap our Toronto wedding! I did talk a little bit about it the day before we went off to Cuba and got married all over again, but I didn’t give very many details. It’s time.

All photos in this post are by Nicole Kirk Photography — and she just killed it. I love them so much. Highly recommend Nicole if you’re looking for a very reasonably priced wedding photographer in Toronto! I feel so, so lucky to have all the pictures we do, from both weddings.

On the freezing, rainy morning of Sunday, April 30, I got up at 4:30, got myself and my mom out the door, picked up Evan’s mom, and drove to Evan’s cousin’s to get ready for the big day.

Just a tip — if you feel like maybe you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to start getting ready on your wedding day, don’t have your heart set on a morning ceremony. I did not fully consider this when we decided we wanted a brunch wedding, but the entire ordeal was over by 4pm and I was home in my pajamas, legally married, drinking wine on the couch with my new husband and my mom (romantic!) by dinner time so…I have no regrets.

The ladies all got ready at Evan’s family’s house which worked out perfectly as it was close to our venue and they were the best hosts. Breakfast was served and the mimosas were flowing when we arrived at 6am!

Evan and I chose to have a very small family-only ceremony followed by a brunch reception so we unfortunately could not have the bridal party in attendance (that would have added 12 people and that alone would have increased our wedding size by 33%), so I didn’t do the whole “get ready with your girls” thing on my wedding day. I saved that for my Cuba wedding day, which included all of (well, most of) our friends. But I had our moms and Barb, and Tracey (my amazing wedding planner — more about Tracey later), Natalie (my amazing hair and makeup artist), and Nicole (my amazing photographer) so I had a good support team!

I loooved my dress. I was originally undecided on what I wanted to wear for this wedding but when we were shopping for my Cuba wedding dress my good pal Emily found a long bridesmaid’s dress that would work perfectly in cream! So my “wedding” dress was actually a bridesmaid dress. It’s pretty much the same thing, just no train. Honestly if you’re wedding dress shopping consider trying a bridesmaid dress — this one was about $250, so MUCH less expensive than a traditional wedding dress.

I had mostly the same accessories that I used in Cuba, right down to the flowers, which are faux from Ashley at From The Stem Up. I still have my bouquet, I’ll probably have it forever, and I still swear those flowers look and feel real.

And my Wifey purse which I JUST realized actually says “help me” upside down, haha. And I had the amazing mermaid spoon bracelet from Lisa, my very bestest. She sent this to me in advance to wear since she couldn’t be there for the Toronto wedding (she lives in Calgary and I know she felt really weird about missing this, but she was my MOH and was at the Cuba wedding — her parents were at this one!)

After Natalie and her assistant slayed our hair and makeup (I’ve never looked better and doubt I will ever look better), my mom helped me into my dress.

It was a really nice moment. I’m so glad we could have our moms at both our weddings. My mom was SO happy and beautiful.

Love that picture and I’m so glad I have it.

Evan’s cousin and Tracey also helped me out with the dress situation (I wore the same belt that I wore on my dress in Cuba).

You know you have an amazing wedding planner when she helps you get your dress sorted out!

And you know you have an amazing photographer when she makes you look like this.

We had such a great relaxing morning. It was the perfect spot to get ready and I’m so thankful to Evan’s family for letting us take over their beautiful house!

Evan and I had decided to do a first look, mainly because we wanted to get some pictures of just the two of us and the best time to get that done was before the ceremony. At around 9:30 Tracey drove me over to Evergreen Brickworks, a former industrial site turned park, to meet my husband to-be. Evan was already there with our photographer, he got a ride from his best friend in our condo building — an 88-year-old man who Evan helps with computer stuff. After Tracey dropped me off she drove over to the venue and helped them finish setting everything up and make sure my music was ready to go. Talk about wedding planner extraordinaire. She was the best and I’m so glad we had her. I worried about NOTHING all day.

Check out this fine slice of prime rib waiting for me.

I’ve talked about Brickworks before on here — it used to be within walking distance of my old Toronto apartment if you took the trails through the Don Valley. Evan and I hiked here back in the days when we were first dating so it seemed fitting to do a first look and photos here. The weather was not as nice this time though. It was absolutely FREEZING and so windy. I am so cold in all of these photos and I thought for sure you would be able to tell, but I’m so glad you can’t.

Oh heyyyyy, surprise! Look at my dress! LOOK AT IT!

He liked.

So after that sort of anti-climactic first look thing (well it is, we were excited to see each other but we spend every day together, the only difference this time is that we looked really good) we just canoodled around with each other and tried not to look cold while Nicole snapped photos.

But I was genuinely so happy and excited.

It’s a good spot for photos, ’cause they have it all! The hipster backgrounds, the nature, the little lake! It felt fitting for us. And it rained the rest of the day but it held off for this, so I was grateful for that.

You can’t even tell we’re in the city. Almost.

I love that we did that. Getting up early and standing around in the cold for an hour was worth it.

Ceremony and reception stuff to come because this is getting quite lengthy.


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  1. Looks absolutely beautiful. I’m a bit behind the times, but I’m so glad you took a break and then continued to share your life. I love reading your blog, and although I know there are less comments than ever, ( i have never commented myself until now,) I just really appreciate the time you put into these posts.

  2. Such a beautiful couple, love your energy and zest for life. Thank’s for sharing, I look forward to your next post.

  3. Wow, you both look so great! Thanks for sharing!