35 Further Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever

Happy 35th birthday to Evan! (well, it was yesterday but no one reads blogs on Sundays.)

As you may know, I have a yearly tradition on Evan’s birthday where I post all the reasons why I think he is the best ever, with the number of reasons coinciding with how old he is turning. Of course, this list is subjective, based on my personal feelings. And, admittedly these aren’t so much reasons but more stories of what Evan has said or done throughout the year that have either made me laugh really hard or made me think “you are just the best, ever.”

So, since Evan is turning 35, here are 35 reasons why he is the best ever (I am really trying not to repeat any from previous best ever posts!)

He brings me pineapples full of pina colada on the beach, for one.

35 Further Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever

35  He looooooves yard sales. Weekend morning yard saling is Evan’s dream activity. Especially when we’re at the cottage. We usually go out for breakfast on cottage weekends and if Evan sees a sign for a yard sale he will be finding that yard sale and we will be stopping at it. One morning we went on like an hour long wild goose chase trying to find some yard sale that ended up being totally crap. He is an old man in a young man’s body and he’s going to be a really good grandpa one day.

I should note that I do not particularly love yard sales, we have enough junk around the house without buying more of other people’s, but I appreciate his love of treasure hunting.

34  The way he chooses to describe things makes me laugh really hard (I’ve mentioned this before), for example wild goose chase, he calls it a wild juice case. If he notices his shirt has a hole in it he will say “this shirt is more holey than righteous” (like a play on more holy than righteous). Once, he described a man as: “He looks like he just drank a potion and hair shot out of his head in every direction.” It was an accurate description.

33  It’s his dream to have a rumpus room. And that is what he calls it, not a rec room or a man cave or a den or whatever, but a rumpus room, for rumpusing. He said this around our friend Scott’s mom and she was like “rumpus room?! I haven’t heard that term since the 70s.” But of course it’s how Evan chose to describe it.

We were talking about how we could redesign our office into a rumpus room, for his rumpusing, and Evan stopped and said “Wait, if we have a baby isn’t the baby going to live in here? This would be a better baby’s room than a rumpus room.” We don’t even know 100% that we’re going to have a baby but that right there warmed my heart. So, our guest room might have to turn into a guest room/rumpus room so Evan can live out his rumpusing fantasy.

32  I love the amount of effort and dedication he puts into every project he takes on. As just one small example, the Zach Morris phone he made for our Saved By The Bell costume for the 90s Jack and Jill. First of all, he searched every thrift store near us for that phone, and when he couldn’t find one like it he made a flyer that he stuck up on the bulletin board of our condo building’s parking garage with a picture of the phone he was looking for, and strips with his phone number to call him if someone had one. He even tore a strip off himself to “create buzz” as he put it, like it was a popular item. When no one called him (because it is not a popular item) he made the phone himself out of wood and glued a paintbrush handle as the antenna. For reference, here is the Zach Morris phone:

And here is the phone that Evan created:

31  I’ve mentioned before (in several other best ever posts) that Evan is very popular with the old ladies in our building. They adore him. He’s done handyman work for a lot of them at some point, and he has expressed to them how much he enjoys cooking and eating dishes from different countries (we have many immigrants in our building). So now several of the ladies have invited him over to cook with them and have taught him how to make their favourite family recipes. The best part about this is he brings these dishes home to me!

30  I love watching Evan with kids because he is slightly awkward but he’s just a big kid, and they pick up on that.

Last winter we were at my friend’s sister’s place and a couple of kids were playing Power Rangers in the basement. Evan had never met these kids before but one of them came upstairs and pointed at Evan and yelled “We want the guy with glasses to play with us!!!” so he did, and when I went downstairs a while later to check on him he was in a corner and they were beating him with pillows. He was losing at the Power Rangers.

29  Evan’s nana passed away last fall and as he was very close with her, it was really hard on him. Creativity tends to be his outlet and he poured his heart and soul into making a custom box for her ashes. Just as he did for his Bubby (his grandpa) in the first Evan is the best ever post.

And Brotherman again drew the design before Evan stained it. It was beautiful.

28  He is such a proud cat dad! His love for Tilly warms my heart but what surprised me the most was how much he loved Bonnie! We didn’t have her for very long so I didn’t think he’d really bond with her. But he loved her immediately!

27  He also loves his fish. He has a five gallon fish tank, which has about half a dozen fish in it, mountain minnows, or feeder fish that you feed to bigger fish. He got them as starter fish when he first got his tank to make sure the ecosystem was good before he put fancier, more exciting fish in there. He has spent two years making that aquarium a lush underwater oasis, with live plants and fun hiding places, and it’s still just the feeder fish that live in there. When I asked him if he thought maybe it was time to upgrade to better fish he was like “but it’s their home, I can’t just kick them out!”

Last weekend he was at his dad’s for the night and he texted me “can you please feed the fish and then turn the light off for the night once they’re done eating? They like to see their food but have it dark at nighttime.” Okay.

26  He was at his dad’s for the night last weekend because he was putting in a laminate floor for them. Because he will drop whatever he’s doing to help anyone, especially family. On our way back from Niagara Falls on Canada Day weekend, my dad called to see if Evan had any time the next week to help him put up a 500 pound permanent steel tent structure thing in their backyard. Evan dropped me off at home and then headed to my dad’s immediately to help him. It took him two days, but he and my dad got that sucker up. And all the credit to him for tackling a stressful project with my dad for two days, ’cause I’ll tell ya I don’t think I would have the patience for that task. But he actually had a good time.

25  He is my resident researcher, constantly googling the answer to questions he doesn’t know, landmarks we pass in the car, etc. Last November when we were visiting Paula and Fabian in Orlando, we passed The Holy Land Experience theme park when we were driving around, which Evan and I had never heard of and Paula and Fabian didn’t know much about, either. Evan was immediately looking it up and was like “Did you know there’s a Tiny Town of Bethlehem and you can go into an exact replica of the Garden Tomb where the body of Jesus was buried?” We were dying. Paula and Fabian said they have passed that place a million times but never actually looked it up. Being around him is very educational.

24  We went on a minimoon in Algonquin Park this summer (more on that later) and we were hiking the trails and Evan of course picked up a guide book and read aloud to me in a theatrical voice along the way, so I knew about each trail’s specific geological characteristics and the flora and fauna, etc.

His level of enthusiasm for things definitely makes me enjoy them more.

23  I present this without comment.

Okay, just awwwww, what a little sailor!!!

22  As I’ve mentioned in previous best ever posts, Evan is still very tidy and enjoys cleaning, especially vacuuming. His mom told me that all he wanted for Christmas when he was about 3-4 was a cleaning cart, like a janitor or a maid would use. She was not able to find a child’s toy replica unfortunately.

21  He still tells me every single day that I’m beautiful, and he makes me feel like everything about me is loveable. It’s a really nice feeling.

20  Without me knowing, he saved and brought home the cork from our wedding champagne that we toasted with on the beach during our ceremony in Cuba, so we can save it forever!

19  His big thing to say to me if we are out anywhere is “put that in your purse” and it’s turned into a huge joke now. If we’re at a restaurant and there are packets of peanut butter and jam on the table Evan will nudge me and say “hey…put those in your purse.” If there are free samples of something or we’re drinking out of nice beer glasses in a pub it’s “put those in your purse.”

18  He’s good to have around at all-you-can-eat buffets because he has the best tips to get the most out of your experience. Recently we went to the Mandarin with Lisa and Scott (an extensive Chinese buffet) and he leaned in to us and whispered conspiratorially “Okay, don’t fill up on water, and don’t go for the soup or the salad bar, THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO. We need to get the most out of this! We want them sweating in that kitchen!” I don’t know why this was so funny and maybe you had to be there, but we were dying.

17  At Lisa and Scott’s engagement party I was sitting at a table with some of Lisa’s ladyfriends and Evan strolled over with a bunch of pretzel sticks lined up and sticking out of his shirt breast pocket. He just casually pulled one out and started munching on it while making eye contact with us.

16  Drunk Evan. Drunk Evan is my favourite and I love that it doesn’t happen very often, the stars really have to align, so it’s a special treat. His sassface is in full force and he gets extra hilarious with his one-liners. People are still regaling stories of the hilarious things he said at our joint bachelor/bachelorette night in Cuba (that is probably one of my favourite nights of all time). I felt like he was a character in a movie.

15  Sometimes he will get into bed at night and declare “I am feeling extra harassy tonight.” and I will protest “Nooooo, I’m just reading!” and he will say “What about a choose your own harassment adventure? Do you want perpendicular legs, (when he lays sideways on the bed with his legs rigid over mine) or maybe pillow thief, or blanket hog, or steamroller?” NONE. But ughhh it makes me laugh.

He now has a perpendicular legs hand signal that he will do before I get into bed, which looks like this:

14  We were fishing at the cottage this weekend and Evan was casting his rod while I was sitting next to him reading on the dock, so I said “don’t hook your lover,” and he responded with “Do you know of anyone more careful than me?” And no, actually, I can’t think of one single person who is more careful than Evan.

13  I also present this with no comment.

Okay, just:

12  Someone once stole his lunch at work and he said “It’s okay, they probably needed it more than me.” LOLWUT? No.

11  My bestie, her mom and I were discussing all the books we own (MANY) and Evan jumped into the conversation and said “Why do you need to keep so many books? They’re just trophies.” I never thought of it like that, like ‘look at all these books I’ve read!’

10  I overheard my friend Dawn describe Evan as a “warm hug of a person.” which I thought was a really lovely way to describe someone.

9  On our Toronto wedding day, after the ceremony and family photos when we sat down to brunch, Evan wiped his mouth with his napkin and it came away covered in lipstick. He was all “look at how much lipstick I’m wearing!” I guess I transferred it onto him when we had our first kiss. Whoops. No one had noticed or said anything to him, so we figured no big deal. But when we got our pictures back, he looked like Howdy Doody in all our pictures before he wiped his face, so therefore in ALL OF our family photos.

We laughed SO HARD when we saw this. Oh man, I’m still laughing. (I was able to Photoshop it out so no biggie!)

8  He’s actually really good at folding fitted sheets.

7  Since living with Evan, I have not ironed one article of clothing. Evan is the one who handles all the ironing in our house and it is WONDERFUL. Also the sewing. Ain’t nobody got time for that (except Evan). And if one of my necklaces is knotted I just conveniently leave it on his night table so he can fix it for me at his leisure.

6  His first and biggest priority in any situation, wherever we are, is me. It is so nice to have a partner in life who always has my back and is constantly looking out for my best interests and well-being. I still sometimes can’t believe that I found such a solid person who cares for me so much. And I know if I said that to him he would say “You didn’t find me, I found you.”

5  This manatee also thinks Evan is the best ever.

I better watch out, I'm pretty sure this manatee is after Evan #facesmoosh

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4  I love that I have now written a total of 165 reasons why Evan is the best ever and I still don’t have a difficult time coming up with them.

3  I love that all the past reasons still apply. We may have changes in our schedule that make things different, for example we don’t wake up every morning and spend half an hour together with coffee in bed on weekdays anymore (this was in a previous best ever), but generally all the reasons he is the best ever still stand. He is still the most thoughtful, with my family as well as my friends, he still has the best one-liners, is still the best cook and cooks often, makes me coffee when we’re home together in the morning, is the handiest person ever, he’s still a do-er and doesn’t procrastinate, he still does unexpected little things to make my life easier, and he still makes me laugh hard on a daily basis. Etc. etc. etc. Living with him is the best.

2  Even five years into our relationship he still offers me the biggest piece, the best piece or the last piece of whatever we’re eating. That is love!

1  He is my HUSBAND!!!!!! I get to spend my life with this glorious hunk of man!

Happy birthday Evan! I am excited to spend many, many more with you, because you are the BEST. EVER. and I am the luckiest. Ever.

If you made it all the way to the end and still want more, here are the past Evan is the Best Ever:




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  1. awwww!! Evan is such a good man, and youre such a good lady! what a match!

    I might have to try perpendicular legs on Cam. Mostly I attack him with “human blanket”

  2. I love these posts, they always make me so happy to see you two so happy! What a great couple.

  3. Happy Birthday, Evan! You two are the cutest <3

  4. Jennifer Chiddenton

    I love these posts! I started doing it for Ryan the first year we were together, so next week will be my 4th one for him. You inspired me to do this for him, it is such an amazing way to show someone what they mean to you and sit back and realize how lucky we are! I can relate to so many of your reasons but both the ironing one and the flat sheet cracked me up. Ryan is the same, he does all the ironing and folding because he’s way better at it then me!

    Evan is such a good guy and you two are such a great MARRIED couple now 🙂 The pictures are awesome.

    • Aww, that’s so nice! It really is, Evan said it was better than any gift. It’s also nice to make myself think of the little things he does throughout the year. We are very lucky to have found ironers and sheet folders!

  5. These are my absolute favorite posts!!! I’ve never met either of you but I’m certain you’re both the best!!! 🙂

  6. I love these! They are so cute. And this time his sense of humor really shined through. I was legit lol-ing here!

  7. Amazing and I am sooo happy that you found such a wonderful experience man and he is just lucky to have you!!

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  9. This is so sweet!
    I literally laughed until I cried at the Howdy Doody face! OMG!