Toronto Waterfront 10k…Again

A few weeks ago I ran in the Toronto Waterfront 10k with my blog pals Michelle and Casey, as well as Michelle’s friend.

Michelle convinced us to sign up with her back in March and I ran this same race last year with those two and my friend Melissa as well. I guess I didn’t hate it, ’cause there I was. Back again.

I didn’t really train for this race, and I probably should have. Whoops. I ran about 7k in Cuba with Casey, and that was the furthest distance in all of my “training” (and the furthest distance since this 10k race last year). Other than that I ran 3-4 times outside all spring, about 5k each time, and then the rest of my running took place at Orangetheory Fitness. OTF is HIIT (high intensity interval training) though, so while you may get 24 minutes on the treadmill per class, it’s different speeds and likely not running the entire time. I am not a natural runner at all and I do think that OTF has made me a bit faster, and I think it’s the HIIT that’s doing it.

Anyway, we ran it on a Saturday at 7:30 in the morning, right in the heart of downtown Toronto. It would have been the most perfect beautiful day for sitting on a dock on the water sipping some beerskis, but it was just BLAZING for running. It was hot hot hot and incredibly humid. I was already sweaty just walking from my car to the starting area — no exaggeration.

It was like running in Cuba. It was also quite busy.

Michelle and Casey’s plan was that Casey (the running speed demon who recently completed a 50k trail race) was going to pace Michelle to a 10k PR of just under one hour. I decided to run with them for a while to see if I could run at that pace at all, even though that would be shaving almost 15 minutes off my 10k time last year, which seemed impossible. I knew it would probably be too fast for me, especially without actually training for it. But hey, ya gotta try!

The big joke was that I would be good for about 24 minutes, since that’s what I’m used to running in OTF, and then I’d be dying. And that is not far from the truth. Michelle, Casey and I ran together for 4km at a pretty decent pace, and when I hit that 4k marker (24 minutes in) I had to slow it down. I told them to go on without me and just continued by myself at a slower pace.

A kilometre later I ran into Michelle again, who was also dying of heat. She said her initial goal was a cool and rainy April idea and maybe wasn’t going to be realistic during a heat warning. So we ran together until about 8k and then she pulled ahead of me again. I could see her several yards in front of me for the rest of the race though, and focusing on her up there kept me going!

I was music-free during the first half of the race but by the second I needed a push. I was running in the direct sunlight and there was no breeze at all, and I was feeling it hard. It was also around this time that I got a notification from my Runkeeper App (WHILE it was on and tracking my time!!!) that I needed to get out and run and the first step out the door is the hardest.

Get moving. How about YOU get moving, RunKeeper. I’m already f@$%ing running you idiots! The first step out the door isn’t the hardest, running for over an hour in a heat wave while my thighs chafe off is the hardest.

At least I got Casey’s notification at the same time, motivating because she a) had already finished and b) there were donuts at the finish line. That got me moving.

I didn’t feel great but I crossed that finish line in 1:11.05, almost four minutes faster than last year so I was happy with that!

Actually, it was my fastest 10k ever!

But only my second 10k ever, hahaha. So, Runkeeper tracked that but not that I was actually running while I was running?

Anyway, I got my medal and you know I got a donut.

Yay, the bloggers and joggers actually went jogging!!!

And then we went for food and lagers, as we do.

Of course AS SOON as we finish the race it got overcast and breezy. Of course.

Overall I really like this race. It’s pretty even aside for an uphill at the end, and very well organized at the start with the bag drop, etc. I did not bring water onto the course with me though, and I didn’t see a water station until about 4k — on a day as hot as it was I would have appreciated water sooner.

Ohh I’ll probably run this bad boy again next year. MAYBE I will actually train this time.


3 responses to “Toronto Waterfront 10k…Again

  1. yay!! Man that donut was good. I could go for one right now

  2. Yay, congrats on a new PR! I’m all about celebrating ALL the victories no matter how big or small. You should be proud!

  3. I can totally appreciate the hot race experience and how awful it is. I laughed hard at the runkeeper notification.