90s Jack & Jill’s and Bacheloretting

Oh heyyyy, strangers!

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to desert you over the past couple weeks. It’s been busy times over here. Last week and the week before something was going on almost every evening that kept me out past my weeknight bedtime and I just could not get myself to spend any free time blogging.

Anyway, things have been happening, and things are slowing down this week so I can talk about those things!

It’s wedding season, and with that comes all the fun pre-wedding festivities. A few weeks ago Evan and I went to our friend Chris and Alicia’s Jack and Jill (I think it’s a Canadian thing, maybe even an Ontario thing, but basically a wedding fundraiser — I talked about this a little while ago because we also went to our friend Renee and Dustin’s just before Cuba). Chris and Alicia had a 90s theme happening, so we decided to dress up as the cast from Saved By The Bell.

Without Evan’s phone I don’t know if you could tell who we are, but Evan is obviously Zach Morris and I am Kelly Kapowski! I was channeling this Kelly vibe.

Minus the crop top though.

Emily and Renee were also part of our Saved By The Bell parade as Jessie Spano (hence the caffeine pills and) and Lisa Turtle (hence the leopard).

You know the caffeine pills…

It’s a classic scene and Emily killed her costume.

Evan had a really hard time finding a phone that would work for Zach Morris, and that was a key part of our group costume.

He looked for weeks and even put up a notice in the parking garage of our condo building with a picture of the phone on it and his phone number with a note saying to call him if you had said phone. No one called, unsurprisingly. Someone did rip off a strip with his number on it so that got Evan’s hopes up for a few days. In the end, Evan decided to make his own phone out of wood with the end of a paintbrush as the antenna.

He did a pretty great job. He is handy, I tell you.

A bunch of us started the night with a barbecue at Renee and Dustin’s and then headed over to the hall where the party was happening. I lost my wig pretty quickly once we got there. It was hot, and a lot of people genuinely didn’t recognize me in it. I felt like a stranger! Our friend Dylan was the Jesus from South Park and his wig somehow made it onto Evan’s head. It was attractive.

The groomsmen were all dressed as the South Park dads and the bridesmaids were the Spice Girls, which was fantastic. Alicia, the bride, absolutely slayed as Geri, and Sherrie was a great Baby Spice.

All of their costumes were amazing.

So, I think I found my calling in life. In the game of knock-over-water-bottles-with-a-tennis-ball-inside-panty-hose-that-are-attached-to-your-head (I don’t know what it’s actuallycalled) I somehow knocked over all my bottles in the fastest time of anyone who played.

I’ve never played before and I didn’t know what I was doing but I was on a mission and just charged through those bottles with my swinging tennis ball. I ended up winning!!

I was very excited about this. I’m always going on about Evan winning us free booze at things, but I won an entire bucket full of booze!

Not water bottles, three different types of rum in there! I can hold my own.

We played a bunch of other games that were actually 90s themed, like double dutch (which I have always been horrible at so I just watched everyone else get in on it — if I couldn’t do it when I was 12 there’s no way I’m going to be able to do it now), and pogs!

The pogs were super fun, although they brought back a lot of memories of my neighbourhood bully stealing all my pogs from me. I mean, he won them fairly and I kept gambling them trying to win them back with no dice, but still. It was a rough moment for me.

It was a really fun night. I loved the 90s and reliving them was a good time.

A week later we met up with basically all the same people and celebrated Renee’s bachelorette!

I’m too lazy to censor anything out this time. It’s a bachelorette. You know what goes on.

Renee is so cute. Don’t ask what I’m doing in that photo because I do not know.

We started the night at Sherrie’s place and then we all headed to the Edge bar in Ajax. It’s a fan favourite. We absolutely love the atmosphere there and the live music. We went for Sherrie’s birthday this year, and last year as well.

We had a lot o’ ladies and a lot o’ props and you know that is the makings of a great night. Alicia still rocking her Geri hair.

It was a hot tamale on that dance floor so it was a hair-up kind of night for me.

There is a man who frequents that bar who just kills it on the dance floor. Like he literally dances all night with no breaks and just gives it his all the entire time. Last time we were there he was dressed in a full Superman costume, so we obviously loved that. This time he was there as expected, but he was just wearing a regular shirt. We were disappointed about that and told him he needed to bring Superman back. He responded by ripping his shirt off to reveal a Superman t-shirt underneath, and we pretty much lost our minds.

Superman lives on.

We danced all night and it was wonderful. Such a good time.


3 responses to “90s Jack & Jill’s and Bacheloretting

  1. Wait a second…long, blonde Posh Spice? You cannot be Posh without the short, brown, angled bob. You just can’t! It’s like Canadian law.

    Also, that pantyhose game was on our Alaska cruise! We were like…WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE! They literally had to beg people in the audience to participate because everyone was all nope to that.

  2. I’m pretty sure the prize was a Royal Caribbean hat. I’d put pantyhose on my head for a bucket of booze too.