Goodbye to a Bonnie Lass

I have some sad news. On Sunday afternoon we had to put down little Bonnie.

Such a sweet little kitty.

If you’ve followed for a little while you know that we only got Bonnie about six months ago, at the age of 20, and she was completely deaf and only had one tooth. She was in a bad situation and needed a home or she probably would have been put down then, but it wasn’t her time yet! So, she came to live out her golden years with us. She spent a good few weeks at the beginning living in the guest room (and away from Tilly the bully), but for the past few months she has been a staple on our couch.

I never knew her in her glory years when she was young and spry and by the time we got her she preferred to spend most her days sleeping (as I hope to do in my retirement).

She also enjoyed trying to scam human food, particularly sausages and ice cream. If we were eating anywhere near her she would get really obsessed about it and the only time I saw her move quickly in an energetic manner was when she was trying to steal our food.

She also spent a good amount of time avoiding Tilly, because all Tilly wanted to do was play and it was annoying. So, she didn’t really do a whole lot but she was a good little kitty who enjoyed being around us and being pet…until she suddenly didn’t enjoy the petting and would turn on you with that one tooth of hers. We really grew to love her.

Although she wasn’t ever really energetic with us, this past weekend it was very noticeable that she was a lot more lethargic than usual and we knew that something was wrong. I thought we’d be able to wait until Monday to take her to the vet, but by Sunday afternoon she had rapidly declined. She had very similar symptoms to Winnie at the end and I recognized that it was not looking good: severe constipation, having trouble walking, she couldn’t jump up onto things or make it into the litter box, she was very weak, she was drinking a lot of water but as of Sunday she wasn’t eating. She lost a lot of weight in a very short period of time. Her eyes got really cloudy and wouldn’t stop watering. It was clear to us that she was suffering and we needed to take her to the vet immediately.

We went to the same vet that we took Winnie to, and it was the same deal. She was so small and frail, and the vet said she was likely in the final stages of kidney disease. We thought, and the vet agreed, that it wasn’t worth putting her through a bunch of tests just to find out what was wrong and possibly postpone her life. I said in the beginning when we got her that we wouldn’t spend a lot of money to keep her alive, we would just keep her comfortable until it was her time. It felt like her time. So, in the same room where Winnie took her last breath, Bonnie took hers. It happened even faster than it did with Winnie. It was quick and peaceful, and fortunately, I don’t think she suffered until the very end.

We only had Bonnie for a short time, but it was sad all the same. I thought I’d be able to hold it together, but when I saw Evan with tears in his eyes, and then the vet with tears in his eyes (he was really fantastic) I was done. I’m happy we could be with her until the end though.

She was a sweet kitty and we’re going to miss her little face around here!

I’m glad she got to bunk with us at the end of her life, and I knew she was never going to have a long time with us, but I really hope she had a good time with us.



8 responses to “Goodbye to a Bonnie Lass

  1. Sorry so about little Bonnie! She was a cutie. Still sounds like you had some great memories of her in the short time you had her. Plus, if I can be honest here, I would choose to live my twilight months with you and Evan too, so I could get pets until I didn’t want them anymore, chill with you on the couch, and take Evan’s ice cream.

  2. I’m sorry you had to say goodbye to Bonnie after a short time, but I’m so happy you gave her the love she deserved in that time. She was lucky to find you guys. Rest in peace, sweet Bonnie.

  3. So sorry to hear about Bonnie. Loosing a pet is hard.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about Bonnie! It was so generous of you to give her a loving home knowing that you’d have to go through this at some point. She was a lucky kitty to have a relaxing and happy last few months with you!

  5. You and Evan are wonderful people. I am forever grateful that people like you exist. Have a wonderful afterlife miss Bonnie.

  6. Bonnie was so lucky to live out her golden years with you. She was so loved, and I know you’re feeling her loss. Wishing you all the love as you grieve.