Havana Club Bachelor and Bachelorette Night

I mentioned in my last post that we had quite the combined bachelor and bachelorette party planned for Friday night, BUT FIRST, Eric arrived from BC!!!

Yeahhhhh. That is my brother with his best friend Dixon. And this is me with his girlfriend Kenya.

I was so excited to see them! The three of them were just visiting us this summer, you may remember me blogging about their trip, and then I saw them all in September also when the ladies and I went on our western road trip and they took us on the Kelowna Trestle Trail.

Before our big night out Evan and I went to the buffet and had a family dinner with our moms, Eric, Kenya, Dixon…and Joel.

It was cute. It was Kenya’s first live Cuban music experience. I think she liked.

My mom was so happy to have her kids together!!

Just call Eric Blondebeard.

After dinner we went to the lobby bar to meet up with everyone for the shenanigans.

We all hung out there with the moms for an hour or so. We were also meeting four of our friends who were staying at different resorts further up the peninsula — my friend from high school Lisa (our resort was sold out when she booked her trip), and our friends Allison and Phil who just happened to be in Cuba at the same time as us so we were like “come to the wedding!!! and the other things!”

I’m glad we could wear the bachelorette shirts again. Heather, Sherrie, Emily, Dawn, Kim and Lisa were at my bachelorette in Banff, so they had their shirts with them, and then we had a few extra for Kenya, Hannah and Joanna, who unfortunately couldn’t make it originally. Joanna also arrived on Friday morning! I was super excited to see her, too.

I think the boys were excited to hang out with us. Evan was at least.

Evan and his pal Jeff, who totally looks like a Property Brother.

Even the lobby pre-party was a good time.

Eventually we all went to Havana Club for the night, an actual night club that is once again right near our resort, just up the street on Calle 62 (you have to walk through the street party bar Calle 62 to get to it).

It’s a mix of locals and tourists, and it’s probably the best club I’ve ever been to because it has the most chill. It’s a 10CUC cover but drinks are like 2CUC and you can bring your own in (I don’t know if that’s standard but I had my bride cup filled with rum and coke when I went in there and they even filled it back up for me!). I’m not sure if there’s a dress code but people with us were definitely wearing flip flops and shorts, they played good music, it’s beautifully air conditioned, and no one (besides my friends) touched me. It was great.

It wasn’t very busy yet when we arrived, so we could stake out our spot.

And we pretty much had the dance floor to ourselves at first. Eric got down.

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed that before.

Dawn told us the next day that Eric was patting the shoulder of the bathroom attendant lady who gives out toilet paper saying “I just love you and I want the best things in life for you.” That killed me. Poor lady just wanted a tip.

Aww, Eric. So nice.

Lisa and Dennis make an appearance!!

I was so, so excited that they could make it, to both this and the wedding.

And the bloggers and lagers! Sometimes known as the bloggers and joggers, but on this night, lagers.

I love that they are just friends with all of our friends now.

Brennie and Brad, our parental supervisors for the night!

It was great that we did a combined thing with the guys and girls because everybody got to party with everybody, and that is just the best.

I don’t know what to say about these pictures, so just good times.

Is it just me or does this doll sort of look like Evan?

I can see a resemblance.

The bouncer did not seem to change his facial expression all night UNTIL I let him borrow my accessories, and then his mouth turned into a slight smile.

Slight. I can see it.

I guess Evan told his wingmen to be in cahoots with him and to make sure his drink was a virgin if anyone got one for him, but then when it came to getting the drink he was like “Oh well this one can be real.” and then the next drink was the same thing, and the next drink, too. Evan had a time. He does not let loose like this very often, the stars aligned.

Emily gifted me with one of those medicine syringes that you fill with cough syrup or whatever, so that was a fun prop. I sucked up rum and coke from my bride cup and then squirted it to our friends, which is what had just happened in the above picture. And you can blame Dawn for Evan’s shirt.

Eventually it started to get really busy in there so it was time to go. Ain’t nobody got time to dance in this.

How do you even manage that. We were out. I couldn’t believe the lineup as we were leaving. It was after midnight and I would say a good 100 people were waiting to get in. I liked that we got to the club early when it was dead, and left before it got too crazy. And, needless to say, I’m glad the wedding wasn’t the next day because I don’t think anyone would have been up for it.

The next morning we all regaled each other with tales from the night before. So many people came up to me like “I have such a funny story about Evan from last night!” He was just in his prime sassface. Here are a few of my faves.

Evan was ready to go home to bed a bit earlier than I was so some of the guys were going to take him back to the hotel, but he refused to leave without me. They would be like “Okay Evan, we’re going back to the hotel now!” and Evan would be all “Okay! But first, we’re gonna get Lindsey,” and they would be like “Yeah, we’re taking you back and Lindsey’s going to meet us there with the girls!” and Evan would be all “That’s great! But first we’re getting Lindsey.” That was cute. Finally, Sherrie came over to Evan and was like “Evan, it’s okay, I’ve got Lindsey!” and Evan leaned in and whispered, panicked “…but who’s got me?”

Then they were leaving and somehow Evan’s shoe fell off his foot. Will, who has a saucy British accent and who is a proper gentleman, was kneeling down and putting Evan’s shoe on for him while Evan was yelling “Will, you’re my hero!” Will got Evan’s shoe on and Evan stuck his foot out in front of him and said “It fits!!!” (like Cinderella), and Will said “Yeah, it’s your shoe, mate.” Haha.

Also, apparently Evan locked eyes with Sherrie several times during the night when someone handed him a drink and mouthed the words “help me” dramatically.

In the end I’m glad Evan wouldn’t go to bed without me, because a bunch of people ended up at Calle 62 and I would have gone, and I would have been feeling rough on Saturday. But I felt great!

This is my favourite story from the night, though. There was a little dog hanging around our resort that we all fell in love with. She had been sleeping under our beach chairs that morning…

And we all had a little snuggle time with her.

Just a little muffin.

On the way back from the bar, Emily found the dog, picked her up and without Corey (her husband) knowing, brought the little lady back to their room. In the morning when they woke up Emily was like “Corey, I brought someone home from the bar last night…” and then she pointed to the dog, who was sleeping on their bed. Corey had NO IDEA that the dog had been sleeping with them all night. So good. That made me laugh all day.

Saturday was pretty chill but I want to tell you about a few things before we get to the actual wedding on Sunday.

We slept in and then met a bunch of our friends and the moms at the pool.

And Malibu Barbie (aka Mark) showed up.

This is not the first time Mark has dressed ridiculously, you may remember prom, and camping in particular. And if you think he looks good from the front you should check him out from the back.

I can’t unsee that and now neither can you! I think my favourite thing about the Barbie bathing suit is that Dawn, his wife, bought it for him.

Heather and Brent brought Jenga so we had several games of it that night in the lobby bar.

They customized it so that each block had a task written on it.

We ran into Randy dancing in the lobby bar, who was looking just fab that evening.

Joanna liked.

He took a break from his dancing to play some Jenga with us.

Heather and Brent looking beautiful…

Lisa snuggled one of the resort cats…

And the moms fed it roasted chicken from the buffet.

And then we had a big game of Kings Cup.

I wanted to introduce Eric, Kenya, Dixon and Joanna to the Beatles Bar, so some of us headed over there for a bit.

The guitarist was in fine form.

And we touched the do not touch statue, whoops.

I was in bed by midnight and ready for the wedding! But more on that next week.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. <3 I miss all you fine folk.

  2. I am so enjoying all the recapping! This made me LOL numerous times, especially your brother petting the bathroom attendant and Evan’s shirt in that picture. So good.