Pool Living

Friday was probably my favourite day of our trip, aside from the wedding of course. After lunch most of us headed to the pool and spent the next five hours or so there.

It was amazing. I just remember looking around all day, seeing all our friends having so much fun and feeling so happy. It almost made me teary. And this is about the time I started to lose my voice, from laughing too hard, and yelling.

We got a big game of volleyball going for a while.

So that was really fun. Our moms watched all the action from their beach chairs. After that there was pool pong that Sean, one of the groomsmen, brought with him. He started a game with Brent.

And then they played against Heather and Lisa.

And Sherrie and I played with Scott and Cheryl. I actually can’t remember if we won or lost.

But I tell you I for sure did not lose as bad as the time I lost playing rum punch pong on the beach in Jamaica back in 2013. I learned my lesson that day and will never lose that badly again.

And then our favourite entertainer Randy came over and roped us into a game of ring toss to win a bottle of rum. Hey girrrrrrrrllll.

Evan missed all of this and I assumed at the time that he was napping but he told me later he was up in our room watching The Hurt Locker. Exciting. Just doing his own thing. When I told him later about the fun pool times he was all “Why didn’t you come and get me?!” Because I couldn’t get out of the pool! What if the party ended and I missed it? Anyway. without Evan there the ring toss was anyone’s game (I was suspecting it would be Mark’s, as he also likes to win things).

The pool guy Mikey, another one of our favourites around the resort, came over to watch our shenanigans. Let me tell you a bit about Mikey — that pool is his baby. It is his pride and joy. He took great care in it and closed the pool every day at 6pm to clean it and put all the chemicals in and stuff. We actually didn’t think Mikey liked us very much because we didn’t always pay attention to the 6pm closing time… We may have put up a fight the first few days, and I’m pretty sure Dawn jumped in there fully clothed after 6 one day, right in front of him. Anyway, turns out he liked it, so he came over told us we all had to throw the rings doing the “sexy position!” (picture that being said with a heavy Spanish accent) and then he stuck his butt out to demonstrate, which just made us die laughing. We yelled “sexy position!” at him whenever we saw him around the resort the rest of the week. It’s one of the big inside jokes that came out of the trip and I think we’ll be yelling that at each other for the rest of our lives.

Back to the ring toss, I was awful at it and got a big zero. I did not represent my lover well at all. Emily and Corey were a force to be reckoned with though.

They both ended up winning!

I love that they got certificates with their names on them. Emily says she never wins anything so she was so excited. They need to frame those babies.

After the ring toss there were salsa dancing lessons happening on the entertainment stage beside the pool… Emily, Corey, Brennie and Brad got in on that.

Sexy position!

And for the rest of the day it was just good pool times with our pals.

Me, Lisa, Sherrie, Emily, Heather

Heather and I

Lisa and Joel

Lisa and I

Brent and Heather, lovers!

Mark, Lisa and Emily

Sean, the bringer of the beer pong

Annnnnd Ian (our former roommate!) and Brent

I never wanted to get out of that pool. When 6pm came I told Mikey no, sorry, I live in this pool now.

Evan eventually showed up showered and ready for dinner, looking fresh and quite suave compared to the rest of us.

I still wanted to live in the pool but I figured I should probably get it together as well. Eric, Kenya and Dixon were arriving shortly and we had a big night of bachelor/bachelorette activities ahead of us!

But this is going to get super long if I get into all that now, so I’ll be back tomorrow with that story.


4 responses to “Pool Living

  1. I am loving these posts!!! I think I napped on Friday…I wasnt feeling very well that afternoon/evening. I feel like that was day I drank a litre of cuba libre because they were out of ice (not recommended). Apparently I missed a lot of pool shenanigans!!!

    Also I love Evan. He reminds me of Cam

  2. Girl, that bathing suit is AMAZING. Where did you get it???