We are mawwwwwwwied!!!!

Yep, married!

Sunday went absolutely perfectly!!! I could not be happier. It did feel weird not having certain people with us when we officially tied the knot, like my brother, bestie and the bridal party, so I’m so excited to do it all again in Cuba with most of our best pals! But even if that wedding is a total disaster, I feel like we at least got one right! I’m sure it will be wonderful though because everyone will be there.

I don’t have many pictures yet so I’ll do a more detailed post once I have all those back…but I do have a few so I can give you a little sneak peek!

On Saturday afternoon Evan and I dropped by Globe Bistro (where the ceremony and reception were taking place) so we could drop off some stuff, like our cake!!!

I was SO HAPPY about our cake! My friend Cathy who I worked with at Girl Guides made it (CakesbyNACJ) and it was so much better than I even pictured. I showed her a picture of my bouquet and she matched the flowers so well. I loved it, and it was so delicious! The top was vanilla coconut and the bottom was vanilla with lemon.

It was so nice to go to the venue with Evan and scope out the setup just the two of us.

Isn’t that sign amazing? My friend Melissa made it for us.

It was really coming together in the reception room.

Just missing the centrepieces. Seeing everything set up just made all my nervousness go away and I felt ready to get married!

My mom has been staying with us since Tuesday (she lives in BC) so on Sunday morning we got up at 4am so we could pick up Evan’s mom and head to his cousin Barb’s house to get ready. Apparently when you have a brunch wedding you have to get up super early — our hair and makeup artist Natalie was arriving at 6am to make us presentable!

Getting ready together at Barb’s was awesome — she and her husband were such great hosts and made us smoked salmon and cream cheese on bagels, coffee, and mimosas (it’s never too early for a mimosa!). I was so thankful to them for having us. It was the best place to get ready. My morning was leisurely and stress-free.

Natalie absolutely SLAYED my face and hair, and I was ready to get married before 9am.

Gahh, I looked so good. The best I’ve ever looked (and probably will ever look) for sure. And I could not get over how beautiful my mom looked!!!

She was just glowing. So beautiful. I can’t wait to see the pictures of her helping me into my dress!

I left Barb’s just before 10am, our wedding planner Tracey (one of the best things about our day, seriously) drove me over to Brickworks to meet Evan for a first look and pictures together. I was so glad we did that, even though it was FREEZING. The pics will be worth it. I can’t wait for those. In the meantime, our photographer Nicole got a quick photo of us on my phone that I can share with ya!

Aww. All ready for wedding things. Evan is so damn handsome. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him waiting for me. What a groom I have!

Once we arrived at the restaurant I got a pic of Evan pinning the boutonniere on his brother, aka Brotherman, aka the Best Man.

So cute. I should mention that all our flowers (including my bouquet) were fake flowers (but not silk, almost like a rubber so they even feel real!) and they were done by Ashley at From The Stem Up. She did a great job. I love my bouquet so much.

I’ll share more about the ceremony and reception when I get pictures back but here’s a few guests photos I’ve been able to snag. My handsome and proud dad walking me down the aisle!

Our ceremony was PERFECTION.

I forgot to pass off my bouquet, whoops.

Our Reverend Heather Power was so great. She helped us put together the most perfect ceremony that felt really personal to us. People were raving to us afterwards about how amazing our ceremony was, and maybe they always say that but it did feel really good. I couldn’t keep myself together. Evan’s cousin Barb did a reading during the ceremony and that made me lose it as well. It was so sweet. First kiss as husband and wife!

We’re official! I was very determined to sign those documents. We did a candle lighting for our grandparents and family members who were no longer with us, which was really sweet and also brought some tears to my eyes when I thought of my and Evan’s Nana’s.

Unfortunately my MOH Lisa couldn’t make it to the Toronto wedding (she will be in Cuba!) but I had a fabulous stand-in MOH as my witness, my friend Beth who I met on the very first day of Grade 9.

She brought a great friend of mine from elementary school, Allison, as her date and I was so glad to have them both there.

After the ceremony we ate delicious brunch food and drank mimosas and wine and mingled with our guests. It was wonderful. My cousin Allie and her daughter Nora made it all the way from BC! Actually, her wedding is one of my favourites of all time. This is her and my auntie Nancy.

Evan and I cutting that delicious cake!

It was the perfect day. It was small, intimate and personal and we really felt the love of our families. And I can’t think of one thing that went wrong, which is mostly due to our wedding planner Tracey! I will talk more about her in my official recap but we were SO GLAD to have her help. She was invaluable and I felt like neither of us had to worry about a single thing the entire day. She was always there taking care of things and she even packed up all our stuff at the end of the day! I don’t know what we’re going to do without her in Cuba.

Evan’s grandma unfortunately couldn’t make it so we dropped by her apartment in our wedding attire on our way home. She was so happy to see her grandson on his wedding day. She was so cute.

So, I guess that’s it for now! I’ll be instagramming from Cuba for sure, possibly Snapchat if I can get it to work, their internet is weird so we shall see. Have a great week and a half! Wish us luck on wedding #2.


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    Have fun in Cuba!

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  17. john Beirnes

    Congratulations! The two of you have a wonderful relationship, only strengthened by this marriage. Wishing you all the best.