Music Monday: 13 Reasons Why

I’ve been watching and loving (although it’s slightly ruining me) 13 Reasons Why — I still have a few episodes left so no spoilers!

It’s so heartbreaking but so good and it covers such a difficult subject so well (so far at least). Man, it makes me glad I’m not in high school anymore. All that teenage drama and angst, no thank you. Just be nice to each other! Also, I love Clay — he kind of reminds me of a younger Evan. He may be shy and awkward now but he’s really going to grow into his catch!

Anyway, as I was watching I noticed that 13 Reasons Why has really great music. A few of the songs have been a staple on my iPhone tunes playlist for years, and a few are new to me and I am just completely loving them. The soundtrack kind of reminds me of a John Hughes movie from the 80s so it’s got a nostalgic vibe. Much Breakfast Club, it’s great.

These aren’t all the songs in the show but at least the ones I thought to check out. I also looked up some of the songs in the later episodes that I haven’t seen yet.

Clicking on any of the songs links will take you to their YouTube video.

Amused – Hunger

24 – Sleigh Bells

Atmosphere – Codeine (Joy Division cover — it’s lovely)

Bye Bye Bye – School of Seven Bells

Cowards Starve – Protomartyr

Doing It To Death – The Kills (digging this one a lot)

Everything Always – Ctznshp

Fascination Street – The Cure

Game of Survival – Ruelle

The Great Longing – Lost Under Heaven (LUH)

In A Black Out – Hamilton, Leithauser & Rotsam

Into The Black – Chromatics (beautiful Neil Young cover!)

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division (total classic)

Mess Is Mine – Vance Joy (love Vance Joy and love this song)

My life in Rewind – Eagulls

The Night We Met – Lord Huron (what a beautiful song!!! I’m so glad 13 Reasons Why introduced me to it)

Only You – Selena Gomez

Reunion – M83 (this has been one of my favourite songs for a while — it’s been on my iPhone tunes playlist since like 2012 and it’s one of those songs that I’ll never skip if it comes on while my iPod is on shuffle.)

Run Boy Run – Woolkid (I am really loving this song — it totally sounds like a video game promo song and it’s been in a ton of those as well as TV shows and movies. but this is somehow the first time I’ve really noticed it. It makes me wanna go for a run!)

Same Dark Places – JR JR

The Stand – The Alarm

Thirteen – Elliott Smith

Vienna – Ultravox

The Walls Come Down – The Stand

Young & Unafraid – The Moth & The Flame (this one was actually in my first Music Monday playlist a few weeks ago)

Hope you enjoy as much as I am!


2 responses to “Music Monday: 13 Reasons Why

  1. This show reminds me a lot of the new Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen” … which also has incredible music!!! The show is unbelievable, but sadly only in NYC for now. Highly recommend looking up some YouTube clips of Ben Platt singing Waving Through a Window.. it’s beautiful. (and obviously you should see a show with the main character named Evan!)

  2. OMG YES. AMAZING SHOW. Cried my eyes out.