Friday Wrap Up

In exactly one month we’ll be officially married!!!

And in exactly one month and one day we’ll be flying to Cuba with all our friends to do it all again! I have some wedding-related things to talk about so I’m gonna pop in next week with an update.

I’ve been at my new job for officially two weeks now and I am loving it. It just feels like a good fit. My last few roles have left me feeling like maybe it was time to get out of the communications field altogether, but I think this one is rejuvenating me. It feels good to be excited about work again! Something that I’m really loving about the office in general is the autonomy — everyone is trusted to be an expert in their field and to go forth and do their thing. That is important, motivating, and I find it refreshing.

In cat news, we’ve had a big breakthrough with Bonnie over the last three weeks or so.

She’s a muffin.

For Bonnie’s first two months here she lived in the guest room — even after we opened the door and removed the barrier, she still preferred to just chill in there. Tilly would go in and harass her (because Tilly’s a bully), but she would stay put. Even when we brought her out to the living room where we were, she would just slink back to the guest room.

One day a few weeks ago I was sitting at our kitchen table eating sausages for lunch and Bonnie just randomly came out of the guest room, jumped up on the kitchen table, stole half a sausage off my plate and ran away with it. I was shocked! I was so surprised that it took me a minute to process what had happened so by the time I found her she had pretty much eaten the entire sausage. She can do a lot of damage with that one tooth of hers!

This was when we discovered how much Bonnie likes human food. She is OBSESSED. That night she went after Evan’s ice cream.

She wants to eat everything. Which is funny because Tilly doesn’t like anything other than cat food and cat treats, but Bonnie does not even look at dry cat food like its food (she only eats wet because of the one tooth).

Anyway, since that day Bonnie lives out in our main living area, mainly on the back of the couch. I’m thinking the human food was a big motivator. Tilly still harasses her, 0f course. It’s like she has lost interest in all her toys and just wants to watch Bonnie all day. She just cannot let Bonnie simply EXIST. It’s annoying but it’s slowly getting better. Everyone was right when they commented saying that the cats will learn to coexist, you just have to give them time. Here they are together helping me put away groceries.

What a big bully face in that bag.

And then there was Tuesday.

Tuesday I came home from work and I don’t know WTF happened but Bonnie had a poopsplosion at some point during the day. There was cat crap everywhere — all over the floor, all over the couch, on a living room chair, on the office chair, all over our bed, all over our guest bed, even in the bathtub!!! It was a literal shitshow. It was like she had an explosive poop situation and Tilly chased her all over the house while it was happening and she was trying to jump on every surface to get away from her. That’s my theory. Spending two hours cleaning up cat shit was not exactly my ideal night but what can ya do. The joys of pet ownership. It’s not my first time cleaning up a cat poop explosion (Winnie had some issues right before she was diagnosed with her kidney disease) and I’m sure it won’t be the last. She seems to be back to normal now, thankfully.

So, because of the poop situation we had a professional come clean our couch last night — Mario’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, if you are in the GTA and need a couch or carpet cleaner. He is THE BEST. We’ve used him before and he cleaned our couch so well it was like it was new, And he’s super reasonably priced. I can’t recommend him enough. Evan actually found him a few years ago the day I moved into the condo — Evan was driving with my couch (which needed cleaning badly) in the back of his truck when he happened to pull up behind Mario on the highway, who had his number and info on his van. Evan called him right there and Mario followed him to the condo and cleaned the couch as soon as we unloaded it into the living room. Pretty handy. Anyway, the poop is gone, the couch is like new, and we found about 30 cat toys under it when we moved it to clean it so Tilly is excited about that. Wins all around.

And that’s pretty much what’s been going on this week. Have a great weekend!


7 responses to “Friday Wrap Up

  1. oh poor Bonnie!! I had a cat once who had horrible runny SMELLY ASS poops and had no sphincter control so wherever she was, she pooped. She was always so embarrassed when it happened.

    I love that Bonnie has come out though! I find all new kitties are like that…takes them awhile to be brave. You feed that old girl all the sausages and ice cream she wants (unless it causes more poonamis)

    and YAY WEDDING!!

  2. Yay wedding time! Yay, kitties (except the poo)! But I’m dying over the above comment. That poor cat!

  3. Aww that Bonnie. My aunt makes her dog a meatloaf (human kind, not pet kind) every week. Maybe Bonnie needs her own slice of meatloaf every day.

  4. So excited for your wedding, so happy the lady cats are getting along (as much as a teen and grandma can get along). Very big bummer about the poop explosion but you are indeed a real and loving animal owner and it is disgustingly just part of the deal. FYI, babies poop explosion are even worst. And common. For the future!

  5. I hear you. Our dog had a poop episode yesterday. Definitely not as bad as that, thank goodness. It was in the back of our truck. Usually that would be fine because we could just hose it out except our toddler’s high chair was in the back. No way was i letting him eat off that again!