New Job, Bob

So I have some big news… I got a new job! I officially accepted the offer last week and I started on Monday, so it was a pretty quick turnaround. And hence the no blogging this week, it’s been a bit crazy going from my life of leisure back to working full time. But good crazy! I am now a Senior Communications Specialist for a local hospital foundation (so I’m part of the hospital but the fundraising branch).

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you probably know that a few short months ago I was just raving on about how I was excited to be off from a 9-5 after my contract ended at Girl Guides. I mentioned that I was looking forward to freelancing and getting my own thing going, and how the last time I tried this out I didn’t give myself enough time to really give it a go before accepting a full-time position. A full time position that I didn’t even feel excited about.

Welp, I still don’t think I gave myself enough time to really write for myself and do all the things I wanted (stilllll haven’t started a podcast) to see if that could pan out. I also told myself that I wasn’t going to seriously look for anything until after the wedding. But then this position came up and it was such a good opportunity that I had to go for it. And this time feels different. I knew going into my last position that the role probably wasn’t going to be for me. I felt it when I applied, I felt it when I accepted, and I felt it on my first day all the way through to my last day. But I squashed those feelings and carried on anyway. THIS TIME I feel really excited and like I’ve found something that’s challenging and interesting, and also a great opportunity moving forward. It’s honestly the most excited I’ve been about a job in about, oh, five years.

The position is a one year contract covering a maternity leave — I know I have a lot of non-Canadian readers so I’d better explain — we get a full year (PAID!) maternity leave in Canada and you’re guaranteed your job when you come back. (Canada is awesome, I’ve never had a child but I can’t imagine only having a three month mat leave! That seems so crazy to me.) I’m assuming the woman I’m covering for (who is an old work friend of mine, I used to work in the same building as her when I worked at OFSAA!) is going to be coming back for her job and it’s possible I will be back to freelancing or whatever after this year is over. BUT you never know what can happen in a year. There could be room to move around within the organization, but even if not, it’s a senior role for a great company, so just the experience is great and who knows what doors it can open.

My first week has been really good so far but let me tell ya it’s a big change going from my leisurely schedule back to working full-time. When I was off I still tried to wake up every day between 7-7:30am, and I imposed a no-Netflix-before-4pm rule on myself so I could at least pretend to be productive. But still, the day was mine and I could do what I wanted. Usually I would go to the gym in the morning and then spend most of the rest of the day writing, usually on my couch in my leisure wear. Now I try to be at work by 7:30am, and I’m trying to fit Orangetheory in also (tomorrow I’m going to see if I can make myself take a 5:30am class). It’s a pretty big shift after weeks of doing my own thing. I felt exhausted by Tuesday. It is nice to be back into a routine again though. Which I am still figuring out, so bear with me!

So yep, new job! Just wanted to give you guys an update on that.


7 responses to “New Job, Bob

  1. Yay for you! Congrats. It’s the best feeling to make a choice like that and be confident! The 7:30am start is ambitious. I am impressed.

    • I really feel confident! I was thinking today that I already feel so much for confident here than I ever did at my last job.
      It is. It is early. I don’t have to start that early but it means I get out earlier, so I like it.

  2. texasmelrose2

    Wow your new job sounds awesome! That is so amazing that moms get a full year of paid leave. There is nothing harder than leaving your 2-3 month old in the care of strangers. 🙁 I sure wish the US would have a better deal for parents! Anyway, almost Friday now…welcome back to the 9-5 grind!

  3. Congrats on the new job, it sounds fantastic! I don’t have kids, but know that the 6 weeks we get here in the US is pitiful, especially compared to a year, wow.

  4. Good luck on your new job!!! So happy for you:) Keep sharing:)