Makeup Trials and Cosmic Birthday Bowling

Saturday was very exciting because I had my wedding makeup trial (for the Toronto wedding, Cuba we’re doing our own) and it was also my birthday party. We were going bowling so I was looking forward to seeing how my makeup would hold up in a sweaty bowling circumstance. I am SURE I’m going to be sweating in my wedding dress, especially with everyone staring at me, and I don’t want a face melt situation.

As attractive as that would be.

I feel like getting your makeup done by a professional is SUCH a TREAT and I’ve always loved how makeup artists bring out my features. I basically want to look like me only enhanced. I don’t want Evan to see me on our wedding day and be like “who is this stranger walking down the aisle towards me?” but, ideally I’d like to look better than usual.

My makeup artist Natalie (<- check her out, she is amazing and I’m not sure how I landed her) came over around noon and got to work on the ol’ face situation. I showed her an inspiration photo but it was just one I grabbed quickly and wasn’t in love with, and in hindsight it was maybe too glam for me. She did tone it down a bit though, and I was so happy with the final product. Here’s a before, no-makeup-just-moisturizer picture for reference.

And here’s an after.

Yowza, pretty big difference. Though the lashes were a bit out of control. Natalie even mentioned how ridiculous they were and promised to bring smaller ones the day of.

I liked the look of them with my eyes closed but when my eyes were open it was way too much. Otherwise I thought I looked pretty fab, but also sort of like I got shot in the face with a makeup gun…

…but I think that’s because I wear very minimal makeup usually. My day-to-day “look” consists of face powder (I use Physician’s Formula mineral powder), some blush, mascara and chapstick or lip gloss. If it’s a special occasion and I’m going out I’ll usually add eye shadow (always various shades of brown), some bronzer, maybe liquid liner and maaaaybe lipstick if I’m feeling saucy. So seeing myself with a full face of makeup felt weird and unnatural. I never do my brows either so that was a shock. But once I ripped those lashes off, I was really feeling it!

I probably should pluck my brows a bit under their natural line. Anyway, that look really grew on me once I stared at myself for a while and took selfies (Natalie instructed me to!). I think she did such a great job. I’ll take your feedback for sure! That’s what the trial is for. My feedback is, I loved my skin (she said on the day of she’d add a bit more bronzer), she absolutely slayed my eyes, although maybe I’d swap that black for a darker brown, I’m not sure on that one yet, and maybe one shade lighter on the brows? I’m not a pro with brows though so I don’t really know. I liked the lips and I think I’d go for that colour, although I’m going to search for a double-ended lipstick gloss that will last all day.

Everything aside from the lips lasted allll day and allll night and I got my friends to update me throughout the evening on what my makeup was doing. It was very helpful. I tend to get shiny (although now that I have a great skincare routine my shine has definitely lessened) but I never became an oil slick, even with bowling and tearing up the dance floor later, so that is a win!

Evan and I hung around the rest of the day (I even napped with that makeup) until it was time to head out to the pub where we were starting our night. There were about 18 of our friends in attendance and it was SO FUN to hang out there with everyone for a couple hours. Scarlett was even in attendance, enjoying her ice cream.

As one does.

Evan I guess decided that one cake wasn’t going to be enough for everyone so I ended up with two cakes!!!

Both magnificent. White chocolate in front and banana nut in the back. OMG they were both so good. Side story, for my first birthday that Evan and I were together we were going to a party at Dawn’s and Evan didn’t bring a cake, he just didn’t think of it. Which, fair enough. He told me later that Dawn said to him “Just for your information…it is always the boyfriend’s job to bring the cake.” So, after receiving that feedback he has never forgotten the cake. And he has always brought the most amazing cakes. This year was a highlight for sure.

We stayed at the pub for about two hours for dinner and drinks and then about 16 of us headed to the bowling alley for cosmic bowl! Or as we called it back in high school (and this is the same place we went to, YES the place where I asked the guy working the front counter who looked like James Vanderbeek for that donkey and his phone number) ROCK’N BOWL.

It was just as fun as I remembered, although we didn’t play with beer back in high school and I thought that would make me better but it strangely did not. It did make me care less about my score, though.

I wore my most fluorescent shirt for the occasion (because black lights) and Evan wore his most professional bowling shirt.

/poker shirt that I scored for him in Vegas for like 90% off (probably because it was so ugly that no one would wear it…but Evan likes!).

I’m just going to pause here and head off what I think is coming (because I posted this photo on social media and have a general sense of the comments). Yes, I have lost a bit of weight. Maybe about 5-10 pounds since September (I fluctuate up and down about 5 pounds daily so I don’t weigh myself that often because of this). I would attribute this mostly to OrangeTheory rearranging things (I’ve been going about four times a week lately and am definitely seeing results!). BUT please know that that is also just a good photo. I’m doing the skinny arm pose hard, the picture was taken from above which prevents double chinnage, half of my body is behind Evan’s sweet Vegas shirt, and I had my makeup professionally done. So, there’s an element of illusion here. Just wanted to mention that.

Anyway, it was a fun bowling time with all our friennnnnds.

See, the double chin has reappeared.

Even Scarlett played! We had two 10 pin lanes and one 5 pin so she could actually pick up the ball.

We had our lanes for an hour and a half and then the lights came on signalling that our time was up. My original plan was for Evan and I just to head back to Sherrie’s for a sleepover but we were all feeling the night, so Mark took Scarlett home and the rest of us headed to the Tartan (our favourite Oshawa pub) to keep the party going. We shut that place down and now being 34, I am pretty proud of that. I hope we can keep it up for another 10 years. Then we headed back to Sherrie’s and Will made his famous poutine, which I didn’t even get to eat because I needed to go to bed. Sad day.

It was a really fun night and it made me even more excited for the Cuba wedding because most of those people are coming. Shenanigans all around.


7 responses to “Makeup Trials and Cosmic Birthday Bowling

  1. “Homie, you have it set on whore!” – One of my all time favorite (favourite?) episodes right there.

    Sorry to miss that birthday celebration. Looks like it was a winner!

  2. I died laughing when you paused over the photo. It was a great picture! You are very photogenic but you also definitely know how to read a crowd.

  3. As I Snapped you, I love the makeup. Definitely NOT those lashes. Everything else is beautiful. And you are looking amazing. I can definitely tell a difference in your photos. Said in the most non-stalker ish way, of course.

    • Thanks, your feedback was really helpful. I don’t even think I snapped the lashes because I saw them and was like WHOA. NO. But I agree she killed the rest of my face.
      Thanks, I’m also seeing a difference in yours!!! Also in a non-stalkery way.

  4. texasmelrose2

    OMG You look amazing Lindsey! It is NOT the angle or lighting…you are glowing and look so fit and fab! You are going to make a stunning bride! As for the makeup, I am with you on the lashes…WAY too much. The pic without the lashes was awesome and I would go just a tad lighter on the brows to make it a little more natural. Your makeup artist definitely knows what she is doing. You still look like you but stepped up. I cannot wait to see your wedding pics! So excited for you!