We’ll All Float On OK

Last Wednesday was my birthday! March 1st! I was too busy with my California recaps to mention it I guess. I turned 34, so not like a crazy milestone or anything.

Funny story though, I was making the Facebook event group for my birthday party this weekend (we’re going cosmic bowling) and I wrote in it that I was turning the big 3-5. I remember writing it and thinking “damn girl, 35 is a big year!” I don’t know what happened but I genuinely forgot how old I was and assumed I was a year older than I actually am. About an hour later my friend Dawn commented “uh, did we skip a year? You’re turning 34.” HOLY MEATBALLS I AM. I’m still young!!!! Oh I was ecstatic to realize that I was a year younger than I thought. And I’m pretty sure a sign of getting old is forgetting your age…

Anyway, on my actual birthday Evan took me out for a surprise night. He made a reservation at my favourite pizza place in the city, Pizza Libretto on the Danforth. Yessssss.

Man I love that pizza. I’m sure there are better pizzas, probably even in the city, but there is just something about that one. I also really like their tiramisu, and that is saying something because I am not a tiramisu person at all. Theirs is so delicious though, more of a pudding than a dry cake.

Evan had another surprise activity planned afterwards and I tried unsuccessfully all through dinner to guess what it was. I had no idea and I didn’t come close to guessing. I don’t think I would ever in a million years got it. He made us a reservation at the H20 Float Spa.

A float pod, or also called a sensory-deprivation tank. I’ve heard about these and have been so intrigued. Evan and I have discussed in the past what an interesting experience it would be — but it’s expensive and not a luxury I would ever think to purchase for myself.

If you’re not familiar, basically for an hour you float in a dark pod filled with water that is exactly body temperature and has something like 1,000 pounds of epsom salt in it. I’ve never been so buoyant. I mean, I’m a good floater in general, I got that down, but even if you don’t know what you’re doing it would be impossible not to float in this water.

So, why would you do this? You can read all the details on the website, but basically it’s the most relaxing thing you’ll ever experience for your mind, your body, your emotions, your skin, and it has several other health benefits.

You have your own private (locked) room with your float pod and a shower filled with wonderfully smelling shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and they provide you with flip flops, ear plugs, body lotion, fluffy robes and towels as well. Evan packed me a bag with my bathing suit and some toiletries in it, which was thoughtful, but I just went naked for a true free and breezy experience.

You can listen to music (theirs or your own), relaxing sounds, or you can listen to nothing but your own breathing. I listened to ocean sounds and Evan listened to the jungle over in his pod room (I’m not sure if the jungle would be particularly relaxing for me). You can close your pod or keep it open if you don’t feel comfortable, and you can leave the lights in the room and in the pod on or turn them off. I turned off everything and closed the pod and I didn’t have any feelings of anxiety or anything. Once you’re in there for an hour an alarm goes off to let you know your time is up, and then you have 10 minutes to shower and stuff.

I loved it. It really was the most relaxed I’ve ever been. How often do you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for an entire hour? It was weird, but it was wonderful. Once you’re in there for a few minutes you can’t even feel the water anymore so it really is like you’re just floating on nothing. I did have a hard time shutting my brain off though. I found that most of my thoughts were about what I should be thinking about. For at least the first half an hour my brain was just casting around for things to dwell on.

My thought process went like this: Should I think about my book? Should I think about what I’m doing with my life? Should I think about Evan? Should I think about wedding stuff? I need to write my wedding vows, should I think about those? Should I think about nothing? Should I think about my friends? Should I try to fall asleep? Should I think about my breathing? Should I get out and switch the music to Jack Johnson?

I only had an hour and felt I needed to have a deep revelation about something by the end of it, but because I couldn’t think about any one thing in particular, I didn’t. Or maybe I wouldn’t have anyway. For a while I just stared at the purple-ish spots my eyes made in the dark and thought about what kind of shapes those looked like.

The awesome thing is, I get to go again. Evan got a three pack so I have one float spa experience left. Next time I’m going to prepare for it. I’m gonna go in there armed with Jack Johnson and hopefully figure my life out and it’s going to be great!

Also I wanted to mention that my skin has never been so smooth! That salt water really did a body good. I still think it’s super expensive and probably not a luxury I would by for myself, but if you ever have the chance to try it, go for it.


3 responses to “We’ll All Float On OK

  1. That sounds awesome!! And to the extent you care to improve those “what do I think about???” moments into something, I would recommend Dan Harris’s “10% Happier” book or app as an intro to meditation. It is nice to sometimes turn my brain COMPLETELY OFF for a while and literally think about nothing. I don’t do it as much as I “should” but it has helped me toward a calmer / less anxious default setting / state of mind.

    • Interesting, you made me realize that even in an hour that I’m supposed to just be doing nothing, I still felt that I had to be productive, even just with my thoughts. Next time I’m going to think about NOTHING. Thanks for the recommendation, I have been wanting to try out meditation for a while and even downloaded an app for it that I have never used. I’ll check that out.

  2. I bought my boyfriend a 3-pack last year and we still haven’t gone! I’m a little worried I’m going to be the same (unable to stop thinking) but I can’t wait to try.

    P.S. Happy belated birthday!