Uncle Jesse’s and Aunt Charlie’s

On our second full day adventuring around San Francisco Dawn and I got up and dressed, grabbed a coffee (me) and a bunch of two-bite brownies from the snack station at our hotel and walked to our Big Bus pick up in Fisherman’s Wharf. I’m a big fan of hop-on-hop-off bus tours — I’ve done them in Nashville and Boston as well and think it’s a great way to see the city in a short amount of time. We got the two day package which included the night tour so it was a really good deal. And the first stop was about a five minute walk from our hotel so it was super handy.

It was still raining off and on and the top of the bus was uncovered (you can’t see much from the inside bottom, so top is best) but they were handing out free rain ponchos and we wore ours proudly.

We toured through a few neighbourhoods, drove past Hotel Diva (just past the intersection below).

Cruised through the Tenderloin…

We saw City Hall, which is probably the most majestic City Hall I’ve ever seen.

We were on the bus for about 40 minutes before we got to the stop we were after, the painted ladies! One of the most photographed locations of San Francisco.

The stop is just around the corner from them, about a five minute walk.

If you’re a Full House fan, as we are, you probably recognize those ladies from the opening credits.

Unfortunately the park in front of them where the Full House gang is seen frolicking and picnicking is all dug up and muddy right now so we couldn’t leisure around in there. Poor Dawn tried to trek through it and sank into the mud, so that was sad for her shoes.

Mainly we just stood around in front of the houses and got pictures in the shirts we brought for the occasion.

Dawn made us sweet “Danny Tanner is Our Dad” T-shirts, solely for this purpose. Danny Tanner has been a big inside joke between our friends for years so that was just perfect. And no I’m not wearing a fanny pack, my tank top is just sticking out from underneath my shirt. I sure wish it was a fannypack though, that would have been convenient. Should have borrowed my dad’s.

Someone came out the front door of the house as we were standing on the steps getting that photo so that was slightly awkward.

As you may know, the house used for the exterior home shots on the show is not one of those houses. The actual Full House house is in a different ‘hood. We looked it up on my maps and saw that it was only a couple kilometres away so we decided to walk there. We needed to see it! It had stopped raining and was actually sunny for a bit so it was the perfect time to do it. Here is the Full House house in all its glory.

They were doing construction on it (the original Full House creator now owns it!) and one of the workers kept coming in and out, hence the open door. Obviously we asked if we could go in but the guy said his boss would get angry so that was a no. That’s fine, we were just happy to be in its presence and soak up all the Uncle Jesse juju.

Pretty groovy. After our Full House adventure we headed to Haight-Ashbury (named because of the intersections of Haight and Ashbury), the hippie district!

We wandered in and out of a bunch of shops (mainly because it started raining again), we stopped at a gay bar for a quick beer and to use the bathroom (hard to find one in this area) and then stopped at a pizza place for lunch.

I can’t remember the name but Dawn’s crush was on the walls.

The pizza was greasy and good.

After our lunch we walked back to the Big Bus stop to wait for our bus. Dawn had some interesting fashion trends happening.

The weather was so weird. One minute it was hot and sunny and we would shed all our layers, and then it would suddenly be cold and overcast so we would pile them all back on.

The next stop we got off at was the Golden Gate bridge!

And here I am photobombing the bridge.

That is such a beautiful area. I would love to hike around there one day. Not the best weather for that this time around though. So lush!

From there we got on another, smaller, one-level bus that took us into Sausalito, a nearby city in Marin County.

It was super cute and it looked like it had a lot of cool shops and places to eat on the main street, but again that rain made it difficult to explore so we just stayed on the bus tour (our bus didn’t even go down all the streets it was supposed to because of the rain).

So, that’s another activity I’ll have to save for next time. I’m glad we saw it at least a little though.

After Sausalito we got back on our Big Bus to go back over the bridge and eventually back to our hotel. It was really raining at that point though and we were done with it so we stayed mainly on the bottom level. Once we got back to our hotel we cleaned ourselves up and headed back out to the Big Bus for the night tour.

I felt like we were pretty much living on the bus by then.

I would highly recommend the night tour — seeing all the city lights was really cool. And if you do go, I hope the weather is better for you. I was getting sick of sitting in damp coldness by that point and I was on the fence about the night tour until the last hour before it left, but my love for lights won out and I’m so glad I went.

Most of my pictures are blurry but here are a few that turned out okay.

We went back over the Golden Gate Bridge and also over the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island.

Another thing that made the night tour so much fun was our tour guide. He looked like Richard Dreyfuss and his dry sense of humour just killed us. Dawn and I tend to get slightly obnoxious when we’re together and we kept making comments about the landmarks, which he heard and would respond to over his microphone, essentially altering the tour for everyone else. I hope they liked it. A few times we made him laugh so hard he had to move the microphone away from his mouth for a minute to recover.

One time we were going over a particularly steep hill and Dawn and I threw our arms up and pretended that we were on a roller coaster and he was all “well let’s not wake up the neighbours!” I snapchatted that moment and didn’t realize how hilarious it was until I watched it again the next day. I was dying. Anyway, he liked us.

Ponchos aren’t great in the wind. I understood George W. Bush’s struggle.

That’s also what I looked like on the bus when I was trying to wrangle my poncho over my head in the wind.

After the night tour we headed to Flybar (Fulton and Divisadero) to meet up with one of our friends from high school, Kiley, who has been living in San Francisco for a few years. It was so good to see her! She was there with two fabulous friends of hers who Dawn and I loved immediately.

We hung out at Flybar for a while and had a few drinks (sake bombs!) and nachos, and then Dawn mentioned there was a bar on her radar she wanted to visit, Aunt Charlies, a gay dive bar in the heart of the Tenderloin. The three of them had been before and were excited when she suggested it so they didn’t need much convincing. Off we went.

It was fantastic. It was jam-packed (on a Tuesday!) and we arrived just in time for a drag show.

This lady in the picture below sang the Titanic song and it was so amazing.

Dawn talked to the couple below for a bit and they told her they are married and met when they were both students at Stanford. So cute. She was beautiful and her voice was too.

It was seriously one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen and I was so glad we went!!! I had a bunch of Snapchats of the experience so maybe you caught them. Just amazing. It was a San Francisco highlight for sure. Such a fun night with Kiley and her friends!

We really packed a lot of adventures into our trip. Just one day left!


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