TO Light Fest and other things (mostly food-related)

I’ve been working on a cartoon post this week but it’s taking longer than expected, so in the meantime here’s what’s been happening around here.

Last week Evan and I met up with our friends Emily and Corey at the Toronto Light Festival, a new thing going on this year in the Toronto Distillery District. We had planned to all go to the Christmas Market together back in November, also an annual thing in the Distillery District, but unfortunately the stars did not align for that and it never ended up happening. So, Toronto Light Fest was our back up plan.

It was originally advertised with a stock photo of tunnel of lights, so Emily and I were a bit disappointed that wasn’t actually a thing, but the exhibits were pretty cool. We wandered around the area for a bit and checked out the sights.

Big kitties!

The love locks, which are always there.

This thing…

The Uniting Lightstar…

And my favourite, the Angels of Freedom by the OGE Group, an architectural firm in Israel.

I love that Marcus has his own little halo over his carriage.

If you go there, take a picture with the wings and then post it using the hashtag #MillStLights, Mill St. Brewery will donate $1 to the Daily Bread Food Bank. Pretty groovy.

We didn’t get a chance to see everything and one of the exhibits we missed was My Light is Your Light.

(photo from BlogTO)

I would have loved to see that and I’m not sure how we missed it. The light exhibits are there until March 12 though, and it’s free, so we might have to go back!

Evan has reservation-making skills and somehow managed to get us into El Catrin, a Mexican restaurant in the area (that I actually went to for Eat The World Mexico). It was totally packed and they were turning people away at the door so we were very lucky to get in. A note that if you’re planning on eating in the area during the TO Light Fest, try to make reservations in advance! I think we just called at the right time. I don’t LOVE the food at El Catrin, but they have great drinks (important) and one of the best atmosphere’s I’ve experienced in a restaurant so I guess I’ll forgive them. Evan and I started with corn on the cob though and that was insanely delicious.

The rest of our food was fairly mediocre but I will be talking about that corn for years to come.

The weekend was pretty low key, which was exciting. Usually January and February are a bit slower on weekends but this year they seem to be exceptionally busy — we have had stuff going on every weekend so I just assumed we were busy this weekend as well. When I actually looked at our calendar and saw nothing was happening I was ecstatic. We watched Outlander on Friday (I assumed I’d be watching it by myself but Evan’s mom and aunt were telling him how good it is so he was actually interested), Saturday morning I went to Orange Theory, ran some errands, and then in the evening Evan and I had a pho date at our usual haunt and came home and watched Gilmore Girls (still slogging through the sixth season).

On Sunday we met with our wedding officiant (for our Toronto family wedding, not the Cuba wedding) in Newmarket at a restaurant called Made In Mexico. Heather, our officiant, chose the restaurant, and I could not have been happier with the selection. I got the enchilada sampler and it was so, so good.

I could not have been happier about our officiant, either. It was our first time meeting her — Heather reached out to me through my blog last year when I mentioned we were getting married in Cuba but wanted a Toronto ceremony first. I love blogging for things like this!!! We wanted to do lunch to sort of get to know each other before the ceremony, and we absolutely loved her. I’m feeling really excited that she is performing our ceremony and so grateful she emailed me about it!

On Monday I went to I Can’t Keep Quiet with Choir! Choir! Choir! and MILCK that I mentioned in my last post. Before the show I met up with my blogger friends at Loblaws in the old Maple Leaf Gardens by the Phoenix Concert Theatre (where the event was happening). We figured it would be good for a quick dinner. I grabbed soup and a mini baguette, and then since they have a Nutella Cafe in there this had to happen…

Because of course. So good!

We headed over to the Phoenix just before 7 and found a lineup that stretched longer than a city block.

That’s just behind us, there was probably double that in front of us. It was awesome that so many people came out, and there were pussyhats in abundance! We had printed our I Can’t Keep Quiet signs.

Me, Casey, Michelle, Shanondoah (they’re all coming to our Cuba wedding which I am so excited about!)

I’m sure we held our signs upside down half the time, but that’s okay, you get the point. There was one sign there that I was

MILCK came out and Daveed and Nobu taught us how to sing her single I Can’t Keep Quiet which went totally viral for the Women’s March, I like this video especially:

Anyway, it was a really cool experience.

Singing that with strangers gave me all the tingles. MILCK sang the lead and the hundreds in attendance sang a three-part harmony that Daveed and Nobu taught us. I’m so glad we went! I hope my blogger friends had a good first Choir experience, though I have to say it ran a little longer than a usual session and all of our legs were dying by the end so I hope that didn’t ruin it for them. I can’t wait to see the video!

Here’s a good article about the whole thing on BlogTO. I’m not a fan of that “Women, Their Rights, And Nothing Else” sign, though. There are plenty of other things. Human rights and nothing else, yes.

All proceeds went to the ACLU, in this case, but past events have supported many Canadian charities (they raised over $25,000 for local charities in December) and C!C!C! has also raised over $60,000 to sponsor two families from Syria and Iraq. It’s something I’m proud to be a part of!


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  1. Toronto is such a great city, there are always so many fun things to do. OMG the enchilada sampler looks insane delicious, your making me so hungry. Sounds like the wedding plans are coming along nicely, thank’s for sharing with us.