I Can’t Keep Quiet

I can’t believe what is happening in the USA right now. Every day seems to be more unbelievable than the last and I’m running out of WTFs.

How I feel.

I feel like we are all living in some kind of alternate universe, or a dystopian young-adult novel. It’s terrifying, but like a train wreck I can’t keep my eyes away. I can’t stop reading about it! This is the most informed on politics I’ve ever been, and they’re not even my politics! Being Canadian I have the luxury of distance. But that isn’t to say we’re not affected. What happens in America impacts the entire world so while I live in Canada (and I’ve never been so thankful for this), this will touch me and everyone I know. It already is. I think we’re all just watching in horror, powerless to stop it. Trying to make jokes when we can but that’s getting difficult.

I know it’s only been two weeks and we are already burnt out on politics and sick of all the posts coming up in our social media feeds. I want to look at puppies and kittens too and I’m sorry to be another person going on about it. But I’m more disturbed by people who aren’t saying anything and are just carrying on as usual. We can’t bury our heads in the sand, we need to be informed. And if I have a forum I feel I need to say something. This is no longer about every day politics, or being right or left, or who won or lost the election — this is an unprecedented crisis for American democracy and it’s going to get worse. Anyone who follows history knows what’s happening. People have already lost their freedoms. It is incredibly scary and that is an understatement. I can’t believe the number of people who straight up don’t care for other people, and now, empowered by this new government, are so open about announcing it!

I may be more informed than ever but I don’t have the words or the bravery to say everything I’m feeling — but my friend Cely does. I have really come to look forward to her political commentary on her blog. She is clearly educated on the subject and isn’t just throwing out random memes that AREN’T FACTUAL. If you’re interested I highly recommend checking out this post, and this post of hers. She is so articulate and I think her voice is so important. She gives me the courage to want to say something. When people speak out it helps us know we’re all in this together!

I’m trying to stay positive and on Monday I’m attending this Choir! Choir! Choir! event that I think is going to be super uplifting and also a lot of fun.

We’re singing MILCK’s single “Quiet” which she performed at the Women’s March in Washington, DC. She’s actually flying in from LA and thousands of us are going to be singing it with her, which I think is pretty exciting. All proceeds go to the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union. It’ll be live streamed so check that out on C!C!C!’s Facebook page!

I think the song is pretty amazing, and I’m looking forward to singing it with a bunch of strangers.

I am also bringing the bloggers and lagers with me — it’ll be their first time at a Choir event and I can’t wait to see how much they love it!

If there is a bright side to all of this, it has brought people together like never before, and that is heartening. Try to have a good weekend and remember when things seem hopeless that love trumps hate!

We sure could use Snape in that elite inner circle.


13 responses to “I Can’t Keep Quiet

  1. Well said, I agree with you 100%. Let’s hope this nightmare ends soon, the world is watching and waiting.

  2. Nice play on words!! Maybe Trump should remember that one.
    ” Love trumps hate!”
    We are actually wondering if we will have to sell our southern home due to all the politics. Might have to find a friendly deserted island!!

  3. I agree. I can’t keep quiet and as a Jew, this feels like the horror stories my grandmother spoke about… Read today that Immigration officer are basically going rogue and ignoring judges, meaning that LEGAL immigrants, people with visas and greencards, minors, people with health issues are being kept like prisoners in detention centers, without access to their own personal belongings. I am grossed out, upset and waiting for this nightmare to end.
    Sorry for the rant but I’m glad you’re speaking up.

  4. We are all in this together! Great post and see you soooooooon!!!

  5. I am living for Cely’s take on all this. She’s my American touchstone. The only Americans on my FB are Republicans and uggggggh. But Cely’s bravery in speaking out on her blog and on social media have inspired me to challenge those few Trump supporters. TGIC (Thank G I’m Canadian)

  6. Thank you from California. I experience new depths of despair, disgust, fear, and just WTF everyday. It’s hard to have hope when so many are just mind bogglingly “ok” with this or horrifyingly may even prefer it. I so appreciate people (especially ones with audiences like you and cely) speaking out about it. It gives me little bits of hope.

  7. My favorite singer in the world is a guy from the UK named Frank Turner. He just released a new song called, “Sand in the Gears” which 100% sums up my feelings on everything happening in my country at the moment.