Jingling and Mingling

Only five days ’til Christmas!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhh! I’m excited. We have been back in a winter wonderland for a couple of weeks now and doing all the holiday things, so let’s talk about that!

You may remember just before I left for Florida I went to the Eaton Centre’s tree lighting with Choir! Choir! Choir! The video is up and it is just wonderful. It gives me all the feels.

Rachel and I have quite the closeup at 1:18.  I’ve said this before but it is so great to be a part of something so inclusive, where men, women, children, of all ages, of different colours and nationalities come together to sing the same song. It’s a beautiful thing.

The weekend we got back from Florida I went to see Nana to tell her all about our trip. Emily and little Marcus joined us and Nana was just thrilled about that.


She looooves the babies. She loved meeting Marcus and he loved her, too. He was quite the little celebrity in the nursing home that afternoon. Everyone wanted to see him. Emily went to visit my Nana back when she was super pregnant and for a minute my Nana got confused and thought it was me and that I was the one who was pregnant. Um, nope. Then Emily explained she was pregnant with Corey’s child and my Nana was all “But what about Evan???” She was so embarrassed when she realized it was Emily and not me. I get it, we sort of look alike. She wasn’t the only one, the next time I went in there some lady was like “Oh you had your baby!” Sure. Anyway, I’m happy to report we didn’t have another mixup and Nana did not think Marcus was mine. We had a great visit.


And my Nana continues to slay with her sassy nails.


I still cannot get over that those are the hands of a 102 year old. She looks so fantastic.

We put our tree up!


Tilly likes. We were concerned with how she was going to handle having a live tree in the house, since she is all over anything new that happens… Evan says whenever we talked about it I got a mad gleam in my eye like I wanted to see her get into shenanigans. It would be pretty funny… She’s been a good kitty though, she was all up in that tree at first but now she mostly just prefers to sleep under it.


We have a lot more presents under there now and she just sort of wedges herself between them. It’s cute. I really thought she was going to attempt to climb it but so far so good. However, the night we got it up I left to go to choir (we sang Last Christmas and it was the best) and about 20 minutes later I got a text from Evan of a picture with water and decorations (some smashed) all over the floor. I of course immediately assumed Tilly knocked the tree over but Evan said she was innocently sleeping on the couch with him when it happened. I guess we didn’t secure it properly… It seems to be good now, thankfully.

Evan had to call a neighbour over to help him put it back up, and neighbour is in his 80s and really obsessed with the conspiracy theory that Michelle Obama was born a man and went on about that for a while so…I’m sure that was just as much fun to deal with as the toppled over tree (and if you ask my opinion on the Michelle Obama thing, I don’t think so but who cares if she was, good for her if she was, and I like her regardless.)

Last weekend was my friend Dawn’s mom’s 60th birthday party but first I hit up the Sunderland Santa Claus parade with Emily, Corey and Marcus. Evan was doing some tiling in their kitchen and needed to finish up before the party, so we left him to do that and paraded it up. I like to crash family parade parties.


It was awesome, as all small town parades are. Many tractors and pick-up truck floats. There was actually a float that advertised parade floats, so a float that had a few different float options on it, should you be looking for a float designer. That was interesting.

After the parade we picked up Evan and headed to Dawn’s house for the party. It was a legit house party! An amazing food spread, and I took this before all the things were brought out.


‘Tis the season for eating!

Dawn’s mom Brennie was looking beyond fabulous. We played this game that my brain is not feeling up to explaining right now but it ended with Brennie wearing a bunch of different clothing options. She embraced it.


She embraced it hard. And she looked about 40 doing it.

It was a surprise party and she seriously had no idea! Her reaction was priceless, she actually screamed. I think Scarlett was upset the party wasn’t for her.


But she got over it.


I took very few pictures but it was a good time with all our friends!


My friends for almost 20 years now (Emily for almost 30, which is crazy to say) – I hope to be partying it up with them when we all turn 60!

This past weekend Evan and I had my family Christmas with my dad and Mona and Mona’s fam – we usually do it the Saturday before Christmas since actual Christmas is so busy with everyone’s blended families. I made Nana’s cookies for the occasion!


They are so good, and I know my dad loves them.

We had a DELICIOUS Christmas dinner.


The first of many, I am very, very lucky. I don’t mind spreading out the good stuff over a week. We always open presents up after dinner (I got a onesie and I’ve hardly taken if off), and then we have dessert.


My step sister-in-law (?) Lesley and I got our annual picture in front of the tree! I think it’s the third or fourth now.


It was pretty chaotic at times with the kids and the giant golden retriever who thinks he’s a lap dog, but it is the kind of chaos I like.

And finally, Sunday was Emily and Corey’s annual “Jingle and Mingle”, a Christmas party that happened this year at their new and beautiful love shack, as they recently moved. Santa (Joel) made an appearance, so that was exciting.


I like to crash family parades and pictures with Santa.


Evan and I wore our festive sweaters for the occasion.


I picked those up last week at Bluenotes for buy one get one 50% off, pretty sweet deal. They were a big hit.

Emily does a SERIOUS food spread, and this one is usually the highlight of the year.


And once again that’s not even everything. I love Christmas for the parties! And I love parties for the eating! And hanging with the lads.


Over 30 people ended up coming, which is an impressive turnout considering Em and Cork sort of live in the middle of nowhere and it was snowing on and off. It was so nice to see everyone. Another fun party day. And the holiday fun is just beginning!


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  1. First thing I thought when I saw this post in my feed = “A Nana post!!!” After reading your blog for years, I’m always interested in what she’s up to 🙂