Choir! Choir! Choir! and Florida! Florida! Florida!

Last night I went to Choir! Choir! Choir! Lights Up The Tree! at the Toronto Eaton Centre with my work friend/friend friend Rachel!


Hundreds of people showed up for the giant tree unveiling and to sing Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World led by C!C!C! directors Daveed and Nobu.



I haven’t been to choir since August and I have been itching to get out and sing. It is such a stress reliever. Unlike the last big C!C!C! event we went to in the spring with Rufus Wainwright, Rachel and I arrived early and were lucky to score a spot up front close to the action.


Nobu was wearing a sweet Babar shirt so that was quite a blast from the past.

Before we got into the singing they unveiled the CF Eaton Centre’s 100 foot Christmas tree, a first for the Eaton Centre and Canada’s largest!


What a tree!

And then Daveed and Nobu taught us all a three part harmony (low, mid and high – their typical choir format) to What A Wonderful World and it was pretty wonderful. We practiced for about an hour and then sang the whole thing through a few times until we nailed it. I was in the mids section so I could mostly only hear our part and I am so excited to see the video in all its glory. I have a feeling it’s going to be beautiful, and I think we might be in it this time! I’ll post it when it comes out but in the meantime here’s a quick clip from my vantage point.

It is a wonderful world, and thanks to @choirchoirchoir for helping me remember that.

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I have mentioned this before but I am so thankful that something like this exists in my city. The world has been feeling a bit weird lately and this reminded me that there is still a whole lot of good in it! Singing in unison with hundreds of people is the most amazing thing. I left there feeling awesome.


(not my photo)

What an amazing event. Now seems like a good time to tell you about C!C!C!’s 25 days of Charity! Charity! Charity! Last year they raised enough money to bring two refugee families to Toronto, and this year they are donating $1000 (at least) to 25 different charities reflecting the issues that are most important to choir members. Daveed and Nobu have kickstarted their campaign by donating $12,500 and are asking members (and friends of members!) to match their donation for a total of $25,000. I know that they are going to pick some great and worthwhile causes so definitely check it out. I will absolutely be donating.

After singing our hearts out, Rachel and I hit up Blaze for dinner. I’ve never been there but it is SUCH a good idea! It’s like Subway, but with pizza!


You can top your pizza with whatever you like, and they pretty much have every topping imaginable. It was the best.


I loved my pizza so much that I ate the entire thing. Oh well, just prepping the ol’ stomach for all the eating that to come in the next week ’cause Evan and I are headed to Florida! Florida! Florida! I can’t wait to eat all the things, and see Paula and Fabian, and hit up Universal, and do some beaching. Evan and I were talking about what we wanted to do this trip and we both said that we know we should be trying new things but we had such a good time last time that we just want to do all those things again. I doubt I’ll be blogging next week but I’ll definitely be spamming Instagram and Snapchat (happyorhungry on both) with our adventures. And you know I’ll be talking about it for at least a week afterwards. Gird your loins!

Have a great weekend, and Americans, have a great Thanksgiving!!!


2 responses to “Choir! Choir! Choir! and Florida! Florida! Florida!

  1. heeeeey i was there but in the basement level! I was at Mac buying makeup to look pretty. Im glad the Eaton Centre got a normal looking tree this year (remember that neon monstrosity?)

    have fun down south!!! Manage some Mischief!

  2. Wow, C!C!C! looks like so much fun! What a gorgeous tree too…wow!