Halloween Activities

Thanks for all your comments on my last post! Don’t worry, I had no plans of shutting down the blog. But I do feel like you have rejuvenated me for blogging. It was nice to feel missed. My favourite blogs to read are the ones that seem genuine and written by bloggers who are relatable (they seem few and far between these days), and I need to remember that and just hopefully keep being that.

Anyway, happy belated Halloween! I LOVE Halloween, and I love it on social media. Looking at everyone’s costumes gives me great pleasure. My Facebook feed has been steadily changing over the years from drunken party pictures to my friends’ kids in their ridiculously cute costumes, and it is so much better now! Kids kill me. I had some costume gems as a child – like the time I dressed up as a lumberjack. I was originally Bart Simpson but then my mask didn’t fit properly and was getting really annoying, so I came home and my mom drew a beard on me, gave me rosy cheeks, a plaid jacket and a plaid hat, and voila. Lumberjack. You’re welcome for that idea.

I was just reminiscing the other day with my coworkers about trick or treating when we were younger and we were discussing the best (Reese’s) and worst candy to receive (black licorice) and I was thinking about how much I used to hate getting cans of pop. One can is perfect, since trick or treating makes you thirsty, but any more than that just weighs/slows you down! I remember being out with my giant pillow case (highly recommend, you can fit so much candy in those things) and the bottom would just be full of these heavy cans of orange and grape soda. Ugh, no thanks. I’m surprised I didn’t pull a muscle lugging that around.

Anyway, we didn’t hit up any Halloween parties this year. On Saturday we had tickets to see Our Lady Peace and I Mother Earth in Oshawa with my good high school pals and their husbands.



We all went out for dinner first at Avanti Trattoria in Oshawa, where we went for my surprise birthday dinner back in March.


I loved the dish I got last time so much that I ordered it again. Tagliatelle noodles with roasted red pepper sauce, artichoke hearts and goat cheese.


No meal regrets here!

After that it was concert time. Avanti Trattoria is really close to the GM Centre where the concert was happening, so we just strolled on over.


Pretty fitting I was seeing those two bands with my high school friends ’cause that’s when they were all the rage. I remember being super into I Mother Earth in Grade 8 and Our Lady Peace was pretty much our high school soundtrack. Both are Canadian bands so I’m not sure how popular they are outside of Canada, but I think Our Lady Peace had a few songs that were worldwide hits, Superman’s Dead and Clumsy in particular.

Oh that takes me back. I love them and I was feeling all sorts of nostalgia!


I Mother Earth


Our Lady Peace

It was a good time. Evan said he thought he was more impressed with the musicianship of I Mother Earth than Our Lady Peace, but they were both great. Emily would like you to know that she was very impressed with the lighting situation. It was well done.

I’ve had a thing for concert shirts lately and I’ve been trying to get a T-shirt from most of the concerts I’ve been to this year. One thing I’ve really noticed is the size discrepancy between men’s and women’s shirts. It’s super annoying. For a women’s shirt I usually have to get a large or extra large, but if it was the same shirt in a men’s size, the small would fit me just fine. I tried on a medium women’s 3/4 length Our Lady Peace shirt and it was a crop top on me. I’ve noticed the same with sports shirts – I have two Blue Jays T-shirts, one men’s small and one women’s large, and the men’s small is way more loose on me than the women’s large! Dislike. Just wanted to complain about that for a second.

Since we were at the concert on Saturday there was no dressing up for Halloween, but I did dress up for work on Monday. I’m on the social committee and we were putting on a Halloween event so I figured I should set a good example. I reused my costume idea from 2010 and went as the Paper Bag Princess.


Which is also a Canadian thing I think, as the few non-Canadians I work with didn’t get it. So I’ll give you a background just in case. The Paper Bag Princess is a children’s book written by anadian author Robert Munsch, published back in the early 80s.


It starts off like your typical fairy tale, Princess Elizabeth is planning on marrying perfect Prince Ronald, but then a dragon destroys her castle, burns all her clothes and kidnaps Prince Ronald. Because she has nothing else to wear, she shows up in a paper bag to rescue her prince. She is quite clever and is successful in the rescue but Prince Ronald is ungrateful. So she calls him out in the best quote…

“Prince Ronald said, Elizabeth, your hair is all dirty. You are wearing an ugly paper bag. You don’t have any shoes on and you smell like a dragon’s ear. Come back and rescue me when you’re dressed like a real princess.
Elizabeth said, Ronald, your hair is all nice. Your clothes are all pretty. You look like a nice guy, but guess what? You are a bum.
They didn’t get married after all.”

And Princess Elizabeth goes off dancing into the sunset. By herself. It’s a pretty great story and has won critical acclaim for its feminism. Girl Guides likes. And when I need a gift for a baby shower that is usually on my list. Easiest costume ever, too. Just make yourself a dress out of a brown yard waste bag (Evan actually made mine, he’s crafty and making the bag is trickier than you’d think).

There were some great costumes in attendance! Like my friend Frances the social butterfly.


And Nasty Woman was killing it!


Our marketing team (above) picked up the rest of the organization parade-style and brought them all into the cafe for a party. We dipped apple slices (healthy!) in caramel and chocolate and sprinkles (not healthy!) and my coworker Cathy (Nasty Woman) brought in her amazing cupcakes with bags of icing so we could decorate them. They were just mini, and I had five. Whoops. So, it was a good Halloween. And that whole thing about getting back on the healthy track…that starts Monday.


4 responses to “Halloween Activities

  1. TIL Paperbag Princess is a Canadian book. I thought it was a classic novel that everyone knows!! Right up there with Great Gatsby and Lord of the Rings and the Bible

  2. WOW, I totally forgot about Our Lady Peace. I’ve been listening to “Gravity” all morning!! Thanks for the throwback!

  3. I have never heard of The Paper Bag Princess, but I need to buy a copy for my daughter!

  4. Loved your Paper Bag Princess costume, suited you so perfectly, sounds like you had a fun Halloween party at work. I also remember going out with a large pillowcase lol lol, your right those cans of pop were the worst, grape soda yuck. I have never been to Avanti Trattoria, think it’s time I went, your Tagliatelle dish looks and sound delicious. You were missed, love your blog.