Just a petite catch up

Oh haiiii neglected blog readers!


You may have noticed that I have not written anything for almost three weeks… Or didn’t notice at all, and that’s cool. I certainly noticed, and I feel like it’s been nagging at me every day but it wasn’t enough to make me sit down and write anything. Actually, I sort of took a break from most social media in general, and it felt pretty freeing, I can’t lie. I think this is the longest break I’ve taken in nearly six years of blogging, so I better get back to it before I forget how to do it. As with anything, it’s really hard to start again.


Well, in my case, I’ve come too far to let my blog fall apart because I don’t know what to write about.

Otherwise, no reason for the break. I’ve been busy, but not busier than usual. All is well over here but nothing really new or exceptionally exciting. Wedding planning is still happening, but so far so good there and it isn’t taking a ton of time (yet, probably).

One thing I have definitely not been busy with is working out or running, as I totally fell off that bandwagon back in June after my 10k race. I ran about three times all summer. Whoops.


I know, good job me.

And I have just been eating with abandon – forget counting calories or macros or even eating in moderation. I’ve been eating it all and not caring.


So, that hasn’t been great. That coupled with the fact that I haven’t been doing my usual lunchtime walks – and I had a parking space all summer so I was driving to work instead of taking transit so my walking time was cut down significantly – and I’ve been putting on some poundage.


Not a ton (although I haven’t weighed myself so who knows) but everything is feeling pretty snug right now. Not the biggest of deals except I am getting married in six months and would like to fit into the dress that I ordered. That would be ideal.

This week I was planning on getting back on the healthy track… But then we had an event at work which included what seemed like unlimited cheese (I probably ate about a full block over two days) and those little triangle cut sandwiches and mini deli wraps, none of which I can resist. And then afterwards we went out for pints to celebrate.


Which I like, but my pants don’t. Then my coworker brought in cupcakes and she makes THE BEST CUPCAKES IN ALL THE LAND (she’s actually doing our wedding cake), so I had to eat two of those.


And then yesterday we had a bunch of assorted baked goods to celebrate said event going well…


and welp, here I am. The end of the week, not back on track. Evan and I were talking about doing the Whole30 again in November but now there’s a bunch of stuff going on, including several eating events, and we’re heading to Florida at the end of the month so…I don’t think that’s going to happen. I did sign up for the Orangetheory that’s opening up in my neighbourhood, but it doesn’t open until the end of November, so that won’t be happening just yet.

Also, blogging time has sort of been taken over by Gilmore Girls watching time lately (hence the Gilmore Girls gifs). I’m trying to get caught up before the big revival happens!


I’m sure you’ve seen the trailer if you’re any sort of fan, but here it is anyway.

Oh man, all the feels, especially about the Emily scenes. I can’t wait. But I’m only mid season three so I still have a lot of re-watching to do (not looking forward to seasons 6 and 7, ugh). Evan is watching it with me and he’s never seen it before – it’s fun to watch with someone who’s experiencing the magic for the first time. It pleases me how much he likes it.

And as for blogging, I guess I just haven’t really been feeling it lately. Although, I am feeling it right now. I don’t know, the whole blogging atmosphere has changed so much over the past several years. The whole internet atmosphere has changed so much over the past several years. Everything feels so curated and perfectly Pinterest-y, or troll-y. I’m really not into curated perfection, but I’m not sure what direction I should be going in blog-wise. When I write about my adventures it feels repetitive. I started writing about our Thanksgiving (and I’ll probably finish it) but it just felt like what I wrote last year. How many times can I go on about how much I love eating holidays? I’ve said it for six years now. (But I do love them, so much.) I’ve even nearly stopped taking pictures throughout the day, which is unlike me but has somehow been gradually happening over the last few months…so then I forget what happens. I am working on a new cartoon post actually, I’ve missed drawing! But it is time consuming. And I really want to get back to eating the world! Anyway


I’m done for now.

One last thing though. Americans, THANK GOD your election is coming to an end, I can’t take hearing about it anymore and I don’t even live there. You must be so looking forward to it being over.



Have a great weekend!



25 responses to “Just a petite catch up

  1. I’ve been dealing with the same thing. Part of me wants to blog but then I feel like “eh, nah.”

  2. Glad to hear everything’s okay, I was a bit concerned. I follow many blogs and yours is one I really enjoy reading. Gilmore Girls, can’t wait, one of my all time fav shows. More Tilly posts and pics please.

  3. I hope you don’t start blogging! Even if you blog about the same event over and over you bring such a sense of humor to your recaps, i look forward to reading them!I appreciate how real you are and I relate to your love for not-working out and eating all the things. 🙂

    • I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon (I think that’s what you meant 😉 thanks for saying that, it means a lot. It inspires me to keep blogging.
      Eating all the things and not working out is my favourite!

  4. I love your blog too. And one of the things I love is that it’s not all curated and pinterest-y. It feels real and I feel like I actually know you (not weird, right???). I’m soooooo stoked for the new gilmore girls revival. I wish I could get my bf to watch it with me but he doesn’t really watch tv (although we are both watching Westworld on HBO and I highly recommend it!). I live in Ohio which is considered a big swing state and I CAN NOT WAIT for this election to be over, and I can tell you that I certainly will NOT be voting for that bastard Trump. 🙂

    • Thank you for saying that! I think as a blogger there is no bigger compliment than someone saying that you seem real and genuine. And I feel like I’ve gotten to know people through blogs as well, and even through comments on my blog, so I get it!

  5. Erin @ A Flimsy Plan

    I am definitely parroting everyone up there – but I also love your blog. I have seen the blog world changing too and it’s actually made me somewhat melancholy how people who once shared their lives now seem to be putting out a digital magazine. I don’t know, though we’ve never met and I rarely comment, I sort of feel like we are friends… which is a big ramble-y way to say that I really love the way that you blog, even though the blog world has changed.
    (That was not an awesome comment. I need coffee.)

    • Yeah, exactly. I think a lot of it has to do with bloggers not wanting to share too much about their lives anymore, whether they’re afraid of criticism or maybe not wanting to post pictures of other people if they don’t want to be online, so it’s easier to stick to safe, fluffy topics and posts. It’s hard to put yourself out there sometimes. When I first started blogging the only people who read it were my close friends and other bloggers so it was easy to forget that literally ANYONE can find it and read it.
      And Pinterest. Everything is for Pinterest so it has to look perfect.
      But I totally hear ya, I feel like I’m friends with bloggers who I’ve been following for a while, even if we’ve never met or even talked.
      And that was an awesome comment!!

  6. I hear ya! my last blog post was April 22. every once in a while I think I should do a post, and then i never get around to it. oh well…c’est la vie!

    I can not wait for Gilmore Girls to come on….loved that show.

    happy weekend!

  7. Don’t stop blogging! I really enjoy your blog and like reading about your adventures. Especially because I live just over the border and use it as inspiration for when I visit Toronto. You are the reason I have the Bruce Peninsula on my travel list for this coming summer!

    • Thank you! Don’t worry, I won’t be stopping anytime soon. I’m excited you’re going to the Bruce Peninsula! I love that place. Just beautiful. You should try to do the glass bottom boat tour in Tobermory, it’s a good time.

  8. Erin (above) said exactly what I am thinking!!!!!

    Gah! *I* have missed you and am happy to see you back. And I agree about the curated blogs. Thumbs down! Keep going with your realness and I will always be a reader! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. I like your blog because it isn’t like that. Curation isn’t the worst thing ever, but I don’t love reading it, tbh.

    Anyway, YES! Americans are so ready for this to be over. I voted early today, and the line was two hours long. People are just trying to get it over early, I guess.

  10. Not to go to your head but… (;)) Just chiming in, love your blog, but you’re right, blogging has changed. I never thought I would stop reading blogs, but somehow I did. The food recipe blogs just seem the same. So that’s why I like reading yours because it’s unique. Also you’re from Toronto and I love me a local blog. So keep it up, or don’t, you do you!

  11. I totally have to chime in and say I love your blog because it isn’t curated (which is a term I roll my eyes at every time I hear….). Your blog is just real and down to earth which I love. It is so much more relatable to me! Also I grew up in small town Ontario, lived in Toronto, moved to Belleville, and now live in Winnipeg. I’ve been in the Peg for a while but it doesn’t feel like home to me so your stories of growing up in a small town or your Toronto adventures make me happy. I miss that life! I’m not a blogger but as a reader I say you do you. If you’re not feeling blogging, don’t . Take breaks. I’d much rather read something quality less frequently than something uninspired or fake all the time (remember when blogging 3x/day was a thing?!?!).

    • Ah, Belleville! That’s where Evan is from. The Peg, haha.
      I think that’s gonna be the plan, I’m not going to force myself to write anything, but all these comments are helping me feel it again 🙂
      Oh man three times a day is nuts. When I first started I did twice a day and I have NO IDEA how I had time for that. I can’t even do once a day now. I think that might be a good change though, because when I was trying to do twice a day one blog would literally be about my bowl of oatmeal, and no one cares.

  12. I adore your blog too!! I’ve missed you and glad all is well. 🙂 You just seem so NICE (and I mean that in the best way possible) and the world needs more of that. Here’s to more Gilmore Girls and less election crap!

  13. Super happy to see a post from you! I was growing concerned. I love your blog and I’ve read every post! Eeeek I sound creepy….

  14. I’m super late with this comment, but I wanted to tell you that your blog is one of my favourites and I’d be so sad if you quit! If you are stuck for ideas, I’ve been missing your Eats the World Series. 🙂