The Banff Bachelorette

As I mentioned, our last Saturday in Banff was my bachelorette party!


Crystal, Dawn, Heather, me, Lisa, Sherrie, Emily, Kim

I am so happy these girls could make it. Also I LOVED the shirts and the sunglasses. Those were a surprise for me. I am drunk in love! They’re just drunk.

Since Evan and I are not actually getting married until the spring it was a bit early for your typical bachelorette party. I still have quite a while to sow my wild oats (ohh just kidding, you know Evan is my one and only, and we already live together so I feel like we’re already married). But it just worked out beautifully to have the bachelorette in Banff. Lisa lives in Calgary and as my obvious MOH since forever (she’s pretty much my sister), I would have felt really weird having a bachelorette in Ontario without her. Our good friends Crystal and Heather (Lisa’s actual sister) also live in Alberta, so having the bachelorette in Banff meant they would be able to make it, which was awesome. Sherrie and I were already out there and Emily happened to be going on a family vacation with Corey at the same time to the same area. Then we just convinced Dawn and Kim to fly out for it. I can’t believe that worked out, I was so glad to have them there. Obviously not everyone I would have wanted to come could be there but it was certainly the majority so…bachelorette across the country! We could not have picked a more beautiful place to do it.


We already had Kim with us for our day adventuring so we met up with Dawn, Crystal and Emily at the Banff hot springs to get the festivities started.

I wouldn’t necessarily tell you not to go to the Banff hot springs, but I wouldn’t recommend going to them on a Saturday… They were absolutely rammed with people and it was basically like sitting in human soup. Beautiful scenery though and we had a great group so we still had a good time. Just not a long time.

There were bathing suits available to rent in case you forgot yours and they had options to rent historical bathing suits. I should have known that Dawn, Emily and Crystal would show up in those… We found a man with the same suit, so, picture.

Pretty attractive.

After the hot springs we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our night out. On the way down we saw a woodland caribou! Proving once again that we were actually in a freakin’ Canadian safari.

We spent a couple hours hanging at the hotel together, which was really nice.



We already had our sweet outfits on and ready so we just needed to do our hair and makeup. Lisa curled my hair and Heather had brought their mom’s actual wedding veil so I felt like that was a good combination.


I just felt really pretty.

Got some solo shots with the bridal party.






Oh and I received these… Sneaky!


So you know my friends had props… They do on a regular night out so obviously a bachelorette is over the top. There were many items that were phallic in nature and you know I do like to stay pretty PG on here as I have chosen to take a (somewhat) professional path in life…so I have decided that if anything inappropriate appears it will just be covered by Evan. He is a-okay with this, I got his permission first. He did try to suggest maybe I could cover inappropriate things with pictures of cats but nope. Sorry. His face is more funny. Case in point:

Before we left for dinner everyone went around and said something they loved about me, which I obviously loved. I was almost getting teary, it was a beautiful moment.

For dinner we walked to Block Kitchen and Bar, a new restaurant in Banff. It was mostly tapas and Heather took over ordering for the table, which was handy as there were so many of us it was confusing. I didn’t take any pictures of dinner so I can’t even remember what I ate, but I remember it being delicious and I definitely had a good time.

(I’m wearing a veil attached to a headband, in case you are wondering what’s going on with my forehead)

While at dinner we played the how well do you know the bride/groom game, where Evan was asked questions and then I had to answer/state what his answer would be. My favourite was when asked what kind of animal I would be Evan said a dolphin because I want to swim free and wild in the ocean. That is correct! That or a cat. When asked what kind of animal Evan would be he said a harbour porpoise because he likes to stay close to home and be safe in the harbour. A harbour porpoise! I was dying. That really made me laugh.

After dinner it was bar time. We first hit up Wild Bill’s – it’s a pub and it was just the best time.


People LOVED our antics. I had a list of missions to accomplish, as many bachelorettes do, but this was the first time I’ve experienced people coming up to us and asking what they could complete from the list. Well, let’s see. You can do a handstand!


You can wear one of our shirts…


You can do the Canadian experience (where you put your hand into a bucket filled with ice to try and find a Looney).

You can let us make you a wedding dress out of toilet paper.


You can buy us all a shot.

Etc. etc. etc.

Everywhere I looked something hilarious was happening. I was overstimulated with hilarity. It was wonderful.

At one point I looked towards the band and they had our friends hostage.



I was dying laughing. Seeing the drummer playing his drums with a giant pecker really got me.

After that we went to a club called the Dancing Sasquatch. Yup, the DANCING SASQUATCH. Sounded like a dream. Apparently there is actually a sasquatch that comes out and starts dancing on certain nights, but he was elusive on that night. As sasquatches tend to be, I guess. It was a really good time over there too and we closed the place down and ended the night next door at McDonalds. As you do.

So, it was amazing. We all agreed that it was probably the best night out of all time. I lost my voice the next day from laughing too hard.


Good, good times. I’m so glad it worked out!!! Thank you to my ladies for making it such a memorable bachelorette party. I felt so loved and just so happy.

On Sunday we all had breakfast together and then all headed home. And that is the end of my Alberta/BC trip. Went out with a bang for sure!


3 responses to “The Banff Bachelorette

  1. What a time! Fun fun.

  2. Please use those Evan faces for always.

  3. texasmelrose2

    What a dream bachelorette! Those Evan mugs used as a censor were hilarious! Good thinking!