Revelstoke Dream Camping

Stilllll recapping my trip out west.

On Wednesday (after Labour Day) we got up bright and early, said goodbye to my family and our original four got on the road to Revelstoke. It’s about a two and a half hour drive (all through the beautiful mountains) but we made a pit stop at the Enchanted Forest between Salmon Arm and Revelstoke. If you’re in the area I’d definitely recommend checking it out. Admission is cheap and it’s a beautiful spot to walk through. I wrote a post about it a couple years ago when I went with Evan, Eric and Kenya so you can check that out, ’cause we basically did the same thing. I can’t get enough of the hilarious fairy tale characters they have around.


Sometimes I like to randomly text that picture to Evan.

The scenery is beaut!


Even with the fog.



And they have little rowboats that you can just borrow for free and take around.


It was raining, which it pretty much did every day for our trip, but luckily it was always a light misty rain so we could be out in it without hating our lives. We didn’t experience any downpours, thankfully.

Our next stop was our campsite for the night! Our friend Jen who lives in Revelstoke (Lisa’s sister’s best friend) seriously hooked us up. There are a few sites down a remote road, and there’s no cell service or anything around so the directions are: once you get to a particular landmark reset your odometre to zero and then drive until you reach these exact kilometres and you’ll see a small path in the trees that you can take your car through to get down to the site. The site we were at for Canada Day last summer was in this area as well, which you may remember was the best campsite ever. Jen gave us about five options, all on the water, with very specific kilometres (for example 17.4) so we found them all pretty easily. We checked out three sites – the first site was too close to the road, the next site was taken, but the third one was a charm!


It’s just down from where we were last time, probably the most beautiful stretch of shore I’ve ever seen. And the best part was that it’s on crown land so you can camp for free! A lot of the locals go here so our site was already set up with a fire pit and a picnic table, very handy.

We left Sherrie there alone to set up our stuff and start a fire (don’t worry, she volunteered for this), and then Lisa, Yamina and I headed into town to grab food, booze, and a pop up shelter we were borrowing from Jen. Jen and her boyfriend also gave us some of their firewood which was SO nice of them. While we were loading up the car with the wood, I looked behind me and saw a large black animal lumbering around in their neighbour’s yard. I first thought it was a dog, and then realized that dogs don’t really move like that… It was totally a bear. The bear ran around to the front of the yard so we went over to get a closer look.


He was just chilling in the tree. After a few minutes he climbed up it and the owner lady came out of her house to see what was happening. We told her there was a bear in her tree and she was all “Oh he comes every day! Come over here to get a better look at him!” So, sure, okay. We did that.


Photo credit to Lisa for that pic. I got a pretty sweet video of him.

Saw this guy hanging around in someone's yard in Revelstoke 🙀

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By that point a crowd was forming and this guy told us we should all  leave because the bear was scared and if he posed any sort of threat to residents they might have to shoot him. Fair enough. That would be awful so we heeded his advice and left immediately. We stopped by Jen’s for coffee the next morning and she told us that there has been a bear in her yard almost every day! They’ve had a cooler fall than usual so I guess the bears are stocking up for winter. Pretty crazy. Anyway, after the bear encounter we got our groceries and headed back to our amazing campsite. Sherrie was the best for getting the fire started!


You’d think we would be worried about sleeping outside after we just saw a bear, but I think the beauty of our site distracted us. Just a bunch of pictures because I can not get over the view.








The pictures DO NOT do it justice. We literally sat and stared at the mountains for hours.

We didn’t have a cooking stove so Sherrie looked up easy campfire meals and found an awesome idea. Meatball subs!


We just grabbed some frozen meatballs, cooked them over the fire and then added some marinara sauce, with bagged Caesar salad on the side. Perfect! Those meatballs subs were seriously delicious, though I do think everything in general tastes better when you’re camping.

We did a little exploring around our site. There was a trail that led through a foresty area and then over to the water, and on it we found a second campfire spot.


More gorgeous views from over there.



We also found a cross…


So that was a bit creepy and we tried not to think about it.

We made a pee spot along the water by that trail, and I have to tell you, it is the most beautiful spot I have ever peed.


So peaceful and nice. I felt so thankful to be there.

For the rest of the night we just hung around the campfire listening to music, talking and having some drinks, including canned wine!


Didn’t love it. I’ve had the red too and it sort of tasted like grape juice.


What a perfect evening. It was cold but we were pretty cozy by our fire. I played my only German song on my iPod for Yamina, Hier Kommt Alex, which was really funny because she actually knew it and was singing along. After that we got her to play some of her music – it wasn’t bad but I’m glad we weren’t listening to that for six hours in the car, I can’t lie.

That night we all said that in the morning we were going to get up and go swimming first thing. When the morning actually came and it was 8 degrees everybody noped out of that. Except for me, because the water looked so beautiful and I can’t pass up a dream swimming situation. I just can’t! I knew it would make me feel all refreshed afterwards, so I went for it.


Please note that is not my bare butt. That is an illusion.

It was COLD cold cold so I didn’t stay in very long. But I have no regrets.


And that was the end of our Revelstoke dream camping trip. After that we packed up the car and headed off to our next stop: Jasper!

More on that later but for now I’ll just leave this gem here from the Enchanted Forest…


And keep in mind the Enchanted Forest originally opened in 1971.


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  1. Wow, that is definitely a dream campsite! I am so jealous of the places you can go camping there! Camping here in Texas is awful! I am going to have to plan a trip to Banff soon because that lake there is unreal. Glad you posted all about your adventures…I love tagging along. 🙂