Myra Canyon Trestle Trail Hike

Last Monday morning we woke up and had a big awesome breakfast made by Eric and Kenya.


Bacon, sausage, scrambled egg bar, toast, croissants, PERFECT. It was about this time that Yamina told us she couldn’t believe how much we Canadians eat in the morning (and all times) and how we put cheese on EVERYTHING (true, but you can never have enough cheese!).

To pay us back for Evan and I taking them around to do all the things in Ontario, Eric, Kenya and Dixon planned a little hike for us on the Kettle Valley Runway in Myra Canyon. It is freakin’ beautiful and after being in the car for most of the day before I was excited to get outside and get my hike on.



The whole gang!

The road leading there winds up through the mountains until you are high above the city – the view was spectacular. See Kelowna way in the distance?




Yamina liked.

A active railway ran through here in the early 1900s, hugging the sides of the canyon, so the trail takes you all along the old railway route and over the trestles the train once took.


It’s a pretty neat experience.



In 2003 the Okanagan Park forest fires came through here and destroyed 12 of the trestles – you can still see the dead trees in the background of a lot of my pics. In the years following, the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society rebuilt the trestles so people could hike and cycle on the trails.




And climb the rocks…


And walk through the railway tunnels, that was pretty cool.



It’s an easy hike and would be an even better cycle – you can rent bikes right from the parking lot. To do the full trail it’s 12km, a good half day or so. I would estimate we did about half the distance in a few hours. We were nice and leisurely and just took in the views and abused my new selfie stick (I got one just for this trip and I’m pretty sure I left it in Lisa’s car so she better use it well).



We did not have the best weather the entire time we were out west, but this was thankfully one of our nicest days. Though it did get a little chilly further into our walk and I was kicking myself for leaving my sweater in the car.



We even saw a bear! Just a little black bear cub hanging out down the canyon a bit from us. Far enough away that it wasn’t scary, just exciting. We saw one closer up when we were in Revelstoke so more on that later…

It was a really great hike and if you are in Kelowna and looking for something to do I would highly recommend it. They also have a lot of great wineries so I’ll be hitting those up next time!


After our hike we dropped back by the house and picked up my mom for an early dinner at the Canadian Brewhouse. It’s a chain but it’s not in Ontario so we’ll say it’s somewhere new. I got the donair (it’s an east coast thing) and it was just delicious.


We all actually really enjoyed our meals. For some reason we all toasted to Evan and said we wished he was there and talked about what a great person he is, so that was really nice. I missed him a lot on this trip.

After dinner we checked out Lake Okanagan.



I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the Okopogo (Lake Okanagan’s monster, similar to the Loch Ness) but no such luck. And I wish it wasn’t so chilly ’cause you know there would have been swimming happening! But it was still beautiful. Eric and I got a nice family pic with our mommers!


And one of the ladies.


And one of the guys.


Dixon’s brother Nate joined us for lunch and lake time, so it was nice to meet him. We asked him if he aspired to have long luscious locks like his brother but he said no. The night before I sent a picture of all of us in the yard to Evan and his response was just “but that HAIR” referring to Dixon, of course. It made us laugh hard.

After we walked around the lake for a bit we headed home and played this hilarious game where you put a disposable dental dam in your mouth and say a phrase that people have to guess.


I would like to note that we had a bag of these things so we each had our own and weren’t sharing. It was actually really hard because you couldn’t make a lot of sounds – F, M, B, P in particular are really hard. But damn we looked good.


Eric especially I think.


My mom sat that one out but she was laughing quite heartily.

Kelowna is so cute and it was so nice to spend time with my mom, Eric, Kenya and Dixon. It was a highlight for sure. I love those guys and really wished they lived closer. Of course, it’s always a good excuse to visit!


In the morning we left for Revelstoke, so our amazing camping adventures are up next.


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  1. A donair looks like a gyro??

    That dental dam thing had me laughing on snap. I NEED to play that.