34 Reasons Why Evan is Still the Best Ever

Happy 34th birthday to Evan!


Well, it’s actually on Saturday but I thought I’d post it a little early. 

As you may know, for the last several years on Evan’s birthday I have been posting a list of reasons why he is the best ever. The first time I did this we had been together for nine months so our relationship was still in the new phase and I was still blown away that he even existed. I didn’t originally intend for the Evan is the Best Ever post to be an annual thing. I thought it was a one and done. But he continues to prove that he is the best ever. And I am STILL blown away that he exists. He does something thoughtful every day that surprises me and I find myself recording the little things he does throughout the year so that I remember them. This is something I’m so glad I started doing because it forces me to focus on the positives and not concentrate on the little things he does that annoy me (come on, we live together, you know we annoy each other).


Just look at that sass face.

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep doing this forever, but I do have a list of 34 reasons why Evan is the best ever in honour of his 34th birthday, so here we go!

Past Reasons Evan is the Best Ever

Those 96 reasons still apply. I’m trying not to repeat! And I’m sorry, but this is long.

34 Reasons Why Evan is Still the Best Ever


34. He is the handiest person I know. I feel like he could build anything. And he is SO. HELPFUL. He has his own renovations business and this year he took time out of his busy schedule to tile three of our friends bathrooms/kitchens (floor, back splash, shower, etc.). I like to think of their houses as the houses that Evan built 😉 (helped build, whatever).


Here is he just casually fixing his dad’s lawnmower. With a turkey.

33. So I have this annoying whisker on my chin that pops up every couple of months. Just one whisker. Evan can always tell when it’s starting because I can’t keep my fingers away from the area, so he’ll just look at me and say “the chin whisker is coming?” Yes. One night we were lying in bed talking and the conversation went like this:

Me: What is the purpose of eyebrows? (as I trace his eyebrow)

Evan: To keep things out of your eyes.

Me: I thought that was eyelashes.

Evan: I think eyebrows too, I dunno.

(short silence)

Me: And what’s the purpose of beards? (as I run my fingers over his beard)

Evan: I don’t know…to keep things out of my mouth?

Me: That doesn’t sound right.

(short silence)

Evan: Well, what’s the purpose of a single chin whisker?

I’m still laughing at this.

32. Wedding planning with Evan has been quite hilarious. Before I bought my wedding dress I was browsing online to get an idea of what I liked, and the conversation went like this:

Me: Wow. Wedding dresses are really expensive.

Evan: Just buy the bottom.

Me: What?

Evan: Well, I guess you need the train or whatever, to make it special. So, just buy the bottom of the dress. And then wear a tank top or something.

Me: I think people would probably notice I’m only wearing half a dress…

Still laughing at this also.

31. Still on wedding planning, I was looking at how much we should be budgeting for flowers and I again was like “Wow, flowers are expensive, but I really want our bridesmaids to have some in Cuba.” (Our destination wedding package only covers flowers for me, not the bridesmaids).

Evan: Just have the bridesmaid’s carry their drinks down the aisle.

Me: (laughing) What?

Evan: Well it can be a fancy drink, like we could fill a pineapple or a coconut or something, for some “greenery.” And get a little cocktail umbrella.

I kind of like this idea.

30. Okay, speaking of wedding things, his proposal was amazing. An intimate moment in the ocean at sunset – it was so perfect to us. And the fact that he had the ring since February and kept it a secret waiting until the right moment until the end of April. I wouldn’t be able to do that, that sneaky minx.


29. The ring he chose is THEE most amazing ever. It is absolutely perfect and I could not love it any more. And it even fit on my fat Simpsons fingers.


But I think my favourite thing about the ring is that he paid for it fully in cash. He told me he purposely took on a lot of weekend cash jobs and put that money aside until he had enough to buy it in full. I find this so romantic, I think mostly because it is SMART.

28. We have this long white dresser in our bedroom from IKEA and we had been talking about getting the matching tallboy dresser at some point. One day I came home from work and it was set up in our bedroom with a big bow around it. Bless him for not only getting it, but for putting that puppy together without me!!! IKEA furniture is the WORST.

27. I really enjoyed that at Christmas there were presents for me under the tree from Winnie and my Subaru. My cat and my car are so thoughtful.

26. When I was talking about going to Choir!Choir!Choir! for the first time and I told him that I felt a little nervous singing in front of people, he said “Well I’ve heard you singing in the car and I don’t want to give you a big head or anything, but…I think you’re really good.” nd’awww.

25. Sometimes in the morning before I leave for work when I hug and kiss him goodbye he’ll hold me out at arm’s length and say “Wait, let me look at you. You just look so beautiful!”

24. Sometimes he’ll even text me later in the morning and say “You looked so beautiful when you were leaving this morning.” I melt.

23. Recently he was in the middle of telling me a story and he stopped abruptly and looked at me and said “I’m sorry but I just have to tell you, you are so beautiful.”

22. One time this winter I wasn’t having a great day. The weather had been cold and dreary for a while and I felt like it was starting to get to me. I texted him that the weather was making me sad and my brain felt cloudy and he wrote back “Well I’m thinking about you, and you are sunny.” and I know that is such a simple thing but I really appreciated it. It did cheer me up.

21. He loved Winnie just as much as I did.


When Winnie got sick at the end, Evan took action. I wasn’t home, he was the one who took her to the vet and comforted her while he waited for me to arrive so we could make the decision together. And then he comforted me. For weeks.

20. And seeing him now with Tilly just melts my heart.



He shows pictures and videos of her to our friends like a proud cat dad!

19. I was really sick with the flu back in June and I basically could not eat anything without throwing up for about 12 hours. It was awful. Evan researched all about BRAT foods (bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast), what you should eat when you’re sick and came home early from work with bread, bananas, rice crackers, soda crackers, apple sauce, ginger ale and Gatorade (to rehydrate myself). It was cute.

18. I LOVE how excited he gets to do things around the house, like for example vacuuming. On Saturday night he’ll be like “Let’s talk about what we’re going to do tomorrow. I want to vacuum and mop the floors, and clean the bathrooms and do laundry and maybe wash the windows.” and I’ll be like “That sounds great, I’m going to read.” 🙂

17. He cleans out and vacuums my car. He just gets urges to vacuum my car, and so he does it. Even at the cottage, when it is clearly leisure time!


16. We were at my friend Melissa’s wedding in November and there was a snowstorm overnight. First thing in the morning guess who was outside scraping my car off? Evan was.


Ughhh, that picture reminds me that summer is over and winter is coming.

15. We were watching Judge Judy one evening and talking about our celebrity crushes, so I asked him who his celebrity crush was and he thought about it for a moment and then said “I think it’s Judge Judy.” with a total serious face. I died laughing. I think he’s attracted to her no-nonsense attitude.

14. On my birthday Dawn brought my present to the restaurant in a Disney Princess gift bag. We went to a bar after and guess who carried the Disney Princess bag around all night with zero complaints? Ohh Evan did.

13. We needed a side table for our guest bedroom so one day Evan decided that he was just going to make one. He went to HomeSense and bought some crates that fit well together, and then he just…nailed them together.


And it is awesome!


Such a cute night table.

12. He is just good at things and this results in him winning free booze for us all the time! Rum on the beach in Cuba, twice, on two separate trips!


And then he won a Texas Mickey of Jack Daniels at a Stag and Doe in the Tooney Toss.


Marrying him = free booze for life. Yasssss.

11. I love how excited he got when he was working on our friend Will’s food truck for Sherrie’s annual games day.


He talked about helping out and how he was going to chip those fries all week long! And he just about lost his mind when Will handed him a uniform. It was a dream day for him.

10. At the end of games day I was in the boccia ball finals with my partner Chris to take the Games Day title! Evan pulled up a chair at the side of the yard and was just sitting quietly by himself and one of our friends came up to him and was all “What are you doing sitting over here alone?” and Evan said “What do you mean? My woman’s in the finals! I’m spectating!”

9. Evan’s schedule is slightly more flexible than mine is, so when we are going away for the weekend it’s Evan who does the prep work. He goes grocery shopping, prepares the food, packs the car, cleans the house, gets a bottle of wine for our catsitter, etc. so when I get home we can just leave right away. It is amazing. And when he’s grocery shopping I get notifications that it’s happening because we use the Hub app with our joint list. It makes me so, so excited.

8. I have not yet decided if I’m going to change my name when we get married. Evan is completely indifferent, he says it’s my decision and he is A-okay with whatever I decide (personally I think I should get Evan to change his name so he can be officially Evan Evanoff but I don’t actually think that’s going to happen). We were talking about it recently and I mentioned that if we have kids I’d probably like us all to have the same last name. He said “Okay, well we can make a compromise. Every third kid can have your last name.” Hahaha. As if we’re having more than two.

7. I was at my friend Melissa’a bridal shower and Evan’s week had been pretty busy so his plan for the day was to take ‘er easy. Shortly after I left I received this picture:


And it’s hard to tell if you don’t know what that normally looks like, but usually we have a ton of stuff in the closet and the long buffet on the left is against the wall on the right with the fish tank and a bunch of other crap on it. Oh and normally our floor is intact. I was like “WTF is going on over there, I thought you were taking it easy?!” Well, I guess Evan decided he was going to clean the fish tank. While this was happening he accidentally knocked the filter off and it somehow hit the back of the tank, smashed it, and water exploded everywhere, all over our laminate floors. He didn’t want them to warp from the water, so he ripped them all up and then sent me that picture. By the time I got home just a few hours later, he had replaced the fish tank with a new one, reinstalled our floors, and everything was back to normal like it never happened. I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed.

6. Tilly has recently discovered the fish tank. It’s not that she even likes the fish, she’s after the water. She is obsessed with water! We were going away for the weekend and Evan was reluctant to leave Tilly home alone with the fish tank (even with our catsitter dropping in). I was at work and wasn’t around to help him actually move the tank, so I told him just to put a towel or a sheet over it and she’d probably be fine. Evan went a step further.


He encased the entire buffet and the fish tank with cardboard and then taped it up. No cat is getting in there!

5. His cooking. Still his cooking. Dinner is pretty split these days depending on who is home first, but this is what it looks like when Evan makes dinner:


On this particular night he said he felt like I had been making dinner a lot more lately because he was busy with work, so he wanted to do something special. AND he made that from a recipe in the cookbook that I made him for Valentine’s Day a couple years ago!

4. I was out without Evan a few weeks ago and when I got home I asked him if he ended up getting up to anything. Turns out he was hanging out with these two ladies in our building who are in their 80s (one is our catsitter), and they fed him drinks and talked to him all about Bachelor in Paradise, which he knows well because he watches it with me! Hahaha.

3. Evan’s nana is unfortunately not doing well. We were visiting her in the hospital a couple weekends ago and Evan patiently sat at her bedside for hours and comforted her. He even clipped and filed her nails for her. That is love. We also stayed at his nana’s that weekend while she was in the hospital, and in the morning he got up and watered all of her plants for her.

2. Evan has taught me that acts of service is my love language. Before we started dating I would have rated my love languages as the following: 1. Quality time 2. Physical touch 3. Words of affirmation (those three might have actually been tied) 4. Acts of service 5. Gift giving. Before Evan I did not realize how much acts of service actually has an effect on my every day life. Every single day he does something that makes my life easier, and I never knew how important that was. He is the most thoughtful person I know and he makes me strive to be a better person, to be a good neighbour, to do more for my family and friends, and all that jazz. He always, without fail, puts other people before himself. And that is just really nice.

1. I get to marry him. I get to MARRY HIM. He is going to be my actual HUSBAND.


I am excited. 

So Evan, a very happy birthday to you. I’m sorry that I am not here to spend it with you (I’ll actually be at my bachelorette party, haha), but I will make it up to you because you are the BEST. EVER. and I love you a ridiculous amount!!!


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  1. You need to stop posting about why Evan is the Best Ever because other girls are going to try and steal him (though, because he is the Best Ever I imagine they wont have much luck)

    Happy Birthday Evan!!

  2. Rachel van Oostveen

    this post made me tear up a bit! you are a lucky woman and i’m so happy that you found him!

  3. Happy Birthday (on Saturday) to Evan! He does sound like the best ever, not gonna lie.

  4. You guys are just the absolute cutest. Ever.

  5. “Evan is the best ever” is my favourite post every year!

    Happy Birthday Evan!

    And I died at the single chin whisker because SAMESIES. So satisfying when that sucker gets juuuuuust long enough for me to yank out.

  6. Wow, Evan sounds amazing. Happy birthday to him! And happy Evan’s birthday to you! 🙂

  7. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Evan, and many more! You two are such a sweet couple!

  8. This is by far my fave post of the year! Evan is awesome and so are you! I love your love! There is a great lesson here that I needed to be reminded of too…I get so busy sometimes I forget it is the little acts that can mean so much in a relationship. I am so excited to follow you on this journey!

    I hope Evan had an amazing birthday!

  9. Thank you for this post, Lindsey! I love your idea of writing down what your SO does (also – I cannot believe the fish tank incident – are you sure Evan is human?). I’m sharing your blog, specifically this post, on my site today (along with a great sandwich) if you don’t mind! Don’t worry -I would say no one but my mom reads my blog, but that’s not true (my mom doesn’t have internet). Ha! Side note: canada is on my travel list for next year, looking forward to coming back to your recent posts when planning that trip. Looks incredible.