Friday Wrap Up

On Saturday I received a comment on my blog that said someone had stolen one of my photos and was using it for their business. They linked to here:


I mean, it is a great photo. But it was taken in Ontario, CANADA. Nowhere near Florida. I’m pretty sure there are coniferous trees in the background! And you can’t use proper grammar and spelling on your business page? I guess I’m not really surprised if you have to resort to stealing photos.

Thank you so much to the anonymous person who commented and alerted me – I have no idea how you even found this and recognized my friends and I, within 24 hours of it being posted. If you are a stalker please know I appreciate you. I commented on the photo (on both Facebook and Instagram) and said it was my photo, not taken in Florida, we certainly did not have a bachelorette there (that was just a regular girls boat trip, it wasn’t even a bachelorette), and to please take the photo down immediately. Do you know what those sneaky photo stealers did? Deleted my comment and left the photo up!

giphy (1)

So I commented again, and then my friends started commenting as well, and eventually they removed the photo. But watch out for Naples Land and Sea Rentals. I had never heard of them but I have a sneaking suspicion they’re not very legit if they can’t find actual customers to take pictures of. SNEAKY.

I went back to the CNE on Tuesday with Sherrie, her boyfriend Will, her friend Yamina from Switzerland and her mom…


We ate all the things and went on all the rides and it was a really good time until the CNE shut down at 9:3o due to a brawl. It was youth day and I have never seen it so busy. It was like walking through a mosh pit in there. There were reports of gunshots (CNE says that’s false, but honestly I don’t know…) so once the word spread about that people started absolutely panicking and literally stampeding towards the exit. It happened when we were on a ride, but Will was off holding our purses so he saw it all go down and alerted us to the problem immediately when we got off. He knew that panic would ensue once word spread so he quickly (but calmly) ushered us towards an exit, so we weren’t in the way of the people running. But it was terrifying. I have never in my life seen that kind of panic – it looked like the zombie apocalypse! People just did not give a shit and were screaming and running for their lives and trampling over people. It was crazy. We got out safely and I wouldn’t be afraid to go back to the CNE, but it was just a reminder that unfortunately our world is not safe anymore. Not anywhere. And that is sad.

There is a silver lining in everything though because before that happened I found the deep fried Reese’s peanut butter cups…


And oh my sweet baby cheeses were those good.

Evan scored a cold brew coffee maker at Winners a little while ago and I have been meaning to talk about how much I love it.


It works like a coffee press, so you put the grounds in the jug with water, leave it overnight and then in the morning you press the grounds to the bottom and are left with deliciously cold coffee. It has been the best thing ever this summer.

I got my hurrrrr cut yesterday at a beauty school (Fiorio Beauty Academy at Yonge and Davisville) and it was such a great experience!


I think the best haircutting experience I’ve ever had. The student who cut my hair was wonderful and did such a great job. $27 for shampoo, haircut and blowout – totally worth it! Definitely going back there. I usually go to Great Clips or First Choice Haircutters because my hair is so easy (super straight, all the time) and I usually just get a trim so it’s hard to mess it up. I have had really cheap haircuts and expensive haircuts and after about a week it looks the same anyway so I figure why bother. I preferred the beauty school to cheaper places though because my hairdresser actually took time to talk to me about my hair (and life, we were pretty chatty), how I style it (I don’t), what products I use (none), and just generally put a lot of effort into my hair. I could tell it was her passion. And an instructor comes along to check it at the end, in case there are any mistakes or anything. I can’t recommend it enough!

I’m leaving for a trip out west on Saturday!!! My friend Sherrie and her Swiss friend Yamina and I are flying out to Calgary to meet my bestie Lisa for an epic road trip. We’re going to Kelowna to spend a couple days with my brother Eric, Kenya, Dixon and my mom, and we’re camping in Revelstoke, BC and Jasper, Alberta. In Jasper we’re staying in this sweet yurt!

And then the following weekend we’re meeting a bunch of our friends in Banff for my bachelorette party! It is going to be a time and a half. I could not be more excited. GIMME ALL THE MOUNTAINS!!

I won’t be posting next week except to check in next Friday for Evan’s birthday (’cause you know he’s the best ever), but I’ll be spamming the crap out of Instagram and Snapchat (happyorhungry on both) so if check that out if you want to follow our adventures. ‘Cause there are going to be adventures, I tell you!


And finally, I bought a new piece of luggage in the winter that I was thinking of using for this trip (I ended up not being able to use it, it’s carry-on sized so too small) and when I first got it I reset the built-in lock.


Unfortunately I forgot what I set it to. I looked up on the Heys website how to reset the lock if you forgot the code, and apparently it’s impossible. They recommended busting out the bolt cutters to get it open, but I was not ready to do that. I figured with three numbers there are only a possible 999 combinations, so I got a glass of wine, put on Bachelor in Paradise and got to work. I thought the first number was probably small so I wouldn’t have to go too far. Nope. Do you know when it finally opened? 910. The code was 910. I spent at least a half an hour going from 001 all the way up to 910. So I have a piece of advice for you, if you have a three digit lock and you suspect you might forget the code one day, don’t be a dummy like me and make your first number start with 9 so you have to go all the way up to the 900s trying every combo.

And that is the advice I leave you with. Have a great long weekend!!!


9 responses to “Friday Wrap Up

  1. Best advice ever. I enjoyed every moment of that. Hilarious. I can’t believe you figured it out.

  2. Ha! I totally would have started at 999. But you persevered and it only took a half hour so…not that bad when wine is involved.

    Crazy about that stampede. People make things worse when they panic like that.

  3. Nancy McCartney

    Love your hair Lindsey…she did a great job.Very flattering.
    Have a wonderful time out west.

  4. Your hair looks great!! Did you bring any inspiration photos and if so can you please post them so I can bring them to my hairdresser. Or I can use yours and I probably will but I’ll feel a little creepy 😉 all love!

  5. Hey I was also at the Ex on Tuesday! but left long before the chaos. I had deep fried mars bar which was amazing, but man now I with I had found the deep fried PB bars.

    also your hair looks great
    also your yurt looks great
    also make your pin something meaningful next time. like Evans birthday. Or mine.

  6. Oh gosh, so much to comment on! First of all… that is incredibly weird and random that that company stole your photo. How sketchy! Your hair looks so great! Also, I have a suitcase that I don’t know the combo too (got it from my dad who also doesn’t remember the combo)… but I’m not sure I have that same level of patience…

  7. I can’t believe that “company” stole your picture and it is really a great coincidence that someone noticed it that quickly. Glad they finally took it down but come on!!

    Your hair looks amazing and I hope you have an awesome time on your trip..can’t wait to hear about it! <3