Friday Wrap Up

A few weeks ago this arrived in the mail just in time for the Olympics!


Uh, you know it’s going to be a good day when booze is delivered to your doorstep (well, to the post office because no one was home but close enough). Blogging has its perks, I tell you what. So that would be Pitu, a brand of cachaça, a distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice and the most popular boozy beverage in Brazil. You know what’s good to make with this? Caipirinhas! Brazil’s national cocktail, which I am no stranger to.


From my HoH Eats The World: Brazil post, double-fisting my caipirinha with coxinha. Now I really want Brazilian food.

My boozy gift came with an official recipe for caipirinhas, so that was handy.


I brought it to the cottage to make some for everyone when we were there, but then we didn’t have enough crushed ice to do it. Instead we brought the bottle back home and busted it out while we watched the Olympics with Eric, Kenya and Dixon.


Caipirinhas are so good – tangy, sweet and delicious. Make sure you don’t skimp on that sugar and lime though, I didn’t put enough in at first and it was just way too boozy.

Speaking of the Olympics, I LOVE THEM! I’m so glad I live in Canada and can watch CBC coverage and not NBC. Although last night Elliotte Friedman confused Michael Phelps for Ryan Lochte the entire race in the men’s 200m individual medley, and then when Penny Oleksiak won gold he called her Emily Overholt. He is a hockey announcer usually so I can’t fault him too much, and his Twitter apology was great. He owned it.

And the comments are so supportive and nice! Oh Canadians. If that was an NBC commentator I think he would have been ripped to shreds.

Also, I completely forgot Ryan Lochte existed until I saw him strutting by the pool last night, and his grill came flooding back to me.


My favourite commentator is totally Leslie Jones though. If you’re not keeping up with her commentary on Snapchat and Twitter (@Lesdogggg) you are missing out. She is killing it, and she is killing me.


I have to admit that I usually enjoy the Winter Olympics more because Canada is actually a contender, but I do love watching the summer events, specifically swimming, rowing and gymnastics. And women’s rugby this year, those girls are badass. When I used to work for OFSAA going to our girls’ rugby championship (blogged about it back in the day) was my favourite. I just loved their enthusiasm. Watching the Olympics does make me miss working for a sports organization.

In addition to the Olympics, we marathoned the entire season of Stranger Things with Eric, Kenya and Dixon were here.


I freaking loved it. Loved it all. Except Winona Ryder most of the time… but those kids were so great. The music was amazing, and the whole ambiance reminded me of my favourite old school movies like Stand By Me and the Goonies. It felt really nostalgic. I wish it was about four episodes longer. I want more!

And in other news, Tilly has started playing fetch! It is the cutest thing ever.

Who needs a dog when your cat plays fetch! #catsofinstagram #catvideo

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She will ONLY play fetch with one toy, a little mouse-like thing, and Evan and I could not for the life of us figure out where it came from. It just appeared one day. Our catsitter Mary, a lady who lives in our building, has taken a shining to Tilly and when we come back from a weekend away Tilly will sometimes have new toys that Mary has brought for her. The last weekend we were at the cottage Tilly even stayed at Mary’s house and hung out with her cats. Makin’ friends. So we thought Tilly’s favourite toy came from Mary.


And then last week Evan sent me a text with the photo below that said “I know where Tilly’s favourite toy came from…”


It is totally the arm on our owl doorstopper. I guess she just decided it was going to be hers and ripped it off to play with. She has a ridiculous amount of toys and it’s so funny that she has taken such a liking to this one. It’s her only toy that she hasn’t lost under the couch (sometimes I’ll do an under the couch toy run and find about 30 under there). She stashes it sometimes but always brings it out later for fetch time. She’s so cute.

Alrighty, that is it! Three posts this week, that is a record lately. Have a great weekend!


8 responses to “Friday Wrap Up

  1. I once had a cat who ate all the whiskers off my stuffed animals. Poor owl doorstop

  2. I love your kitty, she is so sweet and sooo cute, a little bundle of joy. Years ago I had cats, they both loved to play fetch, it was so entertaining. Love your doorstopper, even with one arm lol lol.

  3. I also loved Stranger Things! I came back to work after a week off, asked people what they thought of Stranger Things, and they were like ‘meh.’ 🙁 Then your review cheered me up! Also, your kitty is so cute.

    • I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed by how scary it was. The first episode creeped me out but after that I didn’t find it very scary – a lot of people had bigged that up to me, hence the disappointment. But I looooved the entire feel of it!

  4. Your little Tilly is a character for sure! Funny story… I work in a vet clinic, and a few days ago someone called to make an appointment for their dog – named Tilly. I started to say “I have a friend with a cat named Tilly” (meaning you!), then stopped myself because I’ve never met you! But I’ve read your blog for so long that I feel like I know you! Totally stalkerish comment, sorry…. *hides face in shame*

    • Haha, do not worry! I do this all the time with my blog “friends” – I mean people whose lives I stalk but I’ve never actually met. Don’t we all have friends like this? 😉 I kind of feel like regular commenters are my friends so…we are friends!
      And what a cute name for a dog 😛