Dock Days of Summer

AHOY! Sorry for the blog hiatus. Summer be BUSY. I mean, I cannae complain because I elect to be busy and it’s busy with fun things (I don’t even have kids so I’m sure many of you are side-eyeing my “busyness” because I’m basically just leisuring), but when I’m out in the evenings after work and doing stuff all weekend my blogging suffers. I miss it! There are so many things I’ve been wanting to talk about. Hopefully I can still catch up with everything.

The most exciting thing lately is my BFF Lisa was visiting from Calgary, which I already mentioned, and also my brother Eric from Kelowna was here for a week and a half. He came out with his girlfriend Kenya and their friend Dixon (I just consider Dixon my second brother now) and have been staying with Evan and I.



They arrived on the Friday of the long weekend and they just left this past Sunday, so it was a whirlwind squeezing in all the fun times with them. Lest we be boring hosts. They sure showed Evan and I a good time a couple summers ago so we needed to repay the favour. Eric and Kenya visited me a few years ago but Dixon has never been to Ontario so we needed to show him that a time without mountains can still be a time!

They arrived at 11:30pm on the Friday so Lisa and I picked them up from the airport and headed straight to the cottage for the weekend. She had slept over Thursday night as I took her to the Lumineers for her birthday (AMAZING), and I took Friday off work so we could go shopping for my wedding dress. More on that later but things actually looked pretty good on the ol’ bod so that was a success! Evan went up to the cottage a bit earlier in the afternoon to prepare for our arrival. The rest of us didn’t get to the cottage until like 1:30 in the morning but it is tradition to grab a beer and walk down to the dock on arrival so that’s what we did. The stars up there are beautiful and we had a good time catching up. I’m so glad Lisa was here at the same time as them, last year she was leaving as Eric was arriving so they only saw each other for like 10 minutes at the airport.

Anyway, cottage.


Making breakfast at the cottage and then doing all the dishes is not my favourite. Dinner is easier ’cause we do it on the barbecue and lunch is usually a random assortment of snacks, but for breakfast Evan and I find it’s usually better to just go out. So the six of us headed to Golden Beach Resort. Their Boathouse Cafe has delicious food so it’s a cottage staple for Evan and I.


And another cottage tradition:


After breakfast we went in the gift shop and could not resist buying these shirts…


Usually when we match it is not on purpose, like this time was a total accident…

You know you're best friends when you meet up for the first time in 3 months and you happen to be wearing the same shirt.

But this time we couldn’t resist. We weren’t the only matching besties!


Doesn’t Dixon have incredible hair? We all raved to him about it. I’m sad I never got to braid it.

We had some friends up on Saturday so they started arriving once we got back from b-fast. It was gorgeous outside so we spent nearly the entire day on the water. We busted out the inner tubes and the party raft and it was just a big floating fest.






I love the cottage. Everyone took the SUP boards for a spin, even little Scarlett!


I should note that she enjoys wearing bandaids, for fun not for her injuries.

For dinner we did pork and veggie skewers, chicken burgers, and corn on the barbecue. Well, the chefs did, I just watched.


Evan also made a white bean dip from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry and he does this amazing potato salad with halved small potatoes, grainy mustard and a bunch of herbs (basil, etc.). It’s so good.


Summer barbecues are the best. After dinner it was back to the lake.


Mark and Dawn brought their boat (and made Evan super jealous, next year I think we are just going to have to suck it up and get a boat) so at dusk the boys went on a fishing trip.



Apparently Eric and Dixon were the only ones who caught anything. Just sunfish though, nothing crazy.


Once the lads got back we had a bonfire and spent the rest of the evening killing ourselves laughing. It was so much fun and probably my favourite day of the entire summer so far.

Sunday was overcast for most of the day so we had a bit of a break from the sun. Everyone had left and it was just Evan, Eric, Kenya, Dixon and I, so my dad (aka Bobby) came over in the afternoon to spend time with us.


Upon meeting Dixon he said “Are you a musician?” (the hair) except we thought he said “Are you a MAGICIAN?” which I wish actually happened because it would have been way more funny. Dixon, for the record, is neither a musician or a magician…as far as I know. My dad also wanted to show us his back stretches, so suddenly he was doing yoga on the floor. That was entertaining. He’s a good time that Bobby.


Bobby stayed for dinner (burgers!) and once he left the rest of us had quiet reading time inside. We also watched Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone, which was pretty hilarious, though I fell asleep so I can’t tell you if the ending was any good.

Monday was a holiday in Canada so we stayed at the cottage until the afternoon. It was another ridiculously beautiful day so a lot of lake time happened.



It was the best weekend. When I asked Eric, Kenya and Dixon the highlight of their trip to Ontario they all said the cottage. I’m going to recap some of our other adventures but I guess it’s all downhill from here so don’t get too excited!



3 responses to “Dock Days of Summer

  1. That sunset pic is a beauty one for sure! Fun fact (and maybe Emily already mentioned it) – Golden Beach Resort is owned by the mother of the lady who bought the campground our parents are in.

    Cottage days (or trailer in my case lol) are definitely the best days! I’m glad you guys had an excellent long weekend.

  2. In a funny coincidence, today I am wearing that same striped shirt Lisa and you have. 🙂 Fun times at the cottage!