Showers of Happiness and Nostalgia

As a 33-year-old lady, I have been to many, many bridal and baby showers over the years. Many. So on Saturday I was pretty excited to finally attend a shower for me! Not for a baby…


My bestie Lisa (aka my MOH!) is visiting from Calgary and she threw me a bridal shower!


I should probably tell you that Evan and I have set a date for the wedding — May 2017 in Cuba! We’re actually doing it at the same resort we got engaged at. We’re also planning on having a small official family-only ceremony and dinner before we leave as many of our family members can’t make the Cuba trip. But yep, it’s happening and I am pumped. With the wedding next May the shower ended up being sort of early (though I don’t think there is a rule, people keep mentioning this to me) but timing-wise it worked out really well. Lisa has been talking about throwing my bridal showers for years and this was the only time she was guaranteed going to be in Ontario over the next year or so. Our friend Crystal is also visiting from Calgary so it was perfect. Well, it was probably the hottest day of the year and I was a sweaty mess the whole time, but otherwise it was perfect.

The shower was at Mark and Dawn’s humble abode and when I arrived Mark answered the door in a French maid’s outfit and started serving us drinks. Amazing.


I was glad the food was left in Lisa’s capable hands because I know she is just as food-oriented as I am (here’s a link to the very first post I wrote about her ’cause I know she likes it – it’s also her birthday today so I will rededicate that to her). I was not disappointed. Things on sticks!


J’adore. My good pal Sherrie unfortunately couldn’t make the shower but she sent along her famous taco dip, so that was a hit as well. Ah I love shower food so much. Did some quality food table stalking.


The cake was also ridiculously delicious.


Chocolate and vanilla with buttercream icing. Yes and yes.


There were so many pictures of Evan and I up everywhere. I did not realize how many pics we have together until I saw about 100 of them scattered around Dawn’s. I thought that was a really nice touch. I also have no regrets about taking so many pictures because it’s fun to look back at all our adventures over the past few years. And I got to keep them all! We’re actually doing a gallery wall in our bedroom and needed to print photos for it, so now we’re all set!

There were shower games, like the typical don’t say certain words (Evan, wedding and bride) but instead of clothespins everyone had candy bracelets and if you heard someone say those words you could steal their bracelet. I was killing it for a while.


It wasn’t that hard for me because I usually call Evan ‘my lover’ anyway, so not saying his name for a couple hours wasn’t a huge deal. In the end though my friend Hannah got a few bracelets in a row, she got a little cocky, her competitive nature kicked in and she overtook me. I’ll get her back one day.

A statue of Evan (well, a groom statue but it kind of looked like Evan) was hidden on the premises and the person who found that won the prize. The winner of that was Casey!


I’m so glad her and Michelle made it!

The third game was my favourite. Pin the mustache on Evan.


It was quite the giant and hilarious picture. It made me laugh hard. (We were in Chinatown when that was taken, hence the hat.)


It was tricky.

I opened presents, as one does at showers…


It was a hair-up kind of task because I don’t think I have ever been so hot in my life, and everyone staring at me didn’t help that. I discovered that I don’t enjoy being the centre of attention at a party for myself, however I do like being the centre of attention if the attention is already on someone else. Not that I am trying to steal anyone’s thunder, but if I am telling a funny story or something I like getting that kind of attention. Forced attention feels different and more awkward. It wasn’t as bad as I thought though, only a few awkward moments!

My aunt’s childhood best friend Jo-Ann got me a crystal bowl of my Nana’s that I had my eye on several years ago when we were moving out of her apartment and into her nursing home. I had no room to take it at the time but I’ll be finding a good home for it now!


It is probably one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.


Thanks Jo-Ann, you’re a muffin.


As is standard, I had to wear the ribbon and bow hat.



I enjoy the groom statue sticking off of it and the stamp of the Holy Toast on the front (thanks for that Dawnald!)


I really had the best time and I am so thankful to Lisa for organizing it. I know it was a lot of work. But I’ll get her back someday!!!

I know a lot of people couldn’t make it ’cause the summer is a tricky time to plan things, but I am so thankful to everyone who came. I felt so loved.



^ My high school lovers (including our English teacher)




My second mom!



I needed my bridesmaids to help with the cake cutting (two are missing but I’m sure you’ll see them in other shenanigans).


It was just a wonderful time and I feel really happy when I think about it.

After everyone left it was just my longtime loves and I for a sleepover. We all grew up together, except for Hannah who I met when she interned at OFSAA (where I worked) a few years ago. We became super close and I am excited to have her be part of the big day.


I’m also glad the girls could get to know her. We had a little photoshoot outside…




And then we got into our bathing suits and FINALLY got into Dawn’s pool. That was a dream. We ordered pizza and then after dinner drove to a boat launch for a boat ride on Lake Scugog.


Which you may remember is the lake I grew up on! I love that Dawn moved back here. Being on that lake again was just the icing on the cake for me.




Lisa’s old cottage! That’s how we met, her parents had a cottage just near our house when we were growing up. Someone has now painted a skull and crossbones on the boathouse so we assume it has been taken over by pirates.



It was so, so nice. Until the boat broke down. Which, of course it did. We should have known it was going to. Something like this always happens when we’re all together. It was like the party and the rowboat all over again!

Thankfully we were close to shore and right by the boat launch down the street from my childhood home.



Mark came and saved us and while that was happening, Lisa, Hannah and I went for a walk around my old block. I honestly felt like I was still home. Like I could just walk into my old house and my old room and everything would be just how it was when I left it 14ish years ago.


It looks so different now, but still somehow the same. We also saw some neighbours who remembered us — the man was like “OMG Lindsey! Get in here!” gave me a huge hug and then noticed Lisa and was all “Ohhhh you two together, you two are trouble!” You know it! It was just like old times!!!

Afterwards we went back to Dawn’s and hung out in the pool and hot tub with some drinks and it was the perfect end to the best day. I feel so thankful for Lisa and all of my friends and family. What a time.


7 responses to “Showers of Happiness and Nostalgia

  1. Im so glad that I could make it, even though I had to bum rides off all your friends! 🙂 You have a great group of gals, there.

  2. What great friends. Sounds like a wonderful day!

  3. So exciting! We our planning our wedding in Mexico next April! So much to look forward too!

  4. Another dress win for you!! Where’s that pink dress from, lady?

  5. Such a lovely bridal shower, looks like a fun time was had by all, love the cake. I have been following your blog for awhile now and I can’t wait to hear more about your wedding plans. It warms my heart to read about your love, so happy for you.