Little Tilly Kitty

Guess what!


On Thursday night we adopted a kitty!!! Meet little Tilly!


She is seriously the best and I’m so happy we found her. I’ve mentioned this a few times but we have been on the hunt for a cat since March and had a difficult time finding a kitty that was a good fit for us. I initially wanted to give a home to a spry older cat, so first there was the 7-year-old cat Mya I mentioned, who we were adopting through a rescue. Unfortunately, due to some health problems, that fell through. They are minor health problems but I’m not sure when she will be ready to be adopted, and when she is ready there are a few other things about her that sadly made her a little high maintenance for us. It was disappointing because we really liked her when we met her, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Once we found out Mya wasn’t going to happen we started going to our local animal shelter a few times a week, and even PetSmart several times (they have an adoption program with the local shelters and rescues), but we weren’t having any luck.

I wish I could take in every stray kitty in the world, but realistically we can only have one right now and I’m being a little picky ’cause I know cats are forever. Winnie lived for 22 years so that is a big commitment! I will be loving them longtime. There was one three year old kitty that we liked but when we inquired about her we found out she was already spoken for. Womp womp.

On Wednesday I was checking the website of our local shelter and I noticed that a couple litters of kittens had popped up for adoption. I was apprehensive about a kitten because you don’t really know what kind of cat they’re going to turn out to be, so it’s hard to get a sense of personality… But they looked so cute and I am pretty confident in my cat raising skills. I raced there after work, headed straight into the cat area, and immediately fell in love with this little girl.


There were four other kittens from a different litter, but she was brought in as a solo stray. All the kitties seemed nice but when I picked her up she immediately nuzzled herself into my neck and started purring, so I knew she was the cat for us. I want snuggly so that was a good sign!


Unfortunately I got there at about 6:05pm and they don’t do adoptions after 6. I also wanted Evan to meet her and he was still working across the city. He told me he trusted my cat judgment, but still, it’s a big commitment from both of us, he needed to be in on it.

The shelter workers said I could come back and fill out an application for her the next day, but Evan and I both had to work and I knew by the time we got there in the later afternoon she would be adopted. She would go fast. Initially they were not going to let me put a hold on her, but I was talking to one of the ladies about how much I love cats as this little kitty was sleeping on my chest, and I just slipped in that my last kitty lived to be 22 (aka I’m a good cat mom — I conveniently did not mention the time I accidentally locked my best friend’s cat in a suitcase…) and the lady was all “welllll let me see what I can do…” and it worked. In the end, they let me fill out an application and they would hold her for us until we could go back the next day to pick her up. I feel so lucky they let me do this because when we got there after work on Thursday all the other cats had been adopted and someone had put another hold on her, so if we changed our mind they could get her. But she’s ours!!!



We brought her home and just fell in love. It’s so nice to hear the pitter patter of little kitty feet in the condo again. It’s been a looong time since I’ve had a kitten (22 years?) and I forgot how hilariously entertaining they are. She is 10 weeks old (I guess almost 11 now) and right now she’s this amazing combination of frisky and cuddly. We have already spent hours just watching her antics.

And man, cats are so easy. We just showed her the litter box and she did her business, covered it, and was good to go. Zero accidents, she’s been using it religiously. The poor muffin threw up on Saturday morning and she ran to her litter box to do it there, like she didn’t want to make a mess. She is a considerate little minx.

She’s super hyper right before bed, and she’ll “attack” any movement from under the covers, but once she settles down she’s been sleeping with us the entire night. Last night she let me spoon her, just like Winnie! I love that she tolerates us loving on her.

So, get ready for a bunch of kitten pics ’cause I’m a bit obsessed right now.






And her little meow is just the cutest. Here’s a sample:

I just want to go home and snuggle with this creature! #kittensofinstagram #catvideo

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I just can’t get enough of her!


13 responses to “Little Tilly Kitty

  1. What a muffin! I hope she grows up to be a big fatty cuz I love fatty kitties!

  2. Yay for kitties!! I work at a vet clinic, and a few weeks ago some folks brought in a little Siamese marked (long-haired!) kitty with blue eyes. He’s missing one back foot (he was part of a stray litter, so they don’t know what happened – doesn’t slow him down a bit, though!) and they were having a hard time finding a home for him. Wellllll, softy that I am, I said I’d take him. His name is Sherman, and I’m completely in love!! He’s staying at the clinic for a little while, cause I have a geriatric cat at home, and don’t want to bring any illnesses home to him. Anyhoo – all that to say… Welcome Tilly! And bring on the kitty updates/pics!! 🙂

  3. she’s such a cutie…and so tiny! Enjoy…she’s lucky to have found such loving adoptive parents.

  4. Loooooooong time reader just chiming in as a fellow cat lover to say yay!!! I sobbed when I read your Winnie tribute. I for one look forward to more cat stories! 😻

  5. Yay! Tilly is a little cutie. Please post all the pics, all the time.

  6. Ohhhh I’m excited to meet her!!!! I can tell just by looking at her that she’s gonna be a good one.

  7. Oh, she’s cute! Congrats on the new addition. 🙂

  8. All kitty pics, all of the time. Lovely to see you found a little nugget.