BBQ & Bobby’s Birthday

Sorry I’ve been sort of MIA lately — a few people have asked me if everything is okay and what’s going on, and yep and nothing! Just lazy. Okay, well weekdays lately have been really busy and by the time I get home I want to watch Game of Thrones with Evan and not open a computer. I am really hoping to get back into a regular routine though. This is me breaking the ice.

On Friday a few coworkers and I walked to this Italian deli near our work for lunch. It’s really just an Italian grocery store with a little deli in the back (La Salumeria), and it is quite unassuming but it has fresh bread and buns and an insane amount of meat and probably more kinds of cheese than I’ve even heard of.  I scored the most amazing sandwich.


In the end I went with the garlic turkey breast, prosciutto and Gouda. It was a tough decision but I have no regrets about it, it was delicious. It was a super hot day so we broke out some popsicles afterwards. These remind me of childhood!

Evan and I usually have a pho date once a week at our favourite Vietnamese place, Pho Com Vietnam, so after work on Friday that’s where we headed. It was way too hot for a big bowl of soup, so I decided to switch up my order.


The bun cha! Grilled pork with other delicious things on top of rice noodles. We also ordered the pork spring rolls to share — we’ve both been loving them lately and even tried to make our own a few weeks ago (good, but these ones are the best). Anyway, that was all just as delicious as it looks. Afterwards we came home and watched Game of Thrones (we’re just finishing season 3 so no spoilers!) all lazy and full.

On Saturday I went for a run because I’m still training for that stupid 10k. Alright, for the most part it’s been fine but it was just so hot the last week that I felt like I was really sucking and it was discouraging. I think I need to switch up my times and go super early in the morning or just before it gets dark. At least my route is pretty.


Around noon we headed downtown in our Blue Jays gear to hit up a game!


I was excited to show off our matching shirts.

Unfortunately our tickets fell through so that didn’t end up happening. It was disappointing, but what can ya do? We went out for lunch on a rooftop patio and watched part of the game on TV there instead. Drinks were cheaper than the game I tell you what!

When we got back on the subway some guy saw us in our apparel and approached us saying “oh you guys like the Jays! I have two tickets for the game going on right now that I can’t use, do you want them?” The tickets were in the same section we were supposed to be sitting! So, that was a crazy coincidence. If he had asked us an hour before we would have been all over it, but we didn’t end up taking them. We had afternoon drink and BBQ plans with our friends Sherrie and Will, and it was an exciting game that went into extra innings, so we would have been super late for that.

So we headed to Sherrie’s and we sat outside with drinks and played games — we even had a little bonfire. They also made us THE BEST dinner, a full rotisserie chicken over the barbecue and a bunch of other delicious things.


Really good times.


Gratuitous couple shot because I can’t believe how excited I am to marry this amazing man. And it’s been a month and I still can’t stop staring at my ring.

Sunday was my dad’s birthday, the big 65! His actual birthday was the weekend before, but Sunday was the party. We had beautiful weather and a bunch of family was there, and it was a really good time.

I’ve mentioned this before but my dad (aka Bobby) plays the keyboards and he used to be in a band with his friends from work. One of the guys, Rob, was at the party, so the two of them jammed out like old times. I was surprised at some of the new stuff they were playing. They were really good! Here’s Bobby in all his glory.

Ladies and gentlemen…my dad.

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Not new, that’s a classic Bobby song.

My dad is a big Collective Soul fan – he actually took my friends Dawn, Leanne, Julie and I to see them at Ontario Place with the Cranberries when we were about 16. Every time I hear any songs from their CD Dosage it reminds me of my dad driving around in his white Lumina with the disc man plugged into the tape deck blasting Heavy. So for his birthday Evan and I got him the Collective Soul CD and also tickets to see them with the Goo Goo Dolls in August. With us. Hanging with us, that’s a present in itself.

He got some other great things as well, like a metal detector for his adventures on Florida beaches.

Really funny because we almost got him that also.

And my Auntie Nancy’s best friend Jo-Ann who grew up with my dad made him this amazing album of old pictures…


And a bunch of candy they used to enjoy back in the day.


Bobby liked.

Mona went ALL OUT with the food and had the most amazing spread from a Greek restaurant she and my dad really like. Somehow I didn’t get a picture of it, but I can still see all that delicious Greek food when I close my eyes…

And strawberry cream cake. It’s becoming a birthday tradition and it’s so good!

Good family times all around.


^ my dad and his big sister, my Auntie Nancy



Hope you had a good birthday dad!


And let me know when you’re free to go to Shoppers Drug Mart with me so I can take advantage of your senior’s discount. 😉


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  1. So glad you and Evan could make it….happy family times!

  2. Do you read Game of Thrones episode reviews on SB Nation? They are the BEST. I look forward to them almost as much as I look forward to the episode. Highly recommend.