Friday Wrap Up (New Cats, Falcons, Wine, etc.)

Tomorrow at this time Evan and I will be arriving in Cuba!!!


I AM PUMPED!!! So ready for a vacation. It’s been a while. Cuba has a certain something that keeps bringing us back — this will be our third time there. Last year we went to Cayo Coco and the year before we went to Holguin, and this time we are going to Varadero. Our resort is on the beach but also right downtown Varadero, so I am looking forward to touring around and checking out the restaurants and markets (and a real Cuban grocery store). I will be eating street food this time, there won’t be a tour guide to stop me. Varadero is also close to Havana, so I am excited to finally see that city! We learned our lesson after our bus tour to Moron last year and this time we’ve hired a private tour guide with a driver to take us into Havana for a day. Should be a good time. I have been counting down this trip since February and I can’t believe it’s happening tomorrow!

Lately we have been itching to adopt another cat… I still really miss Winnie and I know that no cat can replace her but I think it’s time to love on a new kitty. The condo just feels so empty without a cat running around getting into things and demanding attention. Rescue is the way we want to go, although whenever I go to a shelter I have a hard time not bringing all the kitties home with me…


We did briefly look a few weeks ago but it was slim pickins at the shelter at that time. I know it’s probably a stressful environment, but one cat was sleeping in his litter box and that is just not practicing good hygiene. I don’t mean to be judgey but I definitely want a snuggler and when I see a cat sleeping in its own shit, well, I won’t be in a hurry to spoon that cat.

Anyway, Evan and I were thinking we would wait until we got home from Cuba to start seriously looking for a kitty. But… I follow a rescue on Facebook through friends’ involvement with it and a couple weeks ago this sweet little face popped up in my news feed…


And, well…what a little muffin! I immediately liked her look, and not just because she sort of looks like Winnie…her little feet in the bottom left photo sold me on her. When I saw her I couldn’t pass her by, so I got some more info, filled out an application, and on Saturday Evan and I went to her foster home to meet her. We loved her! Mya is seven years old and though I would like to get a kitten with Evan one day, for now I’d love to give an older cat a forever home. And I know from personal experience that Mya could have a good 15 years ahead of her. She is about Winnie’s size, super nice and snuggly, and she plays fetch! She really liked us too and let me pick her up and love on her. So, once we are back from Cuba, Ian moves out the following weekend, and then that little minx will be moving in with us. I hope she likes to spoon! CAUSE I SURE DO.

For Valentine’s Day this year I got Evan a Falconry Experience for two through Groupon (so really it was a present for us both). I had never heard of this before but you get to handle falcons and other birds of prey for an hour. Kind of a random gift but Evan enjoys interesting creatures and I knew he would appreciate it. Earlier this week we cashed that puppy in and it was pretty amazing. I’m going to do a full post on it because it was QUITE the experience (I’m really going to try to write it up tonight before we leave so it can post while I’m gone next week), but in the meantime here’s a highlight.


‘MURICA!!! That eagle totally wanted to eat us. We are safe though. It was better than I even imagined and we both loved it.

This arrived in the mail last week:


Nugan Estate Third Generation Chardonnay. Blogging brings many wonderful opportunities and I am offered a lot through my blog. Usually I say no because I don’t think it’s a good fit — for example I was recently offered a weed vaporizer and gift guide, just in time for 4/20! Obviously not a good fit (and definitely the weirdest thing I have been offered and I am not sure how that happened — maybe the ‘hungry’ in my blog name suggests I have the munchies? Weird). Anyway, boozy things in the mail might be my favourite blog perk. You know it’s going to be a good day when wine appears on your doorstep. We brought that bottle over to Sherrie’s before Mark’s birthday on Saturday, and though red wine is usually my choice, that chardonnay was delicious. We all really enjoyed it. It is a little bit citrusy and would be the PERFECT summer wine. J’adore. I will be picking up more of it for cottage barbecues.

On Wednesday I went out for dinner with my blog buds to the Kanpai Snack Bar, a Taiwanese restaurant in Cabbagetown.


I will definitely be using this for HoH Eats the World: Taiwan, but I wanted to talk a bit about it because it was delicious dinner for a cause! We went for A Taste For Life, a restaurant-based fundraiser where a portion of your meal money is donated to AIDS services in your community. In our case, proceeds went to the Fife House, a Toronto organization that helps people and families living with HIV/AIDS. I like eating any time, but I like eating the best when it is to support a good cause.

Finally, and this isn’t meant to be an afterthought, but I am so sad about Prince. I wasn’t mega superfan or anything, but I was really hoping to see him live someday. And he was still so young. 2016 is a terrible year for legends. Someone needs to put Paul McCartney and Iggy Pop in a padded bunker or something. Better throw Elton John in there too.

RIP you amazingly unique talented man.


7 responses to “Friday Wrap Up (New Cats, Falcons, Wine, etc.)

  1. I was thinking that Madonna should probably stay inside this weekend myself.

    Ahhh, I wish I could join you on your Cuba adventures. I haven’t had a real vacation in two years – just extended weekends. I need that full week!

    My favorite quote of the day: I hope she likes to spoon! CAUSE I SURE DO.

  2. Congrats on the furbaby. Mya seems like a muffin!

  3. I am so excited that you are getting a new kitty to love! They are just the best! I love my dog, but my cats are still my favorites.Shh! Don’t tell Stella!

    And adoption! Yes! All of our pets are adopted.

  4. Congrats on finding a new cat. And it’s so awesome she’s 7! Have a blast in Cuba!