Blue Jays Birthday

On Saturday we celebrated my friend Joanna’s birthday!

IMG_5955 (1)

Joanna is well known in our group of friends for her elaborate birthday celebrations every year — they are always a good time. Last year we went ballroom bowling (like a bowling alley in a club), in 2013 we went to a club in Niagara Falls and met Vanilla Ice


In 2012 we went to a club, 2011, club.


Now, however, we are olds, and I think our days of birthday clubbing are coming to a halt. I am not complaining, this year Jo hosted my favourite birthday of hers yet — she rented a suite for a bunch of us during Blue Jays home opening weekend!


This was my first time in a suite for a Jays game, and I have to say it’s going to be real hard to go back to watching the game in those tiny seats like all the regular peasants. We were watching in style for sure. I felt quite fancy. We had a huge sitting area, a bar (with a server), our own bathroom, and an area above the field to watch the game.


It was $100 a person and also included food (chicken drumsticks, chips with salsa and guacamole, cole slaw, popcorn) so I think it was well worth the price. Our view was great, right behind first base!



The field was a bit far away but we had TVs to keep up with the action, so that was handy. The Jays ended up losing, but it was a decent game and we had some exciting moments. I had such a good time catching up with everyone.

There seems to be a baby boom going on in my group of friends right now, and we had a total of six babies in attendance…


So the suite was really great that it gave us room to spread out and a quiet area if anyone needed to breastfeed or anything. Worked out much better than the club thing. I guess this is what happens when you are a grown up, all your friends suddenly explode with babies and you swap your rowdy parties for family-friendly parties (but you still party!).

The oldest bebe in attendance was Dawn and Mark’s daughter Scarlett. It was her first Jays game so it was very exciting.



I love her “smile”.

The youngest in attendance was Emily and Corey’s little nugget Marcus! He was only 10 days old on Saturday, but he sure was ready to party.


I met little Marcus last week when Em and Corey got home from the hospital, and every picture I’ve taken with him so far he has had his eyes on his auntie.


Such a muffin. I think he might be mesmorized by faces in general. He quite liked Uncle Joel too.


He is such a good baby. I told Emily that she was the most laid back pregnant person I know, and now she is being the most laid back new mom. I can’t imagine toting a new baby around to an event like this, but he was so good, and we had the suite so I think that made it a lot easier for her and Cork. Plus, Corky is being a dream dad and parenting looks like it is the most natural thing in the world for him.

I loved hanging with all my pals and their kids in such a fun setting. I know Jo had fun too!



You know Joanna’s cake was amazing (it ALWAYS is).



It tasted amazing also. That icing was everything.

After the game, they let all the kids in the crowd run the bases, so Evan and Mark took Scarlett down to do it.


So cute that the two dads did this for her. We were screaming “Let’s go Scarlett, let’s go!” from the suite and the guys said they could hear us loud and proud and Scarlett was yelling “Mommy’s in the sky!” She loved the base run. Evan stayed back so he could get pictures of them.


So cute. She was really givin’ ‘er.

We were out of the game by 5pm so Evan convinced me to hit up the aquarium, since it’s right by the Rogers Centre. We went a couple years ago on Valentine’s Day but it was RAMMED with people so we didn’t really get to take our time in there. This time it wasn’t very busy at all so we could leisurely look at everything.










I’m glad we did it again. I highly recommend it if you are in the area, but I’d say try to do it in the evening when it’s not so crazy.

And then on the way out you can pick up some fish for dinner!


Okay, totally kidding. We went grocery shopping after at my favourite European grocery store, Yummy Market. Quite the fish selection in there.

Good times all around!


2 responses to “Blue Jays Birthday

  1. I love that Emily is all. “I party while not pregnant.” And then, “Now I party while pregnant!” And then, “NOW I party with newborn!!!”
    I swear I will ask my friends to do something on a particular date and they will be all, “but the baby will only be 3 months old then.” So good for Emilio! Raisin’ that nugget right. 🙂

    • I know, right. Emily is a machine. I think newborns might be easier than three month olds though, in your friend’s defense (and not that I really have any experience). But she is raising that nugget to party properly!