Couch to 10k

Okay, so I’ve been wanting to talk about running lately. And by running I basically mean a mix of run/walking three times a week for about 5km (currently but I am steadily increasing this). If you are a seasoned distance runner who has no problem going out and running a bunch of miles several times a week, this post might not be for you. Just warning you so you’re not bored.


I’m going to.

So I have been running consistently now since about January, and for me this is very exciting because I haven’t ran that consistently since 2012, back when I was super into it.


I completely got out of the habit of running. I’ve started up again over the years — as I tend to do, usually twice a year, in both the spring and the fall. But after running for a few weeks (if that) I inevitably stop again and then guess what happens? I am out of the habit. It’s really freaking inconvenient because every time I stop running I have to start over from scratch. I lose all my progress and when I try to start running again it’s so much harder, and that is discouraging. It is actually easier to run three times a week than it is to run once a month. My body is better used to the torture and not as surprised at what I’m making it do.

I realize that it’s only been a couple of months so I hope I’m not speaking too soon here. I truly feel like I’m back in the habit though. I ran on Monday when I got home from work and I plan to run when I get home tonight, and after a holiday weekend is usually around the time I would fall off the bandwagon. I am following the 10k runner app — there is also a 5k runner app which I used back in the day when I ran my first 5k. The apps were free when I got them but it looks like they might be around $5 now. I would recommend though, I think it’s worth the price if you’re going to take it seriously.

The program starts you each time with a five minute warm up and a five minute cool down, but in the middle you are running more the further you progress. So week one day one is running for one minute, walking for one and a half minutes, six times.


Week seven day two, my last run, has you running for 20 minutes straight.


My next run has me running for 25 minutes straight. It builds you up so you don’t feel like it’s too much at once, your body gets used to the increased distance gradually. I like it because speed is up to you. It’s not dependent on how fast you are running, so you can really do it at your own pace. And if you need to repeat a day it’s no biggie.

I have been running on the treadmill because the weather has been crappy forrrreverrrrrr.


That’s what winter feels like. But I know spring has to come eventually so once it does I will be takin’ ‘er outside.

I think what’s keeping me into running this time is I signed up for my first 10k in June. That is the furthest I have ever run, and I know you can probably “run” a 10k without training, I would rather not walk for most of it. Now that I have officially signed up my competitive nature has kicked in and I want to get a fairly decent time (only for myself). So my plan is to follow the 10k Runner to get the distance down, taking the running times as slow as I need to, and then work on speed once I master that distance.

That’s my plan right now. I don’t really know enough about running to know if it’s a good one.


Maybe it will change as I go, we will see. For now, it’s keeping me running (/walking) three times a week, and that’s my main goal.

I also feel like this has been a domino effect for me. I started with walking for half an hour every day at lunch (I still do this 4-5 times a week), which led to me eating healthier and tracking my calories in MyFitnessPal. And then I started running, and then I wanted a goal so I signed up for the 10k to keep me running. And then I started tracking my protein, fat and carb macros in MyFitnessPal because I signed up for Gillian’s nutritional habits training, which led to me getting into a healthier mindset. Now that I am in this healthier mindset I am reading more about health and fitness, and that led to me wanting to get back into weight training, so the last two times I ran I lifted weights after. Maybe tomorrow I will go to the gym and only lift weights! And now I’m doing yoga once a week.

It was the simple walking every day at lunch that started all of this, it didn’t happen overnight. It is gradually building, and I am eating healthier and being more active and that is my overarching goal in all of this. It’s working!


Anyway, so that’s it about the running. For now. I’m sure I’ll be back and boring you about it in the future.


5 responses to “Couch to 10k

  1. So in a few months, you’ll basically be ready to run a race with me, yes? 🙂 Nice work on the working out and healthier eating! I need to stop shoving cupcakes in my mouth hole for awhile myself.

  2. Lifting weights is SOOO good if you want to keep running. My physiotherapist pinpointed my lack of muscle strengthening for my IT band issues. Look up some exercises for runners!

    Im super excited to run the 10K with you!!! Do you have a time goal? Or just finish without walking? or just finish? (all are excellent goals btw…no wrong answer)

    • I’m excited to run with you too!!! I am not sure yet… I am okay with doing the run for 10 minutes walk for one thing, maybe…but I think I might aim for under 1:05. That would not be possible for me right now so I guess depends on how the training goes!

  3. That app sounds interesting– I may see if my boyfriend wants something like that. He’s running his first 10K in a week and a half after a lifetime of pretty inconsistent running. He is using this plan:

    He is keeping the pace very easy and sometimes walks a bit. I’m a fairly experienced distance runner (who is also no stranger to injury), so I told him to just focus on finishing the distance for his first race. Then if he wants to keep running we can work on getting faster.

    Good luck!