Friday Wrap Up

Bonjour and Happy Good Friday! I am excited for a long weekend full of eating delicious things. Get ya Reeses eggs!


It’s a loooooong stretch until the next holiday themed Reeses — the pumpkin ones at Halloween — so you better get them while you can.



Yes yes and yes. I’m excited for that.

Speaking of eating though, my friend Cely sent me these coveted American cookies earlier this week.


I was excited for those Oreos because we do not have those flavours here! And I’m not sure if you’re aware but the American Girl Scout cookies are different than our Canadian ones. Our chocolatey mint ones are more like mint patties (like they have a layer of white mint in them), and then we have chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies. That’s it.

(The cookies are set out every day at work and the vanilla cookies are usually gone immediately. I now know what time the box of cookies is opened so I am usually coincidentally–just nonchalantly–walking by around the same time as the opening of the cookies so I can snag a vanilla one before they’re gone.)

I sent Cely a few boxes of our Girl Guide cookies to try a few weeks ago, and she sent the box back with all those goodies. I think we need to make a cookie exchange a regular thing. I busted into all the cookies immediately to try them.

I LOVED the Girl Scout Lemonades, and this was surprising me. Usually with lemon desserts I am like NO THANKS. Chocolate all the way. I can’t stand lemon in anything dessert like messing up the flavour for me. My only exception to that would be lemon meringue pie. My mom’s lemon meringue pie in particular. Well, to my surprise and delight, those lemonade cookies taste like lemon meringue pie! I loved them. The cinnamon bun Oreos were amazing also.


It’s fine, it was a special occasion.

Anyway, so I brought the cookies in to work so my coworkers could try. We have a snack table in our marketing department where we put snacks that people bring in, so we had a little taste-testing party in the morning and then I left the cookies there for people to try throughout the day.


My coworker alerted me later that someone from another department walked by and took nearly an entire sleeve of cookies back to her desk with her. OH NO SHE DIDN’T. I was not happy about this. Not a lot gets to me, but cookie hoarding sure does. Those are not the unlimited cookies we have around all the time, they were special American cookies! I can’t get any more of them! I brought those in for everyone to enjoy, not for one person to hog. My coworkers were all “Wow, we’ve never seen you upset before…” Well, don’t steal my cookies!


Now we’re probably going to have to make a sign for the snack table. There is always that one person who ruins life for everyone. I told Cely about this and she was all “how un-Canadian of her!” Totally. Anyway, it’s fine. I’m over it now (but I WILL NEVER FORGET).

Okay, rant over.

I saw Death Cab for Cutie and Metric on Wednesday with my friend Sherrie and we had THE BEST time.

IMG_5419 IMG_5462


I am so sorry if you happened by Snapchat (happyorhungry) and caught any of our horrendous singing that I was spamming. We were really into it. I didn’t realize how awful it was until the next day. I think the people around us probably hated. Oh well, screaming your face off is what concerts are for.

I love you Death Cab ❤️❤️❤️#soulmeetsbody

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I was so incredibly excited to hear that live!

However, I gotta say the ACC is a terrible concert venue. It was absolutely cavernous in there and the sound suffered. A lot of times I could barely hear their voices because the music was too loud. I thought they would fix it but it was worse for Metric, who played last. There was also no screen so we were too far to make out anyone’s face or anything, which was disappointing. And Death Cab didn’t play I Will Follow You Into The Dark or Grapevine Fires,

which I love, so I was a bit disappointed about that. I had been stalking their concert setlist for months now and they play those two songs every time, so I’m not sure why they decided to switch it up for Toronto. Oh well, they played a lot of their hits and I still loved seeing them. Metric too, they’re both great live (I actually saw Metric about 10 years ago with Modest Mouse and Broken Social Scene, and they were awesome then). And I am glad I went with Sherrie. She is the best concert bud. We saw Dallas Green/City and Colour together a few years ago and had a great time then too.


Sherrie’s lover Will drove me home after the concert and I accidentally left my phone in his car, which wasn’t a big deal except I didn’t have my phone for reading on my commute into work yesterday. Which again wouldn’t be a big deal except OF COURSE the day I don’t have my phone, the subway is delayed underground for 40 MINUTES. Of course. 40 minutes I stood on the subway (because I didn’t have a seat) in between stations in the dark and just waited. It was not awesome. Will is a gem however, and came to my work to drop my phone off in the mid morning. I found him chatting up our receptionist, who is the nicest lady in the world, and as he was leaving he called to her “Bye bye my love!” in his saucy British accent. She just loved it. What a character he is. I think he is going to be the talk of our office. Sherrie found herself a good one.

Welp, now onto Garth. Have a great weekend!


6 responses to “Friday Wrap Up

  1. Aw, the cookie taking is upsetting.

    Hope you get a chance to enjoy Hamilton before the concert!

  2. Vanilla girl guide cookies are the best! But GG cookies taste amazing frozen. you must try. Also, golden oreos taste the same as vanilla GG cookies so thats a tip for enjoying them all year if you dont work at HQ 😉

  3. Enjoy the concert! And the chocolate! (Oh dear, the chocolate. Easter baskets are a dangerous thing. Do you remember this? …because it’s still true for me.)

    I laughed out loud at the cat pic!

    Oh, I thought of you today – JP and I went to an Afghan restaurant. If you’re looking for Afghanistan in your “eat the world” mission, let me know! And as soon as the weather turns warm, let’s meet for halo-halo. (Halo-halo doesn’t work if it’s cold outside. It’s just all kinds of wrong.)

    • Hahaha, I miss your posts!!! I forgot about that one, but I remember it now! That is how I felt after this weekend.

      Ah, I have done Afghan, we went to Bamiyan Kabob, but I am totally down for halo-halo — however that restaurant is gone now, it’s a new pho place! So it might have to be Max’s…