Happy or Hungry Eats the World: Little Sister (Indonesia)

I am on a mission to eat an authentic dish from every country in the world, right here in Toronto. You can find all past recaps here.

Last week I finally made it to Little Sister food bar to eat Indonesian.


I mentioned Little Sister briefly a while ago because I tried to get in a couple months ago but couldn’t. We had to make reservations two weeks in advance and even then the only time we could get was 6:30 or like 9. It is super trendy right now. I was worried it wasn’t going to live up to the hype but do you know what, it was delicious! I went on St. Paddy’s Day with my friends Liz (from the way more popular blog than mine will ever be One Twenty Five), Amy and Amanda (also who I was with the last time we tried to get in here and we ended up going to Tabule instead).


It was actually our one year anniversary! Well, Liz and I brunched before so we already knew each other…but last year Liz and I were out for St. Paddy’s drinks and Amy came up to us and was all “I’m sorry to interrupt you but I’m pretty sure I read both of your blogs…” Liz and I were super excited about this so we invited them to sit with us and we basically became friends on the spot. The rest is history, as they say. We try to get together every few months now, and Amy even roped me into trying crossfit with her. I think it is a romantic story of our first meeting.

Okay, onto the food. Little Sister is a tapas restaurant, so a lot of small plates for sharing. We ordered most of the menu, including two of Indonesia’s national dishes — satay and nasi goreng (fried rice). Tumpeng is actually their official national dish but that was unfortunately not on the menu. We did the best we could. We ordered all three kinds of satay — satay sapi with beef, kecap, lime leaf and lemongrass…


satay lilet, Balinese spiced chicken…


and an unpictured satay ayam, chicken in peanut sauce. The chicken peanut sauce satay was probably my favourite. It was so good.

We ordered babi guling, a Balinese roast pork with slaw and served with iceberg lettuce that you can make wraps with…


Not bad, but for four I thought we could have gone for a bigger portion of pork.

The semur java is a Javanese dark spiced braised beef with crispy potato and green onion (from the Java island in Indonesia, where Jakarta is).


Next up is the ayam panggang, sweet chili grilled chicken with bean sprouts. green onion and cilantro. This one had a bit of a spice to it.


Panggant literally means grilled or roasted.

My favourite was the Balinese shredded chicken taco.


I would have been happy with several rounds of just that.

We also ordered croquettes that did not photograph well at all so I will save you, and finally we have the nasi goreng!


Just fried rice, but really good fried rice. I love that it was made with a sweet soy sauce, or kecap manis. It definitely gave it a different flavour than regular fried rice.

So we had quite a delicious time. Indonesian food was awesome and it made me want to go to Indonesia for real. I should mention that Little Sister was surprisingly reasonable also. I ordered two drinks and we ordered basically the entire menu and it was only like $50 each with tip. I had a good night with those girls and I had tears in my eyes from laughter, always a good sign. I hope we can make it out to celebrate out anniversary every year!


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