My department at work had a potluck yesterday and the theme was sort of ‘foods from our heritage’ — dishes you grew up with or are popular in your culture. Our team has a pretty diverse mix, which I love because I learn something new every day, and I especially loved it for the potluck because it meant eating all the different kinds of foods. We were eating the world!

I’ve been looking for an excuse to make my Nana’s pierogies for a long time, so I spent two evenings doing that. They’re not difficult at all but they are super time consuming. But worth it. So worth it.


The recipe for those is here. For some reason mine didn’t turn out quite as good as the last time I made them. I think I needed a bit more onion in the filling, and I don’t think I rolled my dough thin enough. But they were still delicious!

My pierogies were a nice complement to the Jamaican beef patties brought in by my friend Frances, whose dad grew up in Jamaica, and the homemade sausage rolls brought in by Rachel the Aussie.



The sausage rolls were a highlight for sure. They were so good.

My coworker Ciara is from Ireland and brought quiche and four kinds of homemade bread.


Mmm, bread. They were all delicious, but the cheddar onion bread was my favourite.

Our manager Karen is from the east coast (Newfoundland) so she brought in lobster tails!


Complete with melted butter. Ahh it was so good! And it was cute that a few people had not tried lobster tails before. They were difficult suckers to open though, and the room we were eating in was really hot, so I was getting all sweaty trying to break into them. I still wouldn’t mind having lobster every day for lunch though.

I think the award for most interesting dish (but also really good) goes to Cathy from Uganda, for her bananas in peanut sauce.


But not like sweet bananas, and not plantains — they’re green cooking bananas. It’s a savoury dish, not a sweet one. Cathy was telling me the nuts for the sauce are not actually peanuts, they are just similar so that’s what she calls it here. But they are a ground nut only found in Uganda, and she has her family send them to her or picks them up when she is visiting. I have tried this sauce before when Cathy has brought it in for lunch and I really, really, like it. Although I admit it doesn’t look the most appetizing in photos. I sent a picture to Evan with the text “bananas in but sauce!” and of course I meant to say peanut sauce and somehow it autocorrected. He just wrote back “…butt sauce?” It made me laugh hard.

We also had this spread, which I’m pretty sure isn’t from anyone’s family culture but I do love a good cheese, cracker and olive spread so no complaints.


And those pears with nuts were a nice addition.

And we had a really great salad.


Because someone had to bring it.

There was also some Chinese fried rice that my coworker Evelyn brought in, and it was as amazing as Chinese fried rice always is.

For dessert we had a Dufflet lemon vanilla cake (from my coworker from Slovakia, and though I am disappointed I wasn’t eating goulash, I do love me some cake), and homemade ginger cookies!


So good. I loved the potluck, and I think the theme was a great idea. I was ridiculously full and happy for the rest of the afternoon.

I got a call from the vet letting me know that Winnie’s paw print was ready for me to pick up, so yesterday I stopped by the vet to retrieve it. And then I hugged it to my chest and sobbed in my car before driving home.


I love it and I am so glad we have it. I will cherish it forever. But (and I feel ridiculous for complaining about this and I hate that there’s a but!) that isn’t her natural paw print. It looks like they spread her little paw out. I understand why they did that, because otherwise it would just be a little blob of cat paw, but…I was really looking forward to having that little blob of cat paw. I was talking to Evan about it and I guess we can tell ourselves that this way it’s like she was stretching. I’m trying not to think about it too much because there’s nothing I can do about it now, but I do wish I had inked her little paw at some point. Oh well.

In other news, I am so glad it’s Friday! This week has felt exceptionally long to me. Have the best weekend!


2 responses to “Potlucking

  1. Maybe that is like Winnie kneading something, which is what kitters do when they are happy and in love, like she was with you! Its like a kitty hug.

    Also, you could scratch off half your map with just this lunch! MMM it all looks so good

  2. texasmelrose2

    Wow that potluck looks and sounds amazing. I love the paw print, so sweet. I can understand what you mean about it being spread out…I think I would notice that too. Like you said, though…it is like when she would stretch her paws after a long nap. Sweet reminder of her… <3