Leafs Games and Toddler Parties

Last Wednesday, Evan’s Uncle Gino offered us tickets to Thursday’s Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Minnesota Wild game. My initial reaction was to say no, because I was still sad about Winnie and not feeling like myself. But then I thought about it and oh, why not. It would be good to get us out of the house and I have actually never been to a Leafs game. Leafs tickets are like the elusive unicorn of hockey tickets. They’re insanely expensive (ours were $200 each) and hard to come by if you don’t know someone important with season tickets. I can’t understand why since the Leafs are the worst team in the league. Literally the worst. I’m pretty sure tickets to the Leafs are more expensive than any other team in the NHL and I do not get it. I went to a Leafs practice when I was working at OFSAA, and that was super fun, but I would never pay that much to attend a game. Never.

But the tickets were already paid for and I appreciate anything free, so, we went.


And that is how we found ourselves at a hockey game and eating a giant bag of hockey popcorn twice in once week.


We got our $16 beers (we had to, it’s the novelty of drinking beer during the game) and found our seats, which were only 13 rows up from the ice! So that was pretty sweet.


I wouldn’t say that it was a highly coveted game though — I mean, who are the Minnesota Wild anyway? The seats around us were pretty empty until they made the announcement that people were allowed to upgrade. Again because the Leafs are literally the worst and no one cares.

We got to be under the giant Canadian flag that they roll over the audience to kick off the game, so that was pretty exciting.


I felt like I was back in gym class with the parachute.

The game was fun and I’m glad we went, however most of our players have been traded now so we didn’t really know anyone anymore, and of course the Leafs lost. Because that’s what they are best at. But the game was entertaining.


And the people watching was dynamite. I actually think that might be my favourite sport.

My friend Joel was at the game and asked if we wanted to get drinks after but I still wasn’t feeling up to socializing really, and also it was a school night, so we nixed that and headed home. I knew I was seeing him Saturday anyway because it was Dawn and Mark’s daughter Scarlett’s second birthday!


Nothing like a party full of babies to boost your spirits. And I do mean a party full of babies. Most of our friends were there, and their parents, and then about 20 toddlers. I don’t know where they all came from. I didn’t even know we knew that many kids! I guess once you have a child you tend to attract more children to you? It’s cool, I don’t mind them crashing our parties. Sometimes I feel like I would rather hang out with babies than adults.



That would be Renee and Dustin’s new adorable little baby Jack. He may look like he’s trying to get away, but I think it’s just gas.

The beautiful birthday girl was in fine form.


Though I think she was a little overwhelmed by all the attention, since she cried and buried her head when we sang happy birthday to her. Poor lady.

I tried to borrow a friend’s child for the photo below but she struggled out of my grasp and ran away.



We all had drinks and ate pizza and hung out while the kids went absolutely nuts in the playroom. Good times.

Evan wasn’t feeling 100% but he soldiered on.


He may look like he’s merely tolerating me, but I think it’s just gas.

And we’ll have another baby to add to the baby parade soon enough!


That was absolutely not a pregnancy announcement, I’m referring to Emily’s bump. We’re going to see Garth Brooks with Emily and Corey on March 26th, so I hope the baby isn’t born during Thunder Rolls. Although it wouldn’t be a bad song to give birth to.

On Sunday I went to visit my (101.5-year-old) Nana and a lady in her nursing home asked me when I had my baby. You may remember my Nana (and apparently the other ladies in her home) got Emily confused with me when she took her baby bump in to the nursing home for a visit. So then everyone thought that I was the pregnant one. I wanted to tell the lady that I had my baby yesterday but I couldn’t bring myself to. I regret this.

Anyway, my Nana is doing okay and was very sad to hear about Winnie. She said that when you get old these things happen. True enough, Nana. True enough.


3 responses to “Leafs Games and Toddler Parties

  1. Hey I was at the leafs game yesterday and I too got to be under the flag. and we lost again! But it went to a shoot out, so we put up a decent fight at least. And ya…my tickets were gifted. hahaha. I actually made it to two games this year. Im like, a hard core fan now.

  2. True story – my bestie went into labor a week early while I was at the Garth concert last year. I had to nigh tail it out of there mid show as I was her labor buddy (her fiancé get squeamish and we weren’t sure he’d remain upright!)