Broad City

This weekend was pretty fantastic. One of the best I’ve had in a while, even if it was ridiculously freezing.


Like the kind of cold where the inside of your nose freezes.

In very unfortunate news, my bestie Lisa’s grandfather passed away about a month ago, but the silver lining was that she was here all weekend for his celebration of life yesterday (Monday was a holiday here, Family Day).

I picked up Lisa from the airport on Friday night and we came back to the condo to eat tacos that Evan had made for us for dinner. He’s a good man. We caught up over some red wine and Broad City (the Comedy Central series, not their webisodes). And speaking of Broad City, I am now obsessed. We watched the entire first two seasons over the weekend and it was just slaying me. Abbi and Ilana are hilarious. I thought I was going to have a heart attack I was laughing so hard when Abbi got her wisdom teeth out and was all drugged up. I am so glad I watched it with Lisa. Evan and our roomie Ian even watched it with us.


When Abbi discovers her roommate isn’t home and starts dancing around her apartment naked to Edge Of Glory…that is totally me when I discover Evan and Ian aren’t home.


Actually, Lisa said Abbi reminded her of me sometimes, so I will take that as a compliment.

On Saturday morning we woke up to Mexican frittata’s that Evan made with leftover taco meat and toppings. It was wonderful.


We were supposed to go tubing at Lakeridge Ski Resort for my friend Sherrie’s birthday (we did this a couple years ago, you may remember), but it was so cold — minus 40 with the wind chill — that Lakeridge actually closed for the day. There is only one thing to do when it is that cold, and that is hibernate. We set up shop on the couch with The Bachelor.


I actually felt bad for Olivia, even though I think she is terrible. She looked so sad being left on that island. I have to say that Ben is on the basic/politician side for sure, but at least he isn’t falling for the girls’ BS. He’s my favourite bachelor in a long time.

Later in the afternoon we decided to do some indoor adventuring at the flea market. It’s always a good time in there. I like looking at all the things.



Teddy Ruxpin! Just what I always wanted!


For a hybrid lunch/supper we went to the food court (I have talked about it many times and used it for Colombia and El Salvador for HoH Eats the World). Evan went to the Caribbean and Jamaican food stalls and got ackee and saltfish (below in the middle), with a festival (Jamaican fried dumpling), macaroni pie, fried plantains, and a fried bake (like a roti — he ate it all the time when he lived in Trinidad).


Lisa and I split the tostadas from the Mexican food stall.


And then we went to El Salvador and got beef and cheddar pupusas and chicken tamales.


Those pupusas are the best, but the tamale was a bit better last time. I should mention that calorie counting was on hold for this meal.

We also had some of Ian’s snow cone for dessert.


Nothing like a snow cone when it’s minus 30 out.

That evening Evan, Lisa and I met up with a bunch of our friends to celebrate Sherrie’s birthday! We went to the Edge in Ajax, which I haven’t been to in about 10 years, and it was a dream.

IMG_4869 copy

There was a great group of us, a live band with a kickass female vocalist, a huge dance floor, pool tables, and the average age was a good 10 years older than us, so we felt really young. It was the recipe for a good time and we were all talking about how it was the best night out we’ve had in years. I loved having Lisa there. When she is with me in a group setting I feel like she is sort of an extension of myself. If she’s talking to a group of people it’s basically like I was.


And I love seeing Emilio’s baby bump out and about.


We had nearly finished the first season of Broad City by then and I think watching those confident girls made me feel overly confident and I tore up that dance floor like nobody’s business.

giphy (1)

The dance floor air guitar may have made an appearance during Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams. I think it affected Lisa too, because she danced so hard she threw her shoulder out.

Our friend Dustin got on stage and led the entire bar in singing happy birthday to Sherrie.


Sometimes he out-hams me. His jambon was in fine form.

I tried to get a nice pic with my lover…and I have about 10 that look like this:


And one that is okay.


I really need to start bringing an actual camera around instead of just relying on my phone because the blurriness was a problem.


It was a really, really fun night. Sherrie said it was the best birthday she’s had in a few years.


Love that sassy gal!

I was feeling pretty good on the way home and I serenaded Evan with A Thousand Years by Christina Perri (um, the Twilight song) as I ran my (probably Ketchup-y) fingers through his hair while he drove (a McDonalds stop may have happened). Evan liked it. Lisa watched from the back seat, laughing while she ate her Big Mac. The next morning I was talking to Lis about how thoughtful Evan is and I wondered if he knew how much I appreciated him and she said “Well you did serenade him pretty hard with the Twilight song last night in the car, so yeah, I think he knows.” And then we laughed for a good half an hour about that. Gosh I am romantic.

Sunday was Valentine’s Day and really great too, so I am going to pause here so I can give it the attention it deserves. Hope your weekend was just fabulous and filled with friends and lovers and many chocolate Reese’s hearts!



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  1. If Evan doesn’t know how much you appreciate him, suggest emailing him one of his three “80 things I appreciate about Evan on his birthday” blog posts. That should do ‘er ‘fer ya!