Happy or Hungry Eats the World: Le Montmartre (France)

Bonjour mes petits amis. I am on a mission to eat an authentic dish from every country in the world, right here in Toronto. You can find all past recaps here.

Hey hey hey, my map is getting pretty purple!


I need to focus on eating Africa and Asia, but today let’s talk about France. Last week I met up with my friend Hannah to eat Frawnch at Le Montmartre on Sheppard West near Downsview Station. There are a few French restaurants in the city that I’d like to try, but this one was in a convenient spot for both of us to meet up so it just worked out. I was not disappointed. Le Montmartre is super cute, and looks quite, well, French.



Cute, oui? J’adore. Le Montmartre is named after the renowned 19th century artist’s quarter in Paris. With with the music of Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour playing in the background (I looked that up) and paintings by Van Gogh and Renoir on the walls (looked that up also), and the patrons around us speaking French, I felt like it was legit.

Hannah and I started with sharing a half litre of the house rouge wine, as one does in France (I presume).


And our server brought us some French bread.


And quite a lot of it, so I was impressed with that.

They did have a Winterlicious prix fixe menu running at the time, but nothing on it was really catching our fancy, so we both ordered from the main menu.

I really badly wanted to try la soupe à l’oignon “des Halles” gratinée.


aka French onion soup with swiss cheese and gruyère, gratinée. Très délicieux!  It was so, so good. Apparently onion soups have been popular at least as far back as Roman times, as onions were seen as food for poor people since they were so easy to grow. The modern version of the soup originates in 18th century France.


J’adore. Highlight for me.

We also ordered les escargots bourguignonne au parfum d’anis.


Snails flambéed with pernod (a French liqueur) in a garlic-and-herb-enhanced butter sauce. Really good also. I have to admit that I have had better escargot (in the Bahamas!), but I did like them.

For my main, the cuisses de grenouille, the traditional French dish of frogs legs caught my eye…but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’m sorry, I will try many different kinds of foods, but I have to draw the line at frogs legs. They look too much like an actual frog. I can still picture it hopping. I also don’t think they would have a lot of meat on them, and I was trying to get my money’s worth.

So, I went with le canard braisé à l’orange. Classic French dish.


Deboned roast duckling flambéed in grand marnier served in an orange sauce. Although not as exotic as frogs legs, I was still out of my comfort zone. This is not something I would order often. I liked it, and I cleaned that plate, but I have to admit that I still prefer chicken. Glad I tried it though.

Hannah went with les médaillons de veau forestière, sauce madère.


Or medallions of veal with mushrooms in madeira sauce. I tried hers also and it was very good. I’d order that next time I think.

And of course we could not pass up dessert. Crème brûlée for me, because when in France!



Très bien! France was great! But I think I gained 10lbs from this.

Now a question… Have you ever tried frogs legs, and if yes did you like them?


4 responses to “Happy or Hungry Eats the World: Le Montmartre (France)

  1. I recently tried frogs legs at Cluny’s Bistro in the Distillery District. The flavour reminded me of chicken.

  2. Yes, a couple of times for eating frog legs.

    First time I was in China and stopped at a pretty local restaurant. The person that took me to the restaurant ordered everything and asked if I knew what the dish was. I said, “Yes, it looks like frog”. He replied, “It is kinda like a frog”. Despite this answer, I took it as close enough to being a frog. They were delicious.

    The next few times was spicy deep fried frog legs in a Thai place in Hong Kong. They were very good, but really no different than having chicken wings.

    I am also sure I have had a couple of mystery dishes that included frog legs and other parts. It is always a bit of a guess when in China. My rule is that if other people at the table are eating it, it is worth a try.

    I would not hesitate to order frogs legs again. The meat seems to be pretty good

    • Haha, close enough to being a frog. It’s interesting because chicken wings look like chicken wings and I have no problems with those. I think it’s because I know where frogs live and I picture them as being swampy. I agree with that kind of food it’s best to not ask questions and just go for it 🙂