Left Field Brewery, North 44 and C!C!C!

Just a few things that have been going on this week…

After Maha’s on Saturday I headed to Left Field Brewery around the corner with the blogger crew. Minus Jeannette as she has real responsibilities, like a husband and baby. The rest of us were ladies of leisure for the day.


I noticed that the brewery (and Leslieville in general) was quite the young hipster family hangout. A lot of men in plaid with beards and glasses with their babies. Like a bunch of Evans, only with babies (not that Evan is a hipster, but he does usually have a beard and glasses and plaid). I liked it! I don’t go to Leslieville often and it seems like such a young and hip part of the city.

Anyway, Left Field Brewery is a small craft brewery that specializes in a few different types of beer, inspired by the owners’ favourite sport (baseball, obviously). They have recently teamed up with Sweet Jesus, an espresso and dessert cafe in the city, to create the Sweet Jesus Marshmallow Mocha Stout.


(that totally sounded like an ad but I promise it wasn’t) .

Definitely an interesting combination of flavours there… But I have never heard of a beer accompanied by a toasted marshmallow, so I was not passing that up. We all thought it tasted more like coffee than mocha, but either way I liked it. I also tried mini pints of their Resin Bag IPA and Grandstand, a hoppy wheat ale. I think Grandstand was my favourite out of everything. It had a fresh citrus-y flavour to it.


Grandstand and IPA

It would be great in the summer. IPA is Evan’s jam though so I brought home a couple bottles of that, and also Sweet Jesus for him to try. Most of LFB’s beer is slightly higher in alcoholic content than most beer (or at least the ones I tried) so I was feeling prettttttty good by the time I got home in the afternoon. Evan was away visiting his Nana, so Winnie and I set up shop on the couch to watch TV.


Winnie is all about maximum comfort and usually prefers to lie on the electric blanket, or any fleece blanket, on a good pair of legs (usually Evan’s). But I think she missed Evan, so she was just lying in his spot on bare couch like a sad kitty.

I tried to watch Trainwreck, but…well, it was a train wreck. One that I was actually able to turn away from since I ended up turning it off near the end. Some parts of it made me laugh hard but — and maybe it’s because I was watching it on my own and not with friends — some parts of it were so, so cringeworthy. I don’t deal well with cringeworthy. It just makes me feel uncomfortable. When Amy walked out of Bill Hader’s award speech (sorry, possible spoiler), I just could not fathom that amount of selfishness and disrespect. Bill Hader deserves better.


So then I watched Real World, which is also a total train wreck, but one I can handle.

In other news, I continued to eat Egyptian this week.


Just couldn’t get enough I guess. There’s a great Middle Eastern deli/cafe near my work called Flaming Stove that is known for their shawarma and falafel. Evan and I used to get their shawarma often when I still lived around here, but for lunch I went for falafel (with tahini and hot sauce for dipping) and kushari, an Egyptian street food with noodles or rice, lentils and spices in a tomato vinegar sauce. My coworker introduced me to it and I gotta say, I like!

On Wednesday I had a dinner date with two girls from work, Rachel (who I’ve mentioned) and Frances. We went to North 44 on Yonge just north of Eglinton, and it is quite fancy pants. It’s pretty expensive and would normally be out of my dinner budget but luckily we had reservations for Winterlicious! Winterlicious runs for two weeks every February and gives Torontonians the chance to try a prix fixe value menu at many of the city’s restaurants. We tried to go for Canoe but it is insanely popular and sold out immediately. Oh well, North 44 was great. We had a prixe fix menu with starter, entree and dessert for $35. It was a really good way to try things.

We started with an Australian wine, since Rachel is Ozzie and we like to make her feel at home.


Food-wise I started with the foraged mushroom purée.


Which is just a fancy term for soup. The purée/soup was the highlight of my meal. It was so creamy and full of flavour, and was actually a good portion size. That bowl was deeper than I expected.

For my main I ordered the pan seared chicken supreme, with sweet onion ravioli, squash, spinach, and crisp shallots.


The ravioli was easily the biggest piece of ravioli I’ve ever seen. It was the same size as the chicken! It was all very delicious, as I expected it to be. Sometimes I think that ordering chicken in restaurants can be boring, but it was cooked and spiced perfectly and was tender and juicy.

Dessert for me was the spiced apple crostata with hot toffee sauce and sour cream ice cream.


The ice cream was interesting, in a good way. The hot toffee sauce was to DIE FOR! The crostata was great too. All in all, the three of us loved our experience. We had great service, the food was delicious, and I felt very fancy. Wins all around.

After dinner Rachel and I went to Choir!Choir!Choir!


My third time and I hope to make it as much as I can. We sang two Bruce Springsteen songs, I’m On Fire and Fire, and it was an insane amount of fun. Daveed and Nobu are FUNNY. They’re like a comedy show up there. I shouldn’t be surprised since I recently discovered that Nobu was in a few episodes of Trailer Park Boys (a Canadian show, it’s hilarious, and it’s on Netflix so check it out if you haven’t seen it!), as Dennis. This discovery makes me laugh.


Anyway, it was a great night.

I love that this exists in my city. @choirchoirchoir #brucespringsteen

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I don’t know if they will be putting up the video but I’ll let you know when the audio is available. I think it’s gonna be a good one!

So that’s all that’s new and exciting around here. Have a great weekend!



5 responses to “Left Field Brewery, North 44 and C!C!C!

  1. I’m on Fire is probably my favorite Bruce song. That’s good stuff.

    I’m sad you didn’t like Trainwreck. I thought it was cute however, I did think they could have cut at least 20 minutes from the movie and it would have been better. It was a bit long. You should go see How to Be Single, cuz it was super cute and funny. I think you’d dig.

    • Mine too!
      And I was also really sad to not like Trainwreck. Well, some parts were absolutely hilarious so I wouldn’t say I didn’t like it necessarily… She was just such an asshole sometimes and it made me feel weird. I also think I would have liked it more if I had watched it with someone.

  2. I LOVE Bubbles! That is all. ?

  3. Trashy Sunday’s for Trashy Tv! Check out Party Down South! Totally funny!! There is also a Party down south 2!