Holly Jollies

Welp, I am back to the ol’ grind this week. The holidays were very busy and I do wish I snuck in a bit more leisuring, but I am thankful to have had a week and a half off. Actually, in every job I’ve had the office has shut down for at least a week and a half over Christmas, and I don’t think that is super common so I might be spoiled.

On Friday I was actually thinking  I wasn’t feeling as gross as I usually am after Christmas and I was proud of myself for keeping my eating mostly in check. Big meals, for sure, but my snacking wasn’t outrageous and I didn’t really have seconds of holiday dinners, so I think that helped. This was up until Friday night. And then we ordered Pizza Hut and I snacked on all the chocolate and cookies we had lying around, and generally ate like a glutton the rest of the weekend. So, that feeling went away. Come Monday I was ready to get back into a routine of my lunchtime work walks and not eating all day. Well okay, still a Girl Guide cookie or two.

Wednesday last week was the first time I had nothing going on so my plan was to do nothing but catch up on TV all day. That’s it. Well, and a bit of laundry and present-organizing. But that’s it! Evan was working, so it was just this little minx and I on the couch.


I watched the entire second season of The Affair, which I am just loving. I think it is the best show on TV right now. It’s funny because I really don’t like any of the characters, except for Cole, and maybe Helen, but I can’t get enough of it. I love the subtle differences between the perspectives and it is the first show in a while where I want to watch the next episode immediately because I need to know what happens. I can’t wait for the third season. Also, Alison’s mouth is distracting.

200 (1)

Also, Noah is gross.

I also caught up on Downton Abbey since I haven’t been watching since season 3. I miss the costumes before the roaring 20s but I am still loving the story. I even got Evan to watch the fourth season with me. He said he just wanted to watch it so he could spend time with his “lover” but I know the truth. He likes it. And we started Making a Murderer — like everyone else in the world apparently. I feel like if I don’t watch it I am going to be left out of pop culture. I already have all the feels about it but I don’t know what to think. Lighting the cat on fire really tainted my opinion of Steven and I think he should be in jail for that alone.

On New Year’s Eve we headed to Dawn and Mark’s for an old fashioned house party!


I love that Evan wore that shirt. It kills me. It is quite the New Year’s shirt. I picked it up for him in Vegas, you may remember ($9.99 down from $50! Bargain!).

We played a ton of games and I can’t even explain them to you because we made them dirty. Everything we played was NSFW and therefore NSFB (not safe for blog). They had us laughing hard and that is most important.


I meant to mention in my last post that Winnie’s present to Evan (from me) was Exploding Kittens and I meant to bring it to the party but completely forgot. We played it alone in our hotel room when we were in Huntsville and I have to say it is a pretty fun game. And quite…interesting.


Judging by the amount of crumbs I find in my bra at the end of the day I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a boob wizard living in there.

Anyway, NYE. Most of our gals and their lads were in attendance and we had a really fun time!




I loved the entire night. I was especially excited that for the first time in about six years I rang in the new year with Lisa. As the countdown was happening I was regaling her with the story of the time my Nana tried on a new shirt, patted her boobs and said in a sad and wistful voice “Empty.” So, Lisa entered the new year crying with laughter. When the new year starts and you are gasping for breath because you are laughing too hard, it’s gonna be a good year.

In the morning we all went out for breakfast (Wally’s World in Oshawa, it’s an old standby) and I started off by getting myself rehydrated.


All the drinks. I spent the rest of the day marathoning Downton Abbey and taking down the Christmas decorations.

On Saturday I headed to Emily and Corey’s — they were having a gender reveal party!


Which means they did not know the sex of the baby and found out at the same time as their close family and friends. I have never been to one of these parties but I am a blogger who has Pinterest so I am well aware they are increasing in popularity. Any excuse for a party, I say!


I was team boy and I wore my clothes peg proudly.

And any excuse to be eating!


Emily had pulled pork in that spread and it was amazing.

I just want to show you this picture of Emily and Corey’s baby announcement to their family, because I think Ace just looks so dapper.


What a proud young man. A true guard dog.

And then it was time for the big reveal!


Our group was pretty split on whether the baby would be a boy or a girl. But in the end…



Boy! They were both excited, but Corey was beyond. I am so happy for the lovebirds.


Evan and I spent Sunday cleaning and organizing the condo, sort of like a mini spring cleaning, but winter. In the evening we ate the world with Emily, Corey, Dawn and Mark — Peru! But more on that later. Afterwards we hit up Casa Loma.


Because we were doing the escape series there, Escape Casa Loma, King of the Bootleggers! This is already so long though and I am waiting on our group photo, so I will save the recap of that for another post.

So the holidays were a busy time, but a really good time!



6 responses to “Holly Jollies

  1. I hope the pink cake was still eaten even though it was a boy. Those cakes look like they have ALL THE FROSTING. I approve. Congrats Emily!

  2. texasmelrose2

    Your holidays sound like they were a dream! Yay for team Boy for Emily! I will confirm for you..YES you are spoiled with getting every holiday off work..that is amazing. I actually took off a week and a half myself and it was a dream! Coming back to work this week was pure torture! Ah, yes and back to eating right…boo!

    Ah, I just love your Nana..that story about her shirt being “Empty” is hilarious!

  3. YES to everything you said about the Affair. Yes yes and yes again. If you ever want to talk the Affair, I’m your girl. Related: they should’ve ended the season about 5 seconds sooner. Did not care for that ending.