Early Christmas and Christmas with Nana

Christmas came early again this year! We had family Christmas at my dad and Mona’s on Saturday — we used to celebrate with them on Christmas Eve but last year we started celebrating with them the weekend before, since everyone is so busy around actual Christmas. It works out well, and I really like that it splits up the Christmas dinners! Otherwise we’d have three in three days, which is fine and I would bring my all to the eating in all three, but it’s not ideal. I like to take advantage of each dinner and it’s difficult when I am still recovering from overeating at the last one, ya know? Plus, early presents. No complaints about that.

I spent Friday night and most of Saturday making the Nana cookies.


I made about 100 because I wanted them for my dad’s Christmas, to bring to my Nana on Sunday, some for work, some for Evan’s families, and 50 for me. I’ve seen Brotherman eat five of them in one sitting, so, best to have more. It took me about six hours total (mainly because I am very particular with how they are iced) but maaan those cookies are worth it. So good.

When we arrived at my dad and Mona’s on Saturday, my dad had set up a sweet Caesar bar.


Can you spot Ritson’s snout?

Americans, I am telling you, you need to get on the Clamato juice. Forget Bloody Mary’s, Caesars are where it’s at!

Once everyone arrived–we do Christmas with Mona’s kids and their partners and their kids as well–we did the dinner thing.


Oh God. So good. I have been looking forward to this since Thanksgiving. This year all the kids did a veggie dish while my dad and Mona handled the turkey, stuffing and ham. Evan and I brought green beans and also his Nana’s lentils and coconut rice. It was a nice addition.

Between dinner and dessert we always do PRESENTS.


Ritson was pretty excited to be in on the present action.



It’s a good thing he’s just a tiny lapdog and not a GIANT GOLDEN RETRIEVER or anything. I have a really similar picture from last year.

Saturday with the stepfam.

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Evan and I scored some pretty awesome gifts, like this Cranky Kitties calendar, which will 100% be adorning the walls of my cubicle…


And this sweet Superman onesie.


My dad and Mona are always really thoughtful when it comes to buying things for Evan, so that makes me happy. Evan and my step bro Rusty usually end up with some sort of twin article of clothing, and this year it was hats from Mona’s granddaughter.



My dad got a hat this year too, it lights up under the brim so you can use it as a flashlight!


This is a better picture for showing off the flashlight:


Pretty cool. I actually think it will be super handy for him.

Leslie and I took our second annual picture in front of the tree.


Last year’s!

No oranges this time.

It was a good time all around. I love Christmas!


Evan couldn’t wait to get into his onesie when we got home.


On Sunday Evan and I were going to visit my Nana, so we met my dad at her nursing home. She isn’t the most mobile anymore and it’s difficult to bring her out for activities, so she hasn’t been at family Christmas for a few years. It sucks, but she gets it and is still super positive about it.

I could not believe how great she looked. She was positively glowing!


I think she looks about 80, not 101 (and a half!). And I still can’t believe how sharp her mind is. She may be nearly deaf but she knows what’s what!

Since she has always been about the care packages for me, I decided to make one for her.


I included things I know she uses frequently or needs, like Q-tips, Vaseline, cough drops, fuzzy warm socks, etc. And also a little notebook with pens so we don’t have to go searching for paper when we’re visiting and want to communicate with her. She can’t hear really at all anymore, so we will write things down. And since she can’t her herself talking anymore either, she writes notes back to us.


I also brought her cookies!


She is the most wonderful. Just a muffin.



What a nana. I left there with a fully and happy heart.

Hope you’re having a great holiday week! If you celebrate. And if you don’t I hope you’re having a great regular week (and hopefully still a short one for you!)


6 responses to “Early Christmas and Christmas with Nana

  1. Fun family times…you would think the party was for Ritson! He likes to photo bomb for sure!!
    Glad you and Evan had a good time.

  2. Your Nana looks amazing. I am so sorry she cannot hear anymore but that is so sweet that you can write notes to communicate. Your care package was so thoughtful. I am sure your visits are the highlight of her holiday!

  3. That Nana still with the saucy nails!

  4. Nancy McCartney

    Nanny looks so happy with you and Evan!
    Very thoughtful of you Lindsey to make her a care package after all the ones she makes for us! She was very appreciative.

  5. My brother definitely has the onesie and definitely rocked it Christmas morning!