Dawnald’s Blue Mountain Birthday

This weekend a bunch of friends and I went on a petit girls adventure to Blue Mountain for our pal Dawn’s birthday. We went there for our friend Emily’s birthday a couple years ago in the spring so we knew it was a good time.


^ pic from last time for Em’s bday, and same group only five more of us (minus Emily’s sister between Joanna and Uncle Leon)

There’s no snow happening yet in Ontario, but it was still pretty,


If you are not familiar with the area, Blue Mountain is a ski resort that has a really cute apres ski village with a bunch of shops and restaurants and pubs, sort of modeled after Whistler Village or Mont Tremblant. It is basically the only “mountain” (in quotations because it’s not actually a mountain, it is a large hill) we have in Ontario, and therefore our biggest ski resort. It’s the most popular in the winter, obviously, but when we went in the spring for Emily’s birthday a couple years ago it was still really busy. Just a good time all year round. This time we stayed at the Seasons at Blue suites, right in the village. The above photo was the view from our balcony so that was pretty awesome.

There were 13 of us (party!) so we rented two full suites, both with two bedrooms, a pullout couch and a full kitchen. Our rooms were awesome.



And not even that expensive. I wanna go back for an adventure with Evan sometime.

I drove up with Sherrie and Rhona and it might have been the best two hours of my life. We had the best drive ever. I always have the best drives with Sherrie, I have said this before. We have the same taste in road trip music, a la hilarious 90s songs and 70s and 80s rock. Rhona was a good addition to our car, and she definitely got down with our singing. We caught up for the first half hour or so and then sang at the top of our lungs for the rest of the time. I was singing so hard I was sweaty from it. I felt like I never wanted to reach our destination. It really pumped me up for the night ahead.

Once we arrived and got settled into our suites, we headed out into the village to do some shopping. There are a lot of really cute touristy shops (like one that sells only Christmas items, all year round) and fun food places (like a poutinerie and Beaver Tails). There are also fire pits around the village that you can hang around to warm yourself up, so it adds to that cozy ski village feel. I love that place, it feels like you’re in another country.


Sherrie and I


That’s the only group photo I have of us. I was not on my photography game at all on Saturday — I barely took any pictures and I have regret about it!

After our village adventure we headed back to our suites for dinner. We decided instead of going out (been there done that, we’d rather save our money for booze), we would do a big family dinner at the hotel. We all were tasked with bringing something – Dawn’s friend Caleigh made a homemade lasagne, and there was pizza and salad and garlic bread and lots of snacks.


It was really cute. We dragged chairs over from our second suite next door and had a seat for everyone. Romantic.

We also had ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for the birthday girl, and I’d show you a picture but it’s pretty inappropriate.

There were fireworks happening in the village by the pond, so after cake we went out to check out those.


Terrible pictures, but decent fireworks.

And then we came back to get ready for our night on town (/village).


We played a bunch of drinking games: quarters, some rhyming game, Never Have I Ever, and I laughed so hard I cried. I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed so much. Everyone said this, we were all giddy.


Eventually we made our way to the pub. It was perfect because it was basically at our doorstep and it was RAMMED. It was mostly packed with couples and a few office Christmas parties, but we had THE BEST time. It was so much fun. I hope Dawn did as well.

At the end of the night we stopped by the poutine place for a late night snack, basically the best idea ever. Sherrie and I were going to split a poutine and we accidentally grabbed the wrong one off the counter and didn’t realize until we started walking back to the hotel that it had BARBECUE SAUCE instead of gravy. It was AWFUL. It was a bastardization of poutine. You cannot replace gravy with barbecue sauce, it’s cold and tangy! The entire point of the gravy is to melt the cheese. We couldn’t even eat it. But we were too lazy to go back and rectify the situation so we just went back and ate nacho dip.

In the morning I woke up to the beautiful sounds of “rustle rustle rustle…crunch crunch crunch” — someone getting into the chip bag, and it lured me out of slumber. We ate all the leftover snacks and then packed up our stuff and hit the road. Our drive was definitely quieter than the day before but in a Christmas miracle I felt absolutely fantastic on Sunday. I need to make that happen every time I drink.

Dawn’s birthday is always a good time, here’s some past ones!


2 responses to “Dawnald’s Blue Mountain Birthday

  1. Looks like a ton of fun! My girl friends and I actually rented a condo and went there as part of a high school graduation end-of-year trip and had THE BEST TIME. Even though it was over a decade ago (ugh, so old), I still remember it fondly.

  2. we are going up for a girls weekend in January. Can’t wait! ALWAYS so much fun. we rented a house this time, but we usually stay in the village…such a cool place. I hope there’s a bit of snow when we go 🙂