All The Cookies

I had VIP Cineplex tickets that expire at the end of December, so on Saturday ol’ Evers and I headed downtown to use those puppies up. Somehow it was the last weekend of the year where we didn’t really have anything going on. I don’t know how weekends get so filled with stuff! Especially around the holidays.

Speaking of, Christmas things are happening in the city!


I actually could not believe how busy it was downtown. After the movie let out we were walking around for a bit and it was about 10:30 and the streets were still rammed with people. It made me thankful that I don’t live right downtown, but I’m close enough that I can easily get there.

Anyway, we went to the VIP Cineplex at Yonge and Dundas to see Mockingjay part 2. It’s been so long since I read the book that I mostly forgot what happened so I didn’t know what was coming. I remembered not liking the ending of the book, but I enjoyed the movie. Evan did too even though his first choice was Spectre. Next time. I’ll tell you what was the most awesome though, being VIP.

We started in the lounge with some drinks and fried dill pickle spears.


Best Caesar I’ve had in while. Good pickle spears also.

And then we moved the party into our seats once the theatre opened. I could not believe how comfortable they were. And I could not believe that I was able to watch a movie with beer.


We weren’t driving so a pitcher was definitely in order. We had to take advantage. Beer in a movie was kind of blowing my mind.

We had a pow-wow with Evan’s family at his grandma’s in the afternoon and we had a late pizza lunch with them, so we decided to do dinner at the movies. And by dinner I don’t mean popcorn (well, I don’t mean just popcorn, I mean popcorn in addition to dinner foods). I ordered a California burger because it had goat cheese on it, and sweet potato fries. It was pretty exciting.


I am not sure how I’m ever going to be able to go back to regular movie watching. But $25 a ticket for VIP makes that decision a bit easier. That is definitely out of the movie budget, so I’m happy we had passes. It was a good time and I totally felt spoiled.

On Tuesday night I went out for dinner with my blog pal Liz of One Twenty Five fame and our friends Amy and Amanda that we met when we were out for a drink on St. Patrick’s Day earlier this year. Amy recognized us that night from our blogs, we became friends, and now we try to get together every few months or so.


It’s cute, the story of how we met. I was hoping we were going to eat the world (Indonesia), but the restaurant I suggested was so booked we couldn’t even get a table (Little Sister on Yonge – I had even tried to make a reservation). On a Tuesday! I don’t know if that means it’s good, or if it’s too trendy. Oh well, next time I will make reservations two weeks in advance and eating Indonesian will happen. We ended up going to Tabule, which is always a good choice. We ate all the things (pitas and dips, mainly) and it was a really good time catching up with them.

Not much else has been going on this week. Just work, which is going really well! I have been there for almost a month now and I am enjoying it and I really like the people I work with. I feel like I’m settling in. I haven’t been running since I started (before I started I was usually running twice a week), but I have been walking for 30-45 minutes every day on my lunch, so I consider that a win. Usually I walk in my favourite cemetery. It’s so pretty and peaceful in there.


My favourite creepy tree had a woodpecker on it yesterday.

This is the only tree I’ve seen in a month that still has leaves.


It’s really hanging onto fall!

The weather has been pretty great lately for this time of year, so I’ve been trying to take advantage and the walking is a good way to break up the day. I wish I could run, but running and not properly showering afterwards and just going back to work sweaty and gross is absolutely out of the question. But the walking is good. I keep telling myself that exercise doesn’t have to be all or nothing and whatever way I can fit it in is a bonus.

However, I discovered that there are always free Girl Guide cookies in the cookie department at work (you read that right, there is an entire department dedicated to cookies). So now that I know there are always cookies out, I have a hot route that takes me by the cookies every time I have to walk back to my desk. It is awesome, but it is also not awesome, because I am a bit of a cookie monster so I eat the cookies. And you know it’s not just one. I just cannot resist the deliciousness of cookies, they are my biggest weakness.


This is an old pic but nothing has changed.

So as good as the walking is, I’m pretty sure all the cookies I’m eating are counteracting any fitness goals…


Oh well, it’s the holidays, right? Maybe I’ll do the Whole30 again in January so I can be svelte. So I better get the cookies in now!


5 responses to “All The Cookies

  1. Yesterday I was sitting at my desk, complaining about how I wanted a cookie (like usual), and my new coworker pulled out a box of GG cookies that she apparently had stashed in her desk!

    Twas a good day. and Im glad we hired her.

  2. Most of our theatres here serve beer/wine and we have a few with full menus and liquor. You are missing out, my friend. Who goes to a movie sober? NO ONE, I tells ya!