The Muskoka Wedding

On Saturday Evan and I headed to Muskoka to celebrate the wedding of one of my very best childhood friends Melissa and her new husband Will.



I tried to post this yesterday but I just have SO MUCH to say that I couldn’t get it done in time. So bear with me!

I absolutely love weddings and I was very excited for this one, especially since Melissa and Will’s insanely fun Jack and Jill (/Stag and Doe). I feel like the hilarity of that night was foreshadowing for the best wedding ever.

Evan and I arrived at the venue in the early afternoon. The wedding was happening at the Trillium Resort just outside of Huntsville and as soon as we pulled up I knew this was it. This was the place for my friend.


There are several things you need to know about Melissa. She is very laid back and low-key. She loves being outside, whether she is camping, hiking, swimming (the water in general), snowmobiling, whatever. She is a small town gal who would prefer to be in the country, and she generally just enjoys being in the bush (and who doesn’t, I feel that). I don’t think she could have chosen a better location for her wedding. Annnnd I am also pretty sure she had my dream wedding, if I ever have a wedding.

We had some time to get ready before the festivities started so Evan and I checked into our room for the evening. I was delighted to find that we were staying in a cabin! And it was snowing.


It was cozy and cuuuute.


I also loved our little little welcome basket from Muskoka Brewery (thanks Meliss!). What a nice touch.


I was grateful for that beer because the wine we brought with us was 16 years old and tasted like Ketchup, so it was nice to have a back-up while I was getting ready (hair curling is ideally done with a drink).


The hair was looking good for maybe an hour, and then it totally went all weird because of the snow. Oh well.

The room the wedding took place in was just…




I thought maybe I would be able to get through Melissa walking down the aisle without tearing up, but nope, sure couldn’t. It sounds ridiculous but I started thinking about the double Barbie weddings we used to have with our respective Jason Priestley Kens (brothers [twins], of course) and I couldn’t hold myself together.

And also, she was stunning.


The most gorgeous bride. And when her and Will were standing at the altar with the snow falling outside the windows behind them and the lake in the background it was just unreal.


All the synonyms for beautiful right there.

The ceremony was how the best ceremonies are, short and sweet. Married!



Between the ceremony and the reception there was cocktail hour with drinks and appy’s in a room off the main ceremony/reception room. Like the rest of the lodge, it was beautifully rustic with a huge stone fireplace. Evan and I mingled around in there hanging with Melissa’s family, who I love like my own. I got to catch up with a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a while, so that was a good time.


Well, this guy I see all the time.

Evan and I were standing around talking with Melissa’s older sister Jenn and her husband when I started to really notice how badly my feet were hurting despite my comfortable shoe choice (booties with a little heel). I looked down and realized my shoes were on the wrong feet. Whoops. Not embarrassing at all. Evan asked me if it was going to make the blog, so here it is making the blog.

Dinner was delicious (I got the chicken and Evan went for the pork tenderloin, both great), and the group at our table was hilarious. I love making new friends.



That room though. You know how Melissa found this place? She just Googled “exposed beam wedding Ontario” and it came up. The exposed beams definitely made that room.

And I loved the centrepieces!


Such a creative idea.

The speeches were heartfelt and touching and funny, and Melissa’s youngest sister Katie even sang More Than Words, which was beautiful and actually really impressive.

Again, I thought that I would be able to get through their first dance without crying, but nope. Sure couldn’t. I heard the opening bars to Bryan Adams Everything I Do and I knew I was done. I was basically crying immediately.

When Meliss started serenading her new husband, I pretty much lost my mind.


Gah, I love love so much.

Speaking of serenading, later in the evening Melissa and Will were dancing to To Be With You by Mr. Big and the bridesmaids and I gathered around them, held hands, and basically screamed the entire song at them. I hope it is a moment that they will cherish forever as being really special (and not annoying at all). Ah, I am so happy for them!


And let’s talk again about how absolutely stunning the bride is.

Sometime in the evening I had my proudest moment on the dance floor ever. Everyone was in a circle and one person would go into the middle, like a dance off, you know, which I usually try to avoid. Well, someone handed me a pair of bright pink glasses that I put on and could not see out of, and suddenly I felt like a superhero. Like a totally different person. I made up a ridiculous routine on the fly which included The Elaine


and ended with me sliding on my knees in the middle of everyone doing the dance floor air guitar. It was a shining moment for me. I remember thinking that I had never been more on fire. Unfortunately, Evan was getting a drink at the bar and missed the entire thing. It was especially sad because I had him in mind the whole time I was doing my “routine”. I knew he would have appreciated it the most and probably would have been on the floor laughing. For the next hour people kept coming up to me commenting on my hilarious dance floor moves and Evan was all “What exactly happened on that dance floor?!” He will never know. It will probably never happen again.

Moving on…

Melissa (and I) grew up with campfire singalongs with guitars. It was really big where we lived and in our families, so she wanted to incorporate that into her wedding somehow. Near the end of the night they dragged a giant candle into the middle of the dance floor, we all gathered in a circle around it, and four guests with guitars started playing Heart Of Gold by Neil Young.


You guys know I love Neil Young, so I was beside myself. Such a good idea and it was the most perfect moment. It gave me chills and I have chills thinking about it now! Here’s a quick clip of us singing along.

I added the entire video to my Facebook so you should be able to watch it here (super dark but the sound is most important). I’ll never forget it (and honestly, I’m probably going to steal that idea if I ever have a wedding).

By the end of the night it was snowing quite heavily.


And we woke up to about 20cm of snow. It was a winter wonderland!



Evan is so wonderful. He gets up and immediately goes outside to scrape the car.

What a beautiful spot for us to be for the first snowfall! I didn’t hate it.


The lodge where the main wedding took place

I forgot to mention that outside the lodge there was a fire pit that guests could hang around.


Evan and I had breakfast in the lodge with everyone, and then we headed down to the lake for some pictures of the beauty.


Let’s back up to the day before…


That is quite a difference in a day! I could not get over how beautiful it was.







^ Canadian beach vacation.

It was the perfect ending to the most perfect wedding. Congratulations Will and Melissa!!!


9 responses to “The Muskoka Wedding

  1. I was up a Trillium many years ago for a girls’ spa weekend. there was a wedding happening that weekend and we ended up crashing it for a bit and then a few of the guests joined us in the hot tub to get a break from the reception while they dealt with a bit of a medical emergency with one of the guests. It really was a pretty place.

  2. Beautiful wedding!
    There is something so awesome and magical about the first big snowfall- gets me every time how pretty everything is 🙂

  3. You truly are just such an amazing spirit my dear…although are lives have gone different directions just know that I truly miss you and am so blessed to know you….honestly reading your posts just make me so happy for you but in general happy so thank you for being awsome
    Love ya

    • Aww Janet, this made my night. I miss you too!!! I was just talking about you on the weekend, I was saying that of all the weddings I’ve been to yours is one of the best! I’ll never forget it.
      And I still think we need to set up a reunion date 🙂

  4. Wow. What a beautiful place! And i couldn’t help laughing that you had your shoes on the the wrong feet!

  5. You make me laugh so hard!