Snow White and the Poison Bisquick

Not too much going on this weekend so it was pretty low key. I am, like everyone I’m sure, devastated by what happened in Paris (and Beirut, Lebanon, let’s not forget) and I spent most of the weekend avoiding the social media comments on any news article about it because the ignorance found there enrages me. This also makes me ragey, and I am ashamed and embarrassed of my city. This is not the inclusive and accepting Canada that I know. Please educate yourselves before directing your anger at the wrong people. We are all on this big rock floating through space together. Let’s have some empathy. (I don’t mean to come across as preachy but that attack on a Muslim woman in Toronto was the first thing I read when I woke up this morning and I was very upset)

Anyway. On Friday night Evan and I ate the world (India!) but more on that later. When we got home we basically just read in bed and I think we were asleep by 11. Party animals.

On Saturday I had plans to go to my friend Renee’s baby shower, so I was super excited to see everyone and eat all the shower food (because you know showers are good for that), but unfortunately my plans were thwarted. Evan tried to poison us. When we woke up Evan decided he was going to make us banana pancakes using a Bisquick mix, which I was very excited about. I felt like I was in a Jack Johnson song. The pancakes were pretty good and all was going well…but midway through breakfast Evan abruptly got up from the table and ran to the bathroom. I assumed he just had to pee really badly or something so I just slapped a third pancake on my plate and continued eating. And then I abruptly got up from the table and ran to the other bathroom.

That was abnormal activity, so we checked out the expiry date of the Bisquick mix and it had expired almost exactly one year ago. Great. I was not feeling wonderful after that and things were a little precarious so I decided it would not be the best idea to spend an hour driving in the car while my stomach was unsettled. It ended up being the right decision. Lesson learned, don’t eat expired Bisquick. We were both fine a few hours later but it was not fun in the meantime. I forgave Evan though. His heart was in the right place.

I used the extra time to watch the Entourage movie. I watched the entire series back when it was on so I’ve been wanting to see it. It would have been great if it was an episode, but as a movie I thought it fell flat. I’ve missed those characters though, so I enjoyed it.

On Sunday we were headed to my Dad and Mona’s in Oshawa as we were all celebrating Mona’s birthday. It was a ridiculously gorgeous day though, so Evan and I stopped at the Lynde Shores Conservation Area in Whitby to take advantage of the fall sunshine.




I have never been before but it’s a very popular trail, especially for bird watching. There are a TON of birds.


We also saw a deer!

I noticed that everyone we passed had seed or nuts or something in their hands and were feeding the birds. They would hold their arms outstretched and the birds would land on them and literally eat right out of the palms of their hands. I had no idea this was a thing so we didn’t have any bird feed with us. I wanted to try this though, so Evan found me some popcorn.


I heard that if you stand still long enough, the birds will come, so that’s what I did. And the birds came!




It worked! I felt like Snow White! Their little talons were sharp on my hand so it was quite surprising.

It was a pretty great impromptu walk. I’m glad we went.


And then it was to my dad’s for (his famous) spaghetti dinner and birthday cake!


Good times.


3 responses to “Snow White and the Poison Bisquick

  1. Oh no…that is crummy about the Bisquick making you sick..who knew?! So glad it did not ruin your entire weekend. That conservation area is so pretty, so neat that the birds will land on you…shows how safe they feel. 🙂

    Heartbreaking article about the Muslim lady. 🙁 This world is so scary and hateful these days…

  2. One time my friend and I were studying for finals and my friend made hot dogs…and I spent the whole evening throwing up from that evil hot dog. He spent all evening by my side reading me my notes. I passed 🙂