Toronto Chocolate Touring

Last week my friend Emily and I were looking for something new to do in the city this weekend, and in our search we happened to find a Groupon for a Toronto Chocolate Tour on Saturday. Um, yes and please. We didn’t quite know what to expect, but I was pretty sure I could expect to be eating chocolate, so I was pretty excited.


We met our tour guide and group on King and Spadina around noon and headed west on King to eat all the chocolate. The walking tour went through Toronto’s historic Fashion District, and it rained for most of it, but it was pretty mild and we had umbrellas so it wasn’t too shabby at all.


The tour was about two hours long and stopped at five different bakeries for samples, which were all included in the price of our tour (Groupon was $20 each, I highly recommend!). Our tour guide was awesome, and every so often we would stop walking and she would tell us an interesting fact about chocolate. For example, you can go into cardiac arrest from eating too much chocolate. Who knew? You’d have to eat about 22 regular-sized chocolate bars though, so I think we’re probably safe. At first I thought she said 22 snack-sized chocolate bars and I wondered how I wasn’t already dead…

Our first stop was the cutest little bakery, Forno Cultura.



I walked in and was immediately assaulted with the best scent I have ever experienced – fresh baked bread, garlic, cheese, chocolate, herbs, I could smell it all. Everything looked beyond amazing.


I am salivating looking at that again right now. I hadn’t eaten lunch so I was tempted to shove as much bread as I could get my hands on in my purse and make a mad dash out the door, but somehow I was able to refrain.

At Forno Cultural we sampled the olive oil cake.


Which is chocolate cake with black olives!


Yeah, black olives! Definitely an odd combination and an interesting mix of flavour, but it was honestly delicious. The olives were such a salty contrast to the sweet, dark chocolate. It’s difficult to tell in the photo, but the sample was huge. They also had some bread and olive oil out to sample, so I snagged some of that as well.

Our next stop was Delysees, a little French bakery also on King West.


Very Frawnch.


Again, it smelled amazing in there (though not quite as amazing as Forno Cultura), and everything looked delicious. I wanted to buy it all.



And the samples here? Macarons. We were able to choose two so I went with birthday cake and dark chocolate.


And OMG. The dark chocolate macaron was hands down the best I have ever eaten. Not that I am a macaron connoisseur or anything…but it just melted in my mouth. The birthday cake macaron was good too, but not quite as soft as the chocolate one (Em and I suspected maybe the icing in the middle was harder). I don’t think I am ever going to be able to stop thinking about that macaron. I’ve gotta go back.

After Delysees we took a quick jaunt over to Dufflet on Queen Street for our next sample.


Dufflet cakes are very popular, in Ontario at least. There was an organic grocery store near my old work that sold Dufflet cakes so I picked one up for Evan’s birthday a couple years ago and it was amazing.

Our sample at Dufflet though was not cake, it was the iced brownie.


Big and chocolatey and dense and delicious. I was already full so I brought it home to share with Evan.

We continued west along Queen to Dlish Cupcakes.


I was probably most excited for this stop because I LOVE cupcakes. They’re the best. Dlish Cupcakes are made from scratch, baked on-site in small batches, and they rotate the flavours every day of the week so there is always something new. Here were the cupcakes for Saturday:


We got to choose any one we wanted, and I wanted the Nutella cupcake on the top left. I again brought it home to share with Evan because I wanted to save myself for our last stop. I loved that the Nutella flavour was throughout the entire cake, and then topped with Nutella buttercream. Seriously good.

Our fifth and final stop was Nadège Patisserie on Queen, right near Trinity Bellwoods Park.


I could not get over how cute the desserts looked in Nadège.


Look at those little pumpkins! Ugh, I am kicking myself for not getting a donut. I don’t know what I was thinking.

My sample here was the Orange, Cointreau & Dark Chocolate. I did not love it, but the only orange-flavoured chocolate I’ll eat is Terry’s Chocolate Orange, so that is probably a personal preference. I just want chocolate, I don’t want fruit in my chocolate messing it up (well, I didn’t mind the olive…)

Eating tours are my favourite tours. It was a delicious day with my oldest friend!


And it sparked a craving for sweetness in me that I worry is going to be permanent. Oh well.


2 responses to “Toronto Chocolate Touring

  1. That looks amazing and made me drool. That is my kind of tour! I am with you on the orange chocolate, though. I don’t like fruit with chocolate either. The olive oil cake was very interesting. I would have never thought to pair black olives with chocolate!

  2. You guys are so cute exploring your own city. I should find something like that here, not that Orlando is as exciting.

    Also, I’m recognizing that purse! 🙂