The Leaves, They Are A-Changin’ (aka Thanksgiving Weekend)

HAPPY (belated) THANKSGIVING! Well, to all my fellow Canadian pals. I hope you had a great long weekend with friends and family and eating. Lots of eating. And everyone else, I hope you still had a great weekend with friends and family and eating. I love eating holidays, but I love eating anytime.

My weekend was pretty fantastic. On Saturday morning Evan and I headed downtown for his cousin’s baby son’s baptism.


We clean up nice sometimes.

We had to miss brunch after, which I was sad about because I heard there was five different kinds of pork at brunch and I would have enjoyed that, but I’m glad we were at least able to make the baptism. Afterwards Evan and I drove a few hours east to Belleville to celebrate Thanksgiving with Evan’s mom and nana. It was just the four of us this year, so rather than cook a big meal at home Evan’s nana took us out to dinner. I can’t lie, I missed her usual curry, but I totally get it. It’s a lot of work. We went to Chuck’s Road House, which for all my Port Perry friends, I think is replacing all the Crabby Joe’s locations. It is like a pub/steakhouse and we all really enjoyed our meals. After dinner we hung out at Nana’s and watched the marathon of Dateline NBC on TLC, so that was pretty awesome.

On Sunday we had breakfast with Nana and then packed up and headed to the cottage for one last hurrah. Well, possibly second last hurrah. We might make it up there with Evan’s family one last time so we can all close it for the winter together, but I was excited to make it there for Thanksgiving. This was the latest in the year I’ve ever been up there and the leaves, they are a changin!


Still not at maximum fall colours though. I know this because I looked up a fall foliage tracker in Ontario (I love that this exists). Apparently it’s at 40-50% in this area. Just an FYI Algonquin Park and Northern Muskoka are currently near 100%!

The weather was ridiculously amazing all weekend. In the afternoons it almost felt like summer. There is a trail next to the cottage that goes through a bird sanctuary and we have never explored it before, so once we arrived we hit that up.


I use the word trail loosely. It was pretty overgrown.



So it was an adventure, but it was pretty!

We spent most of the afternoon taking the dock out of the water.




Which was was worse than I thought it was going to be and definitely my least favourite activity of the weekend. But we got ‘er done and rewarded ourselves with warm rum apple ciders by the fire.



And that was awesome.

Evan told me earlier in the day to let him take care of dinner, so obviously I was all for that. He ended up making a Thanksgiving-esque type meal with chicken breast, roasted vegetables and beets and a quick stovetop stuffing with gravy.


It was delicious. That stuffing may have been from a package but it was not too shabby at all. I think we need to do Thanksgiving at the cottage every year because it really is the perfect setting for it.

We spent the evening playing cribbage and listening to the Jays game on the radio while wearing our Jays t-shirts (GO JAYS!!!!!!).

Monday was another dream day.


Evan’s nana had given us this apple cinnamon bread to take home with us and it looked like it would make the most perfect French toast.



And it did. I don’t eat French toast very often but it was possibly the best I’ve had.

We wanted to get home yesterday at a decent time so we could watch the Jays game, so we packed up, said goodbye to this beautiful view, and got on the road.


We were worried about traffic so we took backroads the majority of the trip and it was the most beautiful drive. So many colourful trees. Ontario is beautiful any time but it is exceptionally beautiful in the fall.

Along the way we stopped at Tyrone Mills, one of Canada’s oldest operating water-powered mill. Mainly we stopped because there was a sign that said baked goods and I wanted to eat all the things.


The first floor was the bakery, canned jams and pickled things and all that good stuff, but they let you tour around the mill and the second floor was quite interesting.



They had quite the workshop up there and Evan was totally in his element.

If you went outside from upstairs there was a beautiful pond at the back.



And there was a blacksmith demonstration going on, we were all over that.



The blacksmith was super knowledgeable and I’m pretty sure he’s Evan’s new best friend. Apparently they have free blacksmith workshops happening on the weekends and I have a feeling Evan is going to find some old steel and make it to that.

On our way out we noticed that they were selling fresh bread straight out of this outdoor oven…


And I cannot resist warm carbs of any kind, so we picked up a loaf of wheat and rye with herb.


That bread was everything. It was still warm when we got home. So good.

They also make cinnamon sugar donuts in there, and again with the warm carbs…



So it was a super awesome weekend. I’m sure next week it will be snowing so I’m glad we took advantage!!!



10 responses to “The Leaves, They Are A-Changin’ (aka Thanksgiving Weekend)

  1. But were there butter tarts at the bakery? WHAT ABOUT THE BUTTER TARTS?!

    I didn’t know taking down a dock was a thing!

    Also, update: I still have the “Lindsey’s” and two additional “Fabian’s”. Things are not going well here. Or maybe they are going too well?

    • There were several kinds of butter tarts! But we can get them anytime and I have at least 10 “Summer’s”/”Desk Job’s” kicking around so I had to cap it somewhere.

      I type this as I am eating chocolate topped with caramel bits. Things are going too well here too.

  2. Warm carbs for the win! My oldest daughter and my youngest niece (she’s 2!) are the exact same way. Give us carbs and keep them coming!

    I’m glad you had such a great holiday weekend!

  3. So I think I am in love with Tyrone Mills. And yes, warm carbs are the best.

  4. Your Thanksgiving weekend sounds (and looks) perfect. Looks so pretty at the cottage with the leaves starting to change! Evan’s dinner looks scrumptious!

    Also, that Mill looks like my kind of place, how fun!

    Yikes…our teams are battling it out in a few hours…GO RANGERS! Sooo nervous! 😐

  5. texasmelrose2

    Eek…a nailbiter! Bottom of the 5th now.. 😐