The Last of Summer

Welp, that’s that. Summer is officially over. Happy first day of fall! I’m not super pumped about it because I know the cold weather is a comin’, but I had such an amazing summer that I am feeling satisfied. One of the best I’ve ever had. Also one of the busiest. I would not be able to keep up that level of activity year round and I can’t lie, I am excited to do a little hibernating on winter weekends. Just a couple of winter weekends though. I don’t need six months of winter weekends. I keep hearing that we’re in for an exceptionally long and cold winter and please, please no! I don’t want it!

Anyway, since this past weekend was the last official weekend of the summer, Evan and I decided to spend it at the cottage. When I originally checked the weather last week it was supposed to be beautiful and sunny all weekend. But of course, as usually happens when we decide we’re going to the cottage, as the weekend approached the weather turned to shit. It was beautiful and sunny all week, and it is beautiful and sunny all this week, but Friday afternoon and Saturday were crap. So when we arrived it was overcast.


But hey, at least it wasn’t snowing.


Evan wanted to make sure his boat motor was still running, so we took the little aluminum boat out on the lake for a bit.


It started no problem but we came thisclose to running out of gas, so that was pretty nerve-wracking. It would have been a nightmare. We made it back though, just before it started raining.


It’s still my favourite place, even in the rain.

We ate burgers and listened to the Jays game on the radio and were in bed reading by 10. Party animals.

We didn’t stop for food or anything on the way up on Friday, so on Saturday morning we headed into Hastings, a little town near the cottage, for breakfast and groceries. For breakfast we went to the cutest little place called Banjo’s, right on the lake.

banjos 2

(not my photo)

There are only maybe eight tables in the entire restaurant, so it’s really small and it doesn’t look like anything exciting, but they have great breakfast, I tell you what.


My breakfast was so good. Simple, and I don’t even think I could tell you what was so good about it, but I really enjoyed it.

After grocery shopping we drove by a rummage sale in a church basement, so we decided to stop and check it out. When we walked in the ladies handed us a plastic grocery bag and told us to fill it up with anything we wanted for $5. The rummage sale had already seen a lot of rummagers, and it was pretty picked over in there, but we scored some good VHS movies for the cottage!

Rummage sale haul! Got some sweet VHS tapes for the cottage! I am especially excited for the story of the 1989 Toronto Blue Jays. And the...bathtub spout.

Because yes, the cottage still has a VCR. With a dual DVD player. High-tech. As I mentioned on my Instagram, I am pretty excited for Sky High! The story of the 1989 Toronto Blue Jays. Also the bathtub spout. That was Evan’s pick. He thinks he will be able to use it on an upcoming project.

It was raining when we got back, so we pretty much did nothing for the rest of the day. We read and napped on the couch and it was awesome. The rain eventually stopped in the early evening, so we made it outside for a bit.



You can’t tell in the photo, but the combination of the sun and the clouds was making the trees look like they were in high-definition or something.

Dinner of champions right here!


Kraft Dinner, it’s been so long!

Sunday was beautiful. Finally.


Not a bad way to start my morning.

It was a bit chilly in the shade, but the sun was so warm and nice. After breakfast, Evan and I decided to take the canoe out on an adventure.



We explored all around the bay that the cottage is in, and I think it was the most peaceful I’ve ever seen the lake.


The sky was perfect, there was no wind, and the lake was smooth as glass. It was an easy paddle, and we kept mostly to the shoreline so we could see creatures (or as even calls them, crit-jures).





We saw a turtle, some fish, a ton of birds, and a lot of beautiful skyline. Just gorge.


When we got back we played cribbage by the lake, while again listening to the Jays game. I haven’t played cribbage in yeeeears. I think we’re going to be busting it out this winter on hibernation weekends.


I should mention that we specifically have “cottage clothes” that we leave up there to bum around in. Hence why Evan is always looking…his best. I know you’re checking out his outfit.

On the way home we stopped at this amazing takeout barbecue joint, Yorkie’s Bar-B-Q, for dinner. I’ve had a pretty good beef brisket from there before, but this time I went for the pulled pork and maaaan.


It was good. We also shared popcorn chicken, which was just as good as I hoped it would be.

So it was a pretty great way to end the summer, especially Sunday.

And now I am okay if people start talking about sweaters and boots and pumpkins and leaves. But not excessively!


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  1. Heeeey you play cribbage?? It is so rare to find people who play! We should have a game night one night

  2. I think my grandma played Cribbage. Do you also play Bridge? My grandma played Bridge. 😉
    I’m missing that cabin!

  3. Your like button is gone?