Ain’t No Party Like a Muskoka Stag & Doe

This past Saturday night was the Stag and Doe of one of my oldest friends (not age-wise, time-wise) Melissa!


^ picture from Saturday night.


^ picture not from Saturday night.

I’ve mentioned this several times but if you need a refresher – Melissa is my friend that I accidentally blew across the lake with while skating, and fought with over the Jason Priestley Ken without the bald spot, who I crotched myself in front of, and met Elvis Stojko with. We grew up together and were pretty much inseparable until high school happened and her mom moved away. We sort of drifted to separate friends during high school, as tends to happen when you go to a different school, but we eventually found our way back to each other. I am so glad we have stayed in touch and that I will be celebrating her big day with her. She is one of my faves.


^ picture from the end of Saturday night.

We used to try to convince people we were sisters when we were younger, and a lot of times they believed us! Suckers.

If you are not familiar with a Stag and Doe, don’t worry, I am going to tell you all about it. They are also known as a Jack and Jill, and the last one I went to was my friends’ Dawn and Mark’s tropical themed one. They are basically a social with the intent of raising money for the wedding of the bride and groom. You sell tickets to everyone you know, there’s a bar, lots of food, games, raffle prizes and a silent auction. Typically Stag and Doe’s take place in a rented hall, but I have been to one at someone’s cottage and also someone’s house before.

Melissa and her husband-to-be Will’s Stag and Doe took place on Mainhood Lake in Muskoka (aka Ontario cottage country). Melissa’s grandma owns some cabins on the lake, and I was up there last year with Melissa and her mom when my mom was visiting from BC. They have a large property so it worked to have the party there.

Let me tell you that Stag and Doe’s are already my dream party. There is nothing better than playing games with hilarious drunk relatives, in my opinion.


Like this one right here.

It would be impossible to have a bad time. A Stag and Doe in Muskoka? A party outside in the woods with a bonfire and drunk relatives and games? Next level. I had the best time ever and I did not want the night to end.


Evan and I arrived in the early evening on Saturday, just in time for cotton candy skies on the lake.


We were staying in the Honeymooner’s Cabin for the night, so we quickly dropped our stuff off in there and made up our bed.


It is the cutest little cabin. Much preferable to pitching a tent!



We loved it. I have actually stayed in the Honeymooner’s Cabin before, with my mom when I was about 13… #romantic

Once we were settled we were ready to party. I was so excited to catch up with Melissa and her family and friends.


Jenn, Katie (Melissa’s two sisters), Melissa, me, and Lacey. Lacey and I worked at Dairy Queen together for a couple years back in the day.

I saw so many people I haven’t seen in a very long time. It was quite the reunion.

Let’s get to the games. There were tons and tons of raffle prizes.


In the one above you just had to write your name on the back of a card and if there was a symbol under your card, you won. The winner got a barbecue and 7 bottles of booze. Evan and I were out in the first round, so that was sad.

Then we had poker darts…


You had to throw five darts at cards to make the best poker hand. Evan did not come close to winning that, surprisingly. But that’s okay because he made it into the final round of Wack Off!


aka, who can hammer a nail into a stump the fastest. He didn’t win, but that’s okay because he also made it into the finals of horseshoes!


Which he has never even really played before, so big kudos there. He was KILLING it! They had a freakin’ horseshoe arena set up with dual pits! It was quite the tournament. That is my partner Jack at the end in the red hat. I was really counting on my partner to carry me in the horseshoes, but sadly he was drunk. I mean, so was I, but I was still the kind of drunk that makes you better at things, so I played the best game of my life (6 points, haha). I wasn’t staggering (yet). I was loving life.


And loving Katie!

So, Jack and I did not win at horseshoes, but I was living vicariously through Evan. Sadly, he lost the tournament to Katie and Uncle Jeff. But that’s okay, because he made it into the final round of the Toonie Toss!


I love a good Toonie Toss. I knew it was going to be here. For those of you who don’t know what a Toonie is, it’s Canada’s $2 coin (our $1 coin is a Loonie because it has a loon on it, so when they made a $2 coin it was only natural to call it the Toonie – side story, when Paula and Fabian were visiting they refused to believe us that we called it a Toonie and asked our server in a restaurant to confirm we weren’t pulling their legs).

So in the Toonie Toss you throw your Toonies at a Texas Mickey of booze, and whoever’s Tooney is closest to the bottle wins the booze. In this case 3 litres of Jack Daniels.


And would you guess who won.


That is right. I like that he is good at things. It was Evan’s first time meeting everyone and I think he really impressed them with his sweet Toonie tossing skills. That Texas Mickey came home with us!

My favourite game of the evening was probably who can hold the case of beer up the longest.



I did not win. I actually got disqualified because I wasn’t keeping my arms straight (and most of the ladies were using a 6 pack of king cans, not that massive case). But I have Evan’s winnings so it is all good.

Man, it was a time.


A really, really good time. That is Melissa’s fiance Will on the end there, but possibly not the best representation of him so just wait until the wedding. And after this I cannot WAIT until the wedding.


3 responses to “Ain’t No Party Like a Muskoka Stag & Doe

  1. oh dang, that does sound like a good time. And those are some games I could get behind. It does sound weird to me to have a party to raise money for a wedding though. I would feel like I’m asking my friends for money, which I cannot do. Where does the money come from? Do you have to pay to be in every game? Plus, who buys those prizes?

    • It is a really popular thing to have here in Ontario, almost like a standard thing. Any excuse for a party! The food and prizes are provided by the bride and groom and their families. You pay to be a part of the games but it’s like $2 to throw a tooney, $5 for an arm length of raffle tickets, etc. It’s optional but obviously you want to participate. Usually there’s a bar but this one was BYOB so we saved some moolah there 🙂

      And yeah you would have loved it!

  2. Wow…first off I would love to go to Muskoka and wow, that party sounds like a total blast! I have never heard of a Stag and Doe party! I wish we did that kind of thing here in the US. Those games are awesome. I think I will use some of them the next time we have a party! I also loved reading about your past experiences with Melissa…I have read the stories before and they never get old. Your future grandkids are lucky because your stories are epic! 🙂